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Current Issue: Volume 14, Issue 1, March 2023 

Original Article

Assessment of Nurses' Performance regarding Trophic Feeding for Preterm Infants at Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Pages 1-17

Naglaa F. Galal; Hayam R. Tantawi; Azza El-Sayed Ali Hegazy

Effect of Hand Expression and Lactation Support on Self-Efficacy of Primiparous Mothers and Quality of Breast-feeding

Pages 34-44

Seham Shehata Ibrahim; Nor El-Hoda Mohamed El-Sayed El-Shabory; Azhar Abdel– Fatah Mohamed Shehata; Shimmaa Mansour Moustafa Mohamed; Shymaa Abdel-rahman Osman

Effect of Nursing Educational Guidelines on Knowledge and Practices of Mothers having Children with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Pages 59-71

Sahar Sedky Faheim; Azza El-Sayed Ali Hegazy; Bataa Mahmoud Mohamed Ismail; Amirat Ali Elsabely Mohammed

Knowledge and Adherence to Oral Anticoagulant Therapy in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation

Pages 72-87

Nahla Mohammed Hashem Elkerdawy; Neamatallah Gomaa Ahmed; Asmaa Mohamed Khorais

Correlation between Risk of Diabetes and Stress and Cortisone Regimen among Patients with COVID 19

Pages 88-105

Hend Elham Mohammed; Amal Hashem Mohamed; Amany Anter Mohamed; Aziza Ibrahim Abd El Kader; Mishmisha El Sayed Ibrahim

Practicing Management by Walking Around and its Relation to Job Embeddedness and Satisfaction among Nurses

Pages 118-131

Naglaa Mohamed Elsayed; Mahdia Morsy El-Shahat; Nora Ahmed Abd Allah Mohamed

Postoperative Nausea, Vomiting, and Retching in Orthopedic Patients: The Influence of Deep Breathing Exercise

Pages 144-154

Nafisa Moustafa Abdallah Elpasiony; Hanem Saad Mahmoud; Sabah H. El-Amrosy; Wessam Fathy Mohamed Gabr

Assessment of Nursing Teachers' Emotional Intelligence

Pages 172-180

Abeer Elsayed Abd Elkader; Samia Mohamed Adam; Hanaa Mohamed Abdrabou

Effect of Nursing Intervention Using Reflexology Massage on Muscle Cramps and Fatigue among Adolescents Undergoing Hemodialysis

Pages 225-245

Asmaa Sabry Attia Hassan; Gawhara Gad Soliman Ebrahem; Omayma Mustafa Abu Samra; Josephin Atef Abed El-Magid Lawend

Assessment of Nursing Teachers'''' Emotional Intelligence

Pages 246-254

Abeer Elsayed Abd Elkader; Samia Mohamed Adam; Hanaa Mohamed Abdrabou

Caregivers' Awareness toward Health Care of their Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Pages 255-269

Amal Ramadan Abd AL-Hafez; Hanan Ibrahim Ahmed; Asmaa Talaat Mohamed

Nursing Students' perception about the Risk Factors Associated With Early Marriage

Pages 270-278

Aml Gomaa Elsayed; Nawal Mahmoud Soliman; Shimaa Fathy Mekky

Stigma and its Relation to Self-Concept among Patients with Mental Disorders

Pages 279-298

Asmaa Abd ElRahman Rabea; Ghada Mohamed Mourad; Hoda Sayed Mohamed

COVID-19: Knowledge and Precautionary Measures among Nursing Students

Pages 340-352

Ebtesam Mohamed Mohamed; Hanaa Abdel Hakiem Ahmed; Wafaa Khalil Ibrahim; Ragaa Abd Allah Ahmed

Awareness of Nursing Students Regarding to Breast Cancer at New-valley Government

Pages 353-365

Eman Youssif; Hanan Ibrahim Ahmed; Mona Abo Bakr Abd - Ellatef

Quality of Life among Elderly People with Peptic Ulcer at Geriatric Home

Pages 366-379

Faten kamal ahmed; Fathia Ahmed Mersal; Walaa Abdel Kader mohamed

Factors Affecting Decisional Involvement among Staff Nurse

Pages 380-391

Fatma M. Fetouh; Samah F. Fakhry; Laila A. Abd-Elhamid

Assessment of Nurses' Performance regarding Developmental Care at Neonatal Intensive Care Units

Pages 392-401

Heba Y. Riad; Wafaa E. Ouda; Azza E.A. Hegazy; Sohair M. Ismail

Health Needs and Problems among Military Personnel with Skin Disease

Pages 402-414

Hend Shaaban Abdel-Ghaffar; Seham Guriguis Ragheb; Wafaa Khalil Ibrahim

Effect of Implementing Intrapartum Digital versus Paper Partographs on Maternity Nurses' Performance and Birth Outcomes

Pages 430-445

Ashour E.S.; Tahany El-Sayed El-Sayed Amr; Gehan Ahmed mohmed elbahlowan; Samah Mohamed Elhomosy

Effect of Early Initiation of Breast Feeding on the Prevention of Postpartum Depression among Puerperal Women: An Interventional Program.

Pages 446-462

Tahany El-Sayed El-Sayed Amr; Atallah Al-enezi; Khadiga Abd-Elgied Gomea Hassan; Amal Khalifa Khalil; Hayam Fathey Ahmed Eittah; Howida Abo El-life Mohamed Awed

Effect of Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique on Pain Intensity and FatigueAssociated with Primary Dysmenorrhea among Female Adolescents

Pages 486-500

ElSayeda Hamdy Nasr Abdelhalim; Marwa Yehia Moustafa Sweelam; Amel abd Elaziem Mohamed; Fatma Gomaa Mohamed Amer; Nor El-Hoda Mohamed El-Sayed El- Shabory