Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 2, June 2021 

Original Article

Relationship between Motivational Factors and Job Autonomy among Staff Nurses

Pages 1-10

Omaima Mohamed sheta; Nema fathy saad; Heba Ali Hassan

Effect of Educational Intervention on Secondary School Students’ Knowledge, Practices and Attitudes Regarding COVID-19

Pages 58-74

Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Amel abd Elaziem Mohamed; Thorea Mohamed Mahmoud; Seham Mohammed AbdElaziz

Relationship between role strain and workplace support among staff nurse

Pages 136-148

Ahmed Mohamed Hassan; Nema Fathy; Galila Abdelghafar

Leadership Competencies, Workplace Civility Climate, and Mental Well-being in El- Azazi Hospital for Mental Health, Egypt

Pages 298-313

Wessam Ahmed Elsayed; Farida Mahmoud Hassona; Shaimaa Mohamed Nageeb; Bothina Elsayed Said Mohamed

Effect of effleurage massage versus water immersion with exercise on physiological foot edema among primigravidae

Pages 345-356

Afaf Hassan Ahmed; Nemat Ismail Abdel Aziz Ismail; Noha Mohamed Mahmoud Hassan

Effect of Mothers’ Nutritional Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices in Childcare on the Growth of Children

Pages 371-382

Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Farida Kamel Yousef Ali; Eman Sayed Masoed Sayed

Effect of Foot Reflexology on Hemodialysis School Age Children on Fatigue and Sleep Quality

Pages 431-447

Amal. H. Mohamed; Nagat Farouk Abolwafa; Sanaa Mahmoud Ahmed

Perinatal Obstetrical and Psychological Outcomes among Pregnant Women with COVID-19

Pages 448-467

Ayat M., Omar Masoud; Nehmedo Ezzat Osman; Amal Sarhan Eldesokey Genedy

Effect of changing positions on Lung mechanics of traumatized ventilated patients

Pages 468-484

Mervat A. Abd-ElAziz; Mogedda M. Mehany; Khalid Mohamed morsy; Khaled Abd el baky Abdelrahman

Health Related Quality of Life among the Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Pages 533-544

Samah Saad Salem; Abeer Selim; Hind Al Ghadeer; Hbeeba Reda Alshamiri

Effect of Buerger- Allen Exercise on Lower Extremities Perfusion among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Pages 555-572

Reham Adel Ebada El Sayed; Shimaa Nabil Abd Elsalam; Rasha Mohamed Elmetwaly

Academic Nursing Students Awareness about Preventive Measures regarding COVID-19

Pages 573-583

Reham El Ashery Ashery Asker; Hoda Attia Abdel Naby Raslan; Mona Emad Eldien Hussien Sabbour; Eman Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed

Correlation between Weight and Body Image among Secondary School Students

Pages 584-593

Reda Abd El Aal Thabet Omar; Hussein Mohamed Magdi Fakhreldin Mohamed; Faten Said Abdelhady Garf; Thorea Mohamed Mahmoud; Entisar Mohammed Mahmoud Abu Salem

Influence of Training Program Implementation on Nurses' Performance Regarding Neonates Invasive Mechanical Ventilation

Pages 659-674

Amina Mohamed Thabet; Nora Abd El Hamid Zakie; Zahra Ahmed Sayed; Huda Shawky Mahmud; Eman Sayed Masood

Effect of Lifestyle Modification through the Application of Academic Advising on Academic Achievement among Nursing Students

Pages 675-692

Abeer El Said Hassan El Sol; Amal Ahmed Kanona; Naglaa Abdelmawgoud Ahmed; Asmaa Hamed Abd Elhy

Preoperative Anxiety Level and Fear of Covid 19 among Adult Patients undergoing Elective Surgery

Pages 693-704

Hoda Attia Abdel Naby Raslan; Entisar Mohammed Mahmoud Abu Salem; Amal AbdElaal; Omaima Mahmoud; Hanan Ali Ibrahim Almanzlawi

Effect of Health Promotional Program on Pregnant Women' Knowledge and Practices regarding Pregnancy Nutritional Problems

Pages 705-717

Mona Abd Elhaleem Ebraheem Elagamy; Safaa Ebrahim Ahmed; Asmaa Talaat Mohamed; Fatma Sabry

Effect of Educational Program about Talent Management for Nursing Managers on Their Job Affiliation and Organizational Excellence

Pages 718-740

Hemat Abdel Azem Mostafa; Howida Hassan EL-Sayed. Mahfouz; Shaimaa Mohammed Araby Ebraheem

