Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 1, March 2021 

Original Article

Effect of Listening to Holy Qur'an during labor on its Progress, Maternal and Neonatal outcome

Pages 1-15

El Saida Gouda Nasr; Ayat M. Omar; Samya Mohamed Hegazy

Effect of Empowerment program for caregivers on Quality life of children with Cerebral palsy

Pages 140-155

Mervat Amin Sayed; Huwida Hamdy Abdelmonem; Faransa Ali Ahmed

The Effect of Implementing Initial Emergency Care Bundle on Early Outcomes among Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients

Pages 213-234

Wafaa Wahdan Abd El-Aziz; Heba A. Al-Metyazidy; Hend Elsayed Mansour; Soheir M. Weheida

Holistic Needs for Patients with Cancer and Suggested Nursing Guidelines

Pages 284-300

Maha Desoky Saleh sakr; Rehab Ragab Bayomi; Nadia Mohamed Taha

Cervical Cancer Relevant Knowledge and Preventive Behavior among Secondary School Females in Port Said City

Pages 325-339

Nor El-Hoda Mohamed El-Sayed El-Shabory; Azhar Abdel–Fatah Mohamed Shehata; Shymaa Abdel- Rahman Osman Abdel-Haleem

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders and Burnout Syndrome among Community Paramedic Staff

Pages 340-363

Doaa Abd El Salam Amin Yacout; Neama Yousef Mohamed; Hanan Hosni El Sherbini

The Relation between Gestational Age and Anthropometric Measurements among Newborns

Pages 404-417

Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Rania Mohamed Gad El-Bastwese; Thorea Mohamed Mahmoud; Amina Mohamed Thabet; Manal Farouk Mohamed

Effect of Iron Deficiency Anemia on Academic Performance among Primary School Children

Pages 418-432

Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Amel abd Elaziem Mohamed; Huwida Hamdy Abd El-Monem

Knowledge, Attitude, and Emotional Problems Regarding COVID-19 among Undergraduate Nursing Students

Pages 433-447

Safaa Mustafa Mohamed; Enace Mohamed Abd Elaal; Eman Ezz Elregal Ibrahim Eisa; Mona Gamal Abd Elnaser Ahmed

Prevalence and Association of Malnutrition with Lifestyle practices of Primary School Children in Assiut City

Pages 554-575

Salwa Ali Marzouk; Youssria El-sayed; Medhat A. Saleh; Osama M. El-Asheer; Thorea M. Mohmoud; Amina M. Mohamed

Influence of Premarital Counseling Regarding Consanguineous Marriage on Knowledge and Attitude among University Students

Pages 576-586

Nagia Shawky Abd El-Samie Ebid; Sahar Mossa Soliman; Kamilia Ragab Abo-Shabana; Nevin Samir Metwaly

The effect of Aromatherapy Parent Education in Alleviating Injection Pain Among Children Submitting to Vaccination

Pages 686-706

Hend Hassan Ali; Nouran Yousef Salah; Hoda Wahid Amer; Hoda Ragab Mohamed; Eman Hussein Abdelhalim

Effect of Palliative Care Program on Quality of Life for Hepatocellular Carcinoma of Elderly Patients

Pages 722-734

Raefa Refaat Alam; Nadia Mohamed Hassan Saleh; Eman Hassan Mounir Radwan

Enteral Feeding Protocol to Improvement Functional Outcome in Stroke Patient

Pages 735-745

Entisar . G. Shabaan; Ahmad . M. Abdelwarith; Thanaa . M. Diab

Effect of Student Health Champions Program about COVID- 19 Safety Precautions on School Members knowledge and Practices

Pages 777-800

Doaa Abd El Salam Amin Yacout; Rodaina Ahmed Mokbel; Reem Bassiouny Mahmoud El lassy; Elham Hassan Tawfik

Effect of Tele-Nursing (Phone- Based Follow Up) and Educational Package on Life Style and Clinical Status for Diabetic Patients

Pages 881-891

Fathya Rady Magbool; Lobna F.Eltoony; Ghona Abd El-Nasser Ali; Attyiat Hassan Hussein

Effect of educational training program about polarity management on Nurse Managers' knowledge and Skills

Pages 892-903

Fatma Rushdy Mohamed; Nahed Shawkat Abo Elmagd; Yosryia Elsaied Yussief

Effect of Storytelling on Preoperative Anxiety and Fear among Children Undergoing Surgery

