Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 3, September 2021 

Original Article

Assessment of Nurses' Performance Regarding Care Of Children Suffering from Burn injuries

Pages 1-14

Sahar M. Abdelrahman; Safaa Salah Ismael; Hyam Refaat Tantawi

Assessment of Nurses Performance Regarding Penicillin Administration for Pediatric Patients

Pages 15-26

Asmaa Nasr El Din Mosbeh; Hyam Refaat Tantawi; Nashwa Said Mohamed Ali

Emotional Regulation and Psychological Well-Being of Newcomer Nursing Students

Pages 27-37

Hala Ahamed Elsayes; Shereen Mohamed Abo- elyzeed

Association between sleep disturbance and physiological parameters of critically ill patients

Pages 38-47

Asmaa Atiaa Tolba; Mogedda Mohamed Mehany; Mona Aly Mohammed

Effect of Instructional Guidelines on Mothers' Knowledge and Practice regarding Neonatal Care

Pages 64-73

Shadia Abd Elmoniem Syan; Vivian Magdi Samuel; Maria Blesilda B. Llagunox; Sara Sayed Abdalla

Effect of Social Empowerment Training and Responsibilities Nursing Intervention on Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Pages 74-85

Amira Adel Mohammed; Donia Elsaid Fathi Zaghamir; Mohammed Saad Abo Elsoud; Manal mohamed ahmed ayed

Effect of What Sapp Educational Program Reminder on Pregnant Women’s Knowledge , Attitude and Practice Regarding COVID -19 pandemic

Pages 116-130

Fatma Ahmed Mohammed Sabry; Amal Ahmed Abdelhafez Mohamed; Naglaa Mohammed Amein Ghanem; Naglaa Saad Abd El-aty; Nadia Hussein Ahmed

Effect of Nutritional Guidance on Parents' Awareness and Nutritional Status of Children Undergoing Hemodialysis

Pages 161-178

Neanaa M. Fayed; Hanan T. Elbahnasawy; Lobna A. Seliem; Fatma A. Abd Elrazek

Training Strategies: Effect on the Nurse Interns' Medication Administration Safety

Pages 226-239

Asmaa Saber Ahmed; Harisa Elshimy; Samah Faisal Fakhry

Nurses’ Performance Regarding Care of Patients with Hypovolemic Shock: Suggested Guideline

Pages 260-273

Amira Ahmed Abdelmoty; Manal Hussein Nasr; Zeinab Hussein bakr

Effect of Self-Care Guidelines on Chemotherapy Associated Symptoms for patients with lung Cancer

Pages 289-306

Asmaa Mohamed Elsayed; Ola Ahmed Abd –Elatay; Asmaa Hamdi Mohamed; Fatma Mostafa Mahrous; Diaa Eldean Mousa Sherif

Effect of Discharge Plan on Satisfaction of Patients with Lumbar Disc Herniation Surgery

Pages 307-322

Mabrouka Ahmed Abd- Ella; Dalia Abdallah Abdelatief; Tahany Ahmed ELsenousy; Samar Faltas Marzouk

External Jugular Venous Pressure versus Central Venous Pressure Measurement as a Clinical Predictor among Critically Ill Mechanically Ventilated Patients

Pages 323-340

Sheren M. Diab; Heba A. Al-Metyazidy; Soheir M. Weheida; Sabry Mohamed Amin; Zainab A. Allam

Effect of Instructional Guidelines on Women Awareness Regarding Nutrition after Breast Cancer Surgery

Pages 351-362

Reham El Ashery Ashery Asker; Hanaa Farahat Ibrahim Ahmed; Inas Mohamed Mohamed lotfy; Amira Hedaya; Hanan Ali Ibrahim Almanzlawi

The Effect of Normovolemic versus Decreasing Maintenance Fluids on Critically Ill Multiple Trauma Patient’s Clinical Outcomes

Pages 363-380

Sheren M. Diab; Sohair M. Weheda; Nagwa Abbas; Esraa H. Nassar; Safaa E Sayed

Original Article

Effect of implementing bundle care on reducing early Postpartum haemorrhage among primiparous