Effect of Mentoring Program on Nurses Interns’ knowledge, Attitudes, Safety Practices, and Psychological Readiness Toward COVID-19 Pandemic

Pages 741-756

Azza Ibrahim Abdelkader Habiba; Amel Attia Abd Elghaffar Moustafa; Amal Awad Abd El-Nabi Moussa

Effect of Coping Strategy Intervention for Patients Diagnosed with Chronic Prostatitis

Pages 757-772

Mayada Taha Mahmoud Sabea; Rania Mohamed Gad El-Bastwese; Taghreed Talat Shaqueer

Effect of Online Distance Learning on COVID19 Patients’ Knowledge, Self-monitoring and Self-care at Assiut City

Pages 773-784

Wafaa Ramadan Ahmed; Ghada Thabet Mohammed; Anaam Mohammed Hassan; Hadad Salim Aidroos Al Hebshi; Aml A Mohammed

Effects of Peer Education on the Knowledge and Practice Regarding Selected First Aid among Engineering Student's at South Valley University

Pages 785-800

Warda Ramadan Abouzied; Fatma Mohamed Elesawy; Ola Hussein Abo El-maaty Mohamed; Ragaa Dahi Mohamed Ahmed

Nursing Students Engagement and Motivational Education Environment as A Requirement to Improve Student's Self-Esteem.

Pages 801-815

Manal Saleh Moustafa Saleh; Sahar Abdel- Latif Abdel- Sattar; Rahma Abdelgawad Elkalashy; Nevin Adel Amer; Hanan Elsaid Elsabahy

Effect of Social Environment of Elderly Care Homes on their Psychosocial Health

Pages 854-870

Eman Shokry Abd Allah; Sabah Abdou Aly Hagrass; Hassanat Ramadan Abdel-Aziz

Effect of Tracheostomy Care Guidelines on Internship Nurses Students' Performance and Confidence Level

Pages 885-899

Fatma Abdou Eltaib; Lobna Mohammed Mohammed Abu Negm; Zeinab Hussein Bakr

Physical, Psychological, and Sexual Implications of Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis among Women in Reproductive Age

Pages 913-931

Zizi Fikry Mohamed Abd Elrasol; Amal Awad Abd El-Nabi Moussa; Anwaar Anwar Mohamed Tayel

Impact of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills on Academic Achievement among Nursing Students'

Pages 932-945

Nadia Mohamed Ali Saleh; Gohna Abd El-Naser Ali; Mona Gamal Mohamed; Shimaa Hassan Abd El ftah

Effect of Emotion Management on Nurses Job Performance during Pandemic COVID-19.

Pages 998-1018

Warda Elshahat Hamed; Ghada Abd Elsalam Ahmed Eldeeb

Effect of Family-centered Empowerment Model on Knowledge and Stress Level among Mothers of Children with Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Enzyme Deficiency

Pages 1019-1032

Gawhara Gad Soliman Ebrahem; Omayma Mustafa Abu Samra; Doaa Abdelgawad Said; Ebtsam Salah Shalaby Salama

Effect of using Chamomilla Recutita on Management of Radiation Induced Stomatitis in Cancer Patients

Pages 1033-1055

Soheir Mohamed Weheida; Rasha Hassan Abass Shady; Aziza Elsaid Abdel Aziz; Hanan Abo-Baker Mohammed

Relationship between Post-menopausal women’s knowledge about pelvic organ prolapse and their autonomy preference

Pages 1056-1072

Shaimaa Samir Dawood; Abeer Abd El Galeel Abd El Moneam; Naglaa Fathy fathalla

Effect of Nursing Intervention for Hearing Impairment Adolescent Students Regarding Bullying

Pages 1102-1125

Samah Said Sabry; Shimaa Gamal Eldein Ibraheim; Huda Abdallah Moursi Afify

Assessment of Pregnant Women knowledge and attitude towards Umbilical Cord Banking and Stem Cell.