Pages 938-947

Hoda Wahid Amer; Hussein Mohamed Magdi Fakhreldin Mohamed; Safaa Abdelazem Osman Ali; Nagwa Ahmed Mohamed Souilm; Donia Elsaid Fathi Zaghamir

Effect of Telehealth Nursing program Regarding Covid-19 among Pregnant Women

Pages 973-986

Hanaa Kamal Helmy; Faten Said Abdelhady Garf; Rasha El –Sayed Ibrahim

Impact of Urinary Incontinence on Psychological Well-being and Quality Of Life among Elderly People

Pages 1046-1062

Rehab Elsayed Mohammed; Mawaheb Mahmoud Zaki; Hend Ahmed Mostafa

Resilience and Perceived Social support among Family Caregivers of Patients with Schizophrenia

Pages 1108-1122

Heba Mohamed Abdelaal; Lamiaa Hassnin Eita; Mahmoud Mohamed Khedr

Effect of Instructional Guidelines Regarding Minor Discomforts on Reducing Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Level among Primigravida

Pages 1123-1135

Nour El Hoda Mostafa Mohamed; Safaa Abdelazem Osman Ali; Nagwa Ahmed Mohamed Souilm; Faten said Abdelhady Garf; Mona Abd Elhaleem Ebraheem Elagamy

Forward Action Plan for adherence to Infection Prevention And Control to Health Care Workers During Care For Suspected or Confirmed Covid-19 Patients

Pages 1155-1169

Manal Saleh Moustafa Saleh; Hanan Elsaid Elsabahy; Awatef Abdel Hamid Mohamed; Zaineb Naiem Abdelhamid

Effect of Family Involvement in Patient Care on Preventing Intensive Care Units Acquired Weakness

Pages 1201-1216

Nora Nasr Abd-elsamea Mohamed Nasr; Suad Elsayed Abdelmotalb; Amer Abdallah Attia Elsaid Elhanafy

Effect of Educational Intervention Based on PRECEDE Model on Preventive Behaviors among High-Risk Individuals for Diabetes Type 2

Pages 1217-1229

Reham El Ashery Ashery Asker; Manal Mansuor Mostafa; Manal Ibrahem Abd El Fatah Yassen

Efficacy of drainage self-care management on mastectomy patients' outcomes

Pages 1253-1267

Neima Ali Riad; Seham Mohamed Abd Elalem; Omima Said M.H. Shehata; Om Elhana Kamel Abo Shehata

Effect of Instructional Guidelines on Knowledge, Practice, and Fatigue Level among Patients with Brain Tumors

Pages 1268-1280

Hanan Ali Ibrahim Almanzlawi; Hanaa Farahat Ibrahim Ahmed; Inas Mohamed Mohamed lofty; Manal Ibrahem Abd El Fatah Yassen

Clinical Risk Management in Healthcare Organization as Perceived by Staff Nurses

Pages 1281-1298

Nancy Sabry EL Leithy; Heba Mohamed Al Anwer Ashour

Health Care Workers Compliance with Preventive Measures for Covid-19 in Intensive Care Units

Pages 1317-1326

Mona Aly Mohammed; Asmaa Aly Mahgoub; Marzoka Abd El-Aziz; Mona Abd Elaziem Ahmed

Effect of Toolkit Teaching Strategy on Pediatric Nursing Students' Practical Skills Regarding Neonatal Resuscitation

Pages 1327-1344

Rehab Ibrahim Mostafa Radwan; Abeer Abd El-Razik Ahmed Mohammed; Zohour Ibrahim Rashwan; Noha Mohamed Arafa

Factors Associated with Transmission of COVID-19 Infection among Nursing Staff in Kafr Eldawar Fever Hospital 2021

Pages 1345-1361

Walaa El shahat Ahmed El gammal; Maysa saber Mohamed Ismail; Azza Ibrahim Abdelkader Habiba

Effect of Foot Massage on Fatigue and Incisional Pain among Post Caesarean Women

Pages 1410-1418

Hayam Fathey Ahmed Eittah; Fatma Saber Nady Mohammed; Nagat Salah Shalaby salama; Noha Hassan AbdElfattah Mohamed

Effect of Instructional Guidelines on Pregnant Women' Knowledge and Practice regarding Complementary Therapies

Pages 1419-1434

Hala Hassan Saied Khalil; Nagat Salah Shalaby salama; Basma Abdelhamed Deyab; Nahed abd elazeem abd elsalam fathla; Nahla Ali Maher Nashaat

Ketogenic Diet: Golden Intervention for Breast Cancer Patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus an Intervention Study, Mansoura, Egypt

Pages 1435-1446

Aml Ahmed Mohammed ELmetwaly; Entisar Gaad El moula Shaaban; Ateya Megahed Ibrahim; Safaa Salem Salem Shetawy; Eman Mahmoud Hafez Mohamed

Assessment of Compliance for Postoperative Patients with Bariatric Surgery

Pages 1447-1462

Ahmed Elsayed Ibrahiem; Salwa Samir Ahmed; Asmaa Abdel Rahman Abdel Rahman; Amr Hamed Afifi

Knowledge, Believes and Behaviors toward Preconception Care among Women at Childbearing period: Suggested Plan of Action

Pages 1463-1474

Reda M. Nabil Aboushady; Mona Abd El-kareem Hegazy; Mona M Ebrahim Abd Elnabi

Physical and Psychosocial Adaptation Strategies for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Pages 1457-1490

Hamda Ahmed Eldesoky; Nagia I. Hassan; Mona Abdelmoksoud Amer; Heba Mahmoud Mahmoud

Quality of Life of Patients pre/post Pacemaker Implantation

Pages 1491-1502

Soheir Mohammed Weheida; Heba Gebril; Heba Mohamed Mohamed; Yasmin Fathy

Effect of Life Review Intervention on Psychosocial Outcomes Among Older Adults

Pages 1530-1548

Asmaa Hafez Afefe Barakat; Rasmia Abd El-Sattar Ali; Hoda Sayed Mohamed

Effect of Passive and Active Stretching Exercises on Controlling Leg Cramps for Patients undergoing Hemodialysis

Pages 1549-1562

Fatma Mohmmed Abouelala; Nermen abdelftah Mohamed; Nagla Hamdi Kamal Khalil; Walaa El shahat Ahmed El gammal

Assessment of Nurse Interns̛ Knowledge and Practice &Attitude regarding Occupational Health Hazards

Pages 1576-1590

Heba Nasser Rayan; Samia Mohamed Abdallah; Hanaa Mohamed Abdrabou

Effect of Brain Gym Training on Intelligence, Knowledge and Information Retention among Children with Developmental Disabilities

Pages 1591-1603

Fatma Mohamed El swerky; Amel abd Elaziem Mohamed; Hanan Abdallah Mohammed; Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Wael Alghamdi; Hanan Elsayed Awad Negm; Samar Ahmed Mahmoud

Psycho- social Program to Overcome Psychosocial Problems among Patients with Acne Vulgaris

Pages 1614-1627

Eman Nabawy Abo Zeid; Faten Mohamed Ahmed Wafa; Fathyea Said Sayed Ibrahim

Effect of Health Preventive Program toward COVID-19 on Knowledge, Perceptions, and Practices among Older Adults

Pages 1667-1688

Zakia T. Toama.; Ola Gouda Mohamed Elshiekh; Ola Ezzat Eltohamy Mohamed; Nermeen Mahmoud Abd El-Aziz

Quality of life for Preschool Children Suffering from Hearing Impairment in Rural Area

Pages 1718-1731

Heba Said Mohamed Khawwas; Faten Khirat Elgendy; Mervet Mohamed Hassan

Health Education Program for Improving Quality of Life of Older Adults Suffering from Chronic Constipation

Pages 1732-1748

Sabah Abdel Mobdy Radwan; Magda Abd-EL-Sattar Ahmed; Nadia Hamed Farahat; Azza Saied Ahmed Zaied

Effect of Nutritional Guidance on Parents' Awareness and Nutritional Status of Children Undergoing Hemodialysis

Pages 1749-1762

Neanaa M. Fayed; Hanan T. Elbahnasawy; Lobna A. Seliem; Fatma A. Abd Elrazek

Stigma and Shame among Substance Abuser Women

Pages 1775-1784

Samah Fathy Mohamed; Ghada Mohamed Mourad; Rania Abed El Hamid Zaki

Women Perception Related To Genital Tract Infections

Pages 1785-1797

Samah Mohamed Abdallah; Nadia Hamed Farahat; Asmaa Talaat Mohamed

Junior Nursing Students’ Attitude towards the Profession during Covid-19 Pandemic

Pages 1810-1818

Abeer Abdallah Ali Hassan; Essam Ahmed Abdelhakam Ahmed