Pages 381-395

Sabah R. H. Ahmed; Amany M. Ahmed; Hala A. Ali; Mohamed H. Mohamed; Nagat S. Shalaby; Amal K. Khalil

Natural Methods for Relieving Labor Pain and Anxiety during the First Stage among Primigravida Mothers

Pages 396-407

Nawal Kamal Abd Elkhalek; Safaa Ebrahim Ahmed; Inas Mohamed Mohamed lotfy; Marwa A. Shahin

Effect of Counter-Pressure Versus Effleurage Massages on Labor Pain Intensity Among Parturient Women

Pages 408-420

Amany M. Ahmed; Sabah R.H. Ahmed; Hala A. Ali; Nagat Salah Shalaby; Fayiz F. El-shamy; Safaa Gaber Salem

COVID-19 Risk Perception of Pregnant Women and its Relationship with their Protective Behaviors

Pages 421-437

Hanan Awad M Elmashad; Mona Mohamed Abd El-Maksoud; Nadia Youssef Abd-Ella

The Effect of Non-Pharmacological Intervention on Psychological Determinants and Blood Pressure among Hypertensive Patients

Pages 438-455

Amal A. El-Abbassy; Laila S. Dorgham; Afaf Abel Malek Hussein; Gehan A. Abed; Sabah M. Ebrahem

Educational Program about Professional Development for Nursing Teachers and its Effect on their Students' Satisfaction

Pages 471-483

Sharihan Hassan Abdel Samea; Abdel Rahim Saad Shoulah; Nermin Mohamed Eid; Ehsan Saad Soliman

Perception, Coping Behavior and Quality of Life during COVID-19 among Nursing Intern Students

Pages 484-495

Amal Ahmed ebrahem; Ebtsam Hanafy Saber; Shereen Faiyez Gabra; Rasha Mamdouh Abdelmonem

Role of Pediatric Nurses Regarding Children’s Needs Undergoing Hemodialysis Therapy

Pages 496-509

Al Rafay S.S; Tantawi H.R.; El Farsy M.S.; Ramadan D.H.

Effect of Authentic Leadership Training Program of Head Nurses on Creativity and Motivation of Nurses Staff

Pages 600-614

Manal Saleh Moustafa Saleh; Abdel-Hady El-Gilany; Zeinab Naiem Abdelhamid; Shaimaa Abdelbaset Hamed; Hanan El said Elsabahy

Effect of Instructional Guidelines on Mothers' Knowledge and Practice regarding their Neonatal Care

Pages 615-630

Shadia Abd Elmoniem Syan; Vivian Magdi samual; Maria Blesilda B. Llaguno; Sara Sayed Abdalla

Nursing Strategies for Alleviating Endometriosis Related Symptoms

Pages 631-647

Asmaa Mahmoud; Shadia Hamido; Randa Mohamed

Multidimensional Assessment of Tremors in Patient with Multiple Sclerosis

Pages 648-668

Asmaa Mohamed ELmzien; Neamatallah Ahmed Gomaa; Zeinab Hussein Bakr

Effect of Smart Phone-Based Educational Program on Self- Care Practices for Hepatitis C Patients

Pages 669-689

Sabah Nagah Hasan Mohamed; Sedika Sadek Ramadan Fayad; Sahar Mahmoud Sayed Ahmed Elawady

Assessment of Mothers care Hindering Successful Tympanostomy Tube for Children with Otitis Media with Effusion

Pages 710-722

Selwan Hamza Elgazar; Safy Salah El Din Al-Rafay; Hyam Refaat Tantawi

Developing Strategies for Overcoming Challenges Faced by Postgraduate Nursing Students

Pages 737-750

Asmaa Soliman Abdel-Khalik; Samia Mohamed Adam,; Hemat Abdel- Azeem

Expressed Emotion and Burdens of Care among Family Caregiver's of Patients with Dementia

Pages 764-780

Hanaa Sayed Ewais; Omayma Abo Bakr Osman; Afaf Mohamed Fahmy; Omaima Ezzat mahmoued

The Effectiveness of Positive Psychotherapy on the Self- Efficacy and Psychological Wellbeing of Children with Thalassemia

Pages 797-812

Merfat M. Atia; Lamiaa Hassnin Eita; Rania M Alhalawany; Azza A Ghoneim; Shimaa A Badawy

A Comparative Study Between Distance and Traditional Learning Among University Nursing Students During COVID-19 Pandemic

Pages 813-830

Shereen Abd El-Moneam Ahmed; Rasha El-Sayed Ibrahim; Eman Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed

Assessment of post abortion woman lifestyle

Pages 831-842

Amaal Ramadan; Kamelia Abo Shabana; Sahar Mossa

Effect of Guideline on Improving Nurses' Practices for Patients with Early Postpartum Haemorrhage

Pages 843-854

Amal Mahmoud Dawood; Kamilia Ragab Abou Shabana; Sahar Mossa Soliman; Amal Talaat El sharkawy

COVID 19 Outbreak and Care Givers' Management Approach of their Children who undergoing Hemodialysis

Pages 855-875

Doaa Bahig Anwr; Samar Ahmed Mahmoud; Donia Elsaid Fathi Zaghamir

The Effect of Quality Hospital's Environment on nurses’ satisfaction and their Compliance with safety Precautions

Pages 905-914

Noha Hussein Yassein Hussein; Maha abdeen abdeen kheder; Sanaa Hassan Mohamed

Willingness of Nurses to Work during A Covid-19 Pandemic: The Role of Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices

Pages 915-930

Esmat Sayed Abd El-mageed; Mohamed Gamal Elsehrawy; Tarek Mahmoud Shaker

Assessment for School Students’ Perception regarding Healthy Nutritional Pattern

Pages 931-944

Mohamed Fathy Kamel; Randa Mohamed Adly; Bothayna Nader Sadek

Assessment of Nurses Performance Regarding External Ventricular Drain among Children with Brain Tumor

Pages 945-955

Ahmed N. A.; Al-Rafay S. S.; Hassan S. E.; AbdEL-hamid A. E.

Stress and Dietary Pattern Effect on Overweight and Obesity among Technical Nursing Students

Pages 968-980

Amira Elsayed Mohamed; Afaf Mohamed Fahmy; Rania Abd Elhamid Zaki

Assessment of the Health Team Performance in the First 24 Hours Regarding Patients with Stroke

Pages 981-998

Eman Khaleel Abd-Elrhman; Eman Talaat Mohammed El-shamaa; Samar Faltas Marzouk Faltas

Quality of Life among Patients with Bipolar Disorder

Pages 1012-1027

Tabasem Fayez Fatahallah Hegazy; Ghada Mohammed Mourad; Rania Abdel- Hamid Zaki

Effectiveness of Application of WHO Multimodal Strategy for Improvement of Knowledge, Practice, and Professional Quality of Life of Nurses during COVID-19 Pandemic

Pages 1063-1076

Sohier M. Weheida; Rowaida Anwar Niazy; Badria Mahrous Abdel Hamid Mohamed; Amina Ibrahim Badawy Othman; Neima Ali Riad

Effect of Antenatal Sessions on Postnatal Knowledge and Practices Regarding Neonatal Jaundice among High-risk Primigravidas

Pages 1077-1092

Rania El-Kurdy; Omayma Mustafa Abu Samra; Gawhara Gad Soliman Ebrahem; Elham Hassan Tawfik; Marwa Ibrahim Hamdy Aboraiah

Nursing Student's Perceived Barriers, Achievements, and Satisfaction to Blackboard Utilization as a Digital Platform.

Pages 1093-1103

Sohier M. Weheida; Rowaida Anwar Niazy; Badria Mahrous Abdel Hamid Mohamed; Amina Ibrahim Badawy Othman; Neima Ali Riad

Effect of Educational Program regarding Prevention of Osteoporosis among Employees Women at South Valley University

Pages 1104-1114

Fatma Mohamed Elesawy; Sahar Fahmy Elsaud Gawad; Shymaa Helmy Ahmed

Effect of Palliative Care Training Package on Nurses' Performance regarding Gynecologic Cancer

Pages 1115-1133

Hend Abdallah EL Sayed; Donia Atef Ibrahiem Elzehiri; Shaimaa Hassan Mohamady

Effect of Caregivers Training Program on Stroke Patients' Self-Efficacy

Pages 1134-1156

Hanaa Moukhtar Ibrahim; Shimaa Elwardany Aly; Azza Mohamed Abd El-Aziz; Naglaa Saad Abd El-aty; Samia Youssef Sayed; Hanan Abd-Elrazik Abdelall; Hawidaa Khalaf Abd_El-Aal

Effect of Nursing Care Bundle on Patients Undergoing Prostatic Surgery Outcomes

Pages 1157-1169

Amira Mohammed Ali Hassan; Safia Belal; Eman Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed

Effect of Online Health Protective Guidelines to Qualify Adult People to Return after Pandemic Curfew of Covid-19

Pages 1182-1200

Donia Atef Ibrahiem Elzehiri; Rasha Awad A’elmagied Salime; Reda Abdel Salam Ibrahim

Effects of Immediate Skin-to-Skin Contact on Maternal and Neonatal Physiological Outcomes after Cesarean delivery

Pages 1201-1225

Reda M. Nabil Aboushady; Jaklein R. Younis; Walaa M. Abdel-Rahman

Examining nursing students' communication skills development: A descriptive study

Pages 1239-1254

Ola El Sebai Badr; Yasmeen Mohamed Mohamed Shehata

Effect of Online Health Guidance on Recovery of Postpartum Minor Discomforts and Neonatal Problems during COVID-19 Pandemic

Pages 1267-1281

Marwa Ibrahim Hamdy Aboraiah; Hanan El-Sayed Mohamed El-Sayed; Shaimaa Fouad Mohammed

Effect of Bundled Care on Self-Efficacy and Functional Outcomes among Patients undergoing Total Hip Arthroplasty

Pages 1330-1347

Reham AdelEbada El Sayed; Ahmed Shaban Hassan; Sedika Sadek Ramadan Fayed; Reham El Ashery Ashery Asker

Effect of Educational Guidelines about Preventive Measures of Acute Gastroenteritis on Mothers' Knowledge and Reported Practices

Pages 1358-1368

Doaa Abdelgawad Said; Gehan EL Nabawy Ahmed; Mohamed Zoromba; Boshra Attia Mohammed

Quality of Life and Its effect on Mothers who Providing Care for Their Children with Cerebral Palsy

Pages 1369-1386

Dina Gamal Mohammed Desoky; Hanaa Abd El-Hakeem Ahmed; Ferial Fouad Malika

Biopsychosocial Needs of Patients Post Coronary Artery Bypass Graft

Pages 1387-1407

Doaa Gamal Abd El-bdee; Manal Hussien; Sarah Fathy Mahmmoud

Effect of Educational Programme on Lifestyle among Paramedical Students with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Pages 1408-1420

Zeinab R. AL Kurdi; Nadia M. Fahmy; Shaida H. Mohasb; Nadia Abd Alhamid

Effect of Health Educational Guidelines on knowledge and practices of Mothers having Children with Bell's Palsy

Pages 1437-1450

Sahar Sedky Faheim; Azza El-Sayed Ali Hegazy; Nadia Medany Helaly Mohamed

Impact of Soft Skills Training Program on Head Nurses’ Performance

Pages 1451-1461

Noha Hussein Yassein Hussein; Hanaa Samir Abd El-Aziz Elsaiad

Biopsychosocial Needs among Patients with Lower Limbs Amputation

Pages 1516-1528

Fatma Mostafa mahrous; Amira Hedaya; Sara Ragab

Stem Cell Therapy: Health Care Providers’ Knowledge and Attitude

Pages 1547-1558

Hanan Abo-Baker Mohamed; Dalia Masoud Elsaid

Depression, Anxiety and Marital Satisfaction among Infertile Males at Assiut Universal Hospital

Pages 1587-1602

Nadia Abd Elghany Abd El Hameed; Reda Abd El Aal Thabet

Assessment of Nurses’ knowledge and Practice for Caring of Children Undergoing Blood Products Transfusion

Pages 1653-1663

Mona Eid Hussien Elbaqary; Zeinab Fathy El-Sayed; Bothayna Nader Sadek

Video assisted Education and its Effect on Bowel Clearance and Satisfaction among Patients Undergoing Colonoscopy

Pages 1664-1678

Shaimaa Abd El Mageed Amer; Wafaa .H.Abdullah; Amal Amin El-Sheikh; Samah E. Masry

Effect of Empowerment Program on Self-efficacy among Children with Thalassemia

Pages 1679-1692

Hanem Abdullah Mohamed; Eman Abdelfattah Hassan

A Golden Technique in Sexual Health Status and Urinary Incontinence Among Women with Hysterectomy

Pages 1899-1912

Hayah Abou Elazayiem Bayumi; Gehan Abd Elfattah Atia; Eman Fathy Amr Mohamed; Sahar Abdelrady Elkheshen; Eman Youssif Ali Awad; Hoda Esmat Mahmoud Khalil

Effect of Foot Reflexology Massage versus Benson Relaxation Technique on Physiological Parameters and Pain after Open Heart Surgery

Pages 1737-1749

Sanaa Saber Mohamed; Olfat farouk thabet; Zahra Ahmed Sayed; Ragaa Dahi Mohamed

Organizational Cynicism and Organizational Commitment among Staff Nurses

Pages 1750-1761

Fawzia .M.M.Badran; Mennat Allah G Abou Zeid

Health Hazards among Children Labor in Car Repair Workshops in Rural Community

Pages 1794-1806

Ahmed Shaban Ali Mahmoud; Hala Mohamed Mohamed; Shimaa Fathy Miky

Mothers’ Protective Measures toward their Children Against COVID-19 Pandemic.

Pages 1807-1824

Eman Arafa Badr; Maha Ebrahim Fouda; Maha Hosny Elshater; Noha Mohamed Arafa

Effect of Web-Based Education on Quality of Life and Anxiety Level among Patients undergoing Hemodialysis during Covid-19 Lockdown

Pages 1858-1872

Heba Abd El Reheem Abd El Reheem Abd El Reheem; Mona Mohamed Ibrahim Abdelal; Amora Omar Ibrahim Elmowafy; Shymaa Helmy Ahmed

Moderating Effect of Psychological Antecedents and Conspiracy Mentality on COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy among a Sample of Egyptians

Pages 1873-1886

Nareman Aly Mohamed; Mishmisha El Sayed; Nabila Abdelkader Abdeldaiem; Ebtesam Moawad; Mona Hamdy Mostfa

Exploring Effect of Medication Adherence on Quality of Life among Newly Treated Hepatitis “C” Virus Patients

Pages 1887-1898

Thoraya Mohamed Abdelaziz; Laila A. Hamed; Nagwa Mohamed Helmy Emam

The Effect of Different Positions on Clinical Outcomes of Post Coronary Catheterization patients: Comparative Trial

Pages 1899-1914

Sanaa M. A. Alaa Eldin; Noura Mahmoud. M. Elrefaey; Engy A. R. Khamis; Hala Mohamed Abdelhamed

Effect of An Educational Intervention on Knowledge, Practices and Attitudes of Mothers with Breast Feeding Infants Regarding Antibiotic Use and Resistance

Pages 1915-1924

Basma Mahmoud Abd Elhamid Dawood; Seham Eid Hashem Elhalafawy; Amal Abo El-Azm Abd El-Rahman Youins