Pages 1152-1164

Reda M.Nabil Aboushady; Amal Mohamed Elhusein; Amal Roshdi Ahmed; Amany Arafat Goda

Teeth Problem in Primary School Children: It's Relation to School Absenteeism and Academic Achievement

Pages 1199-1208

Elham Hassan Tawfik; Shadia Abd Elmoniem Syan; Samar Ahmed Mahmoud; Rasha Shawky Elashry

Effect of Nursing Intervention Guided by PRECEDE Model on Knowledge and Practice of Preventive Behavior of High-Risk Pregnant Women regarding Preeclampsia

Pages 1298-1314

Mona Abd Elhaleem Ebraheem Elagamy; Mona Emad Eldien Hussien Sabbour; Farida Kamel Yousef Ali; Safaa Ebrahim Ahmed; Marwa A. Shahin

Workplace Violence against Staff Nurses at Governmental Hospitals: A Comparative Study

Pages 1370-1382

Rasha Kamal Sweelam; Huda Mohammed Bakeer; Hanaa E. Bayomy

Effect of nursing program regarding lifestyle modification on selected outcomes among women with endometriosis

Pages 1396-1410

Hanaa Kamal Helmy; Elshourbagy M., MD., MRCOG; Hussein Mohamed Magdi Fakhreldin Mohamed; Rasha El -Sayed Ibrahim

Pattern of parental Emotional Abuse Among Adolescent Nursing Schools Students

Pages 1464-1474

Asmaa Hamed Tawfik; Rasha Mamdouh Abdelmonem; Aml Sayed Ali

Knowledge, Practices and Attitudes Regarding Vitamin D Insufficiency among Health Care Workers' Women with COVID-19

Pages 1514-1535

Hend Hassan Ali; Rehab M. Abdelrahman; Eman H. A. Hemida; Sabah Abdo Abd El-Haleem

Correlation Between Emotional Intelligence and Job Burnout Among Nurses Caring For Geriatric Patients

Pages 1536-1549

Magda A. Elmarakby; Hoda A. El Guindy; Sheren El Sayed Shrief; Magda Attia Abd-Elkawy Elmarakby

Effect of Structured Teaching Program among Patients with Lower Limb Fracture regarding Self-Care of Casted Limb

Pages 1605-1615

Heba Mohammed Mahmoud Elhapashy; Shymaa Elsayed Mosaad Mohammed; Wafaa Mohamed Elsayed Ahmed; Hanaa Farahat Ibrahim Ahmed

Effect of Nurse-Led Intervention on Anxiety and Fatigue among Patients undergoing Cardiac Catheterization

Pages 1616-1625

Amira Mohammed Ali Hassan; Heba Mohammed Mahmoud Elhapashy; Dena Eltabey Sobh Sobeh; Shymaa Elsayed Mosaad Mohammed

Nurses Perception toward Predictors of Violence Behavior among Psychiatric Patients in Workplace

Pages 1626-1639

Salwa Ahmed Tohamy; Afaf Mohamed Fahmy; Hanaa Ezz Eldin Prince

Safety Nursing Practices for Fall Control for Patients Post Internal Fixation Surgeries of the Lower Limb

Pages 1640-1657

Soheir Mohamed Weheida; Essam Mohamed Kamel ELAbasi; walaa wagieh; Heba Mohamed Mohamed

The Impact of Educational Program on Stress and Coping Strategies among Mothers Caring for Down Syndrome Children

Pages 1658-1669

Rehab Hanie Elkazaz; Fatma Mohamed Mohamed; Hala Mousad; lnas Abd Elsattar Ebied

Sexual Function and Depression among Reproductive Age Women with Hyperthyroidism

Pages 1670-1679

Doaa Mostafa Ramadan Sheashaa; Basama Wageah Mohamed Elrefay; Amina Abdelrazik Ahmed Eldeeb; Heba Mohamed Mohamed Gamee; Eman hessin Yousef heggy

Effect of Benson Relaxation Technique on Sleep Quality and Fatigue for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Pages 1694-1704

Nagla Hamdi Kamal Khalil; Fatma Mohmmed Abouelala; Amal Hemed Hamad; Fatma Mohamed Elesawy

Effect of Blended Learning and Social Media Learning on the Academic Success and Motivation among Undergraduate Nursing Students

Pages 1774-1786

Shadia Abd Elmoniem Syan; Fatma Mohamed El swerky; Wafaa Hamed Kamal Elshafie; Nagat Salah Shalaby Salama; Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Boshra Mostafa Younes Abdelfatah; Fathia El-Sayed El-Ghadban

Effect of Problem-Based Learning on Decision-Making Skills among the Undergraduate Nursing Students

Pages 1799-1814

Hoda A. El-Guindy; Boshra Mostafa Younes Abdelfatah; Faten Ahmed Mohammed Abd El Salam; Nagwa Gouda Ahmed Abd-Elmoghith

Lifestyle Risk Factors and Occurrence of Primary Dysmenorrhea among Adolescents: Suggested Guidelines

Pages 1844-1861

Sahar Mansour Ibrahim; Reda M. Nabil Aboushady; Dalia Mohamed Abdelkhalik Kishk; Nabila Abdelkader Abdeldaiem