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Current Issue: Volume 15, Issue 2, June 2024 

Original Article

Active Versus Expectant Management of Third Stage of Labor: A Plane of Nursing Action

Pages 1-17

Hanan Elzeblawy Hassan; Walaa Khalaf Gouda; Doaa Shehta Said Farag

Effect of Structured Educational Program on Diabetic Patients' Knowledge Attitude, and Practices Regarding Self-Administration of Insulin Injection

Pages 18-35

Elhaga Ibrahim Eldesouky Mohamed; Amira Tag Mohamed Mohamed; Heba Gomaa Eldawoody Ali; Rahma Mohamed Mohamed Abd El Rahman; Samia Eaid Elgazzar

Effect of Social-Platform-Based Educational Guidelines on First-Time Mothers' knowledge and Practices regarding their Children's Oral Health

Pages 36-51

Neama Salah Abd Elaziz Soliman Elgendy; Atiat Ahmed Soliman Osman; Hanan Hassan Elezaby; Sabra Mohamed Ahmed

Effect of Entrepreneurship Training Program for Nursing Students on Their Entrepreneurial Intention and Motivation

Pages 102-117

Nahed Hamed Ramadan Elgendy; Neamat Mohamed El-Sayed; Nevine Hassan Abd- El-Aal; Wafaa Hassan Mostafa

Effect of Family Conflict on The Behavior of Nursing School Students

Pages 180-191

Aya Ramadan Mohamed Shulkamy; Ferial Fouad Melika; Nadia Ibrahim Abd Elaty

Effect of Physical Disabilities on Quality of life for Soldiers

Pages 214-227

Fatma Gaber Ahmed; Hanan Ibrahim Ahmed; Shimaa Fathy Miky

Relationship between Patient Safety Culture and Job Stress among Staff Nurses

Pages 238-251

Habib Elsaid Awad Dawa; Samah Faisal Fakhry; Fawzia Mohamed Mohamed

Barriers to Green Practice regarding Waste Management among Operating Room Nurses

Pages 265-284

Elham Taha Hassan; Naglaa Elsayed Mahdy; Neamatallah Gomaa Ahmed

Utilizing CT scan for Differential Diagnosis of Acute Abdominal Pain: A Retrospective Descriptive Study in King Khalid Hospital, Najran Province

Pages 285-293

Nagla Hussien Mohamed Khalid; Jihan Ibrahim Babiker; Zahra TaleaGhalib Alkayyadi; Reem Mohammed Ahmed Alghamdi; Raghad Saeed Saran Alwadei; Aeshah Hassan Mohammed Refaey; Randa Yahya Mohammed Al-Zahrani

Knowledge and Beliefs of Pregnant Women Towards the effect of Cesarean Section Delivery on Women’s Health

Pages 311-324

Reda M. Nabil Aboushady; Mohamed Yehia Ali Mohamed; Nabila Abdelkader Abdeldaiem; Safa Gaber salem; Mona Abd El-kareem Hegazy; Fatma Zaghloul Mahmