Relation between Job Crafting, Nurses' Job Satisfaction and Counterproductive Work Behaviors

Document Type : Original Article


Lecturer of nursing administration, Faculty of Nursing, Tanta University-Egypt.


Background: Job crafting can be considered as proactive behaviour from employees
to initiate changes in their job demands and resources to make their jobs more meaningful,
satisfying and engaging in more productive behaviour. Aim of the study: Identify relation
between job crafting, nurses' job satisfaction and counterproductive work behaviors
Research design: A descriptive correlational study design was utilized in the present
research. Sample: All the available nurses (390) were recruited in the current study. Setting:
Tanta University Hospitals in intensive care units (ICUs). Tools: Three tools were used for
data collection: Job Crafting Scale, Nurses' Job Satisfaction Scale and Counterproductive
Work Behavior Questionnaire. Results: The majority of nurses had low level of job crafting,
job satisfaction and counterproductive work behavior. Moreover there is negative significant
correlation between job satisfaction and counterproductive work behavior. Conclusion: Job
crafting has positive significant relation with nurses' job satisfaction and negative significant
relation with counterproductive work behavior. Recommendation: Designing job crafting
training programs and workshops about opportunities and techniques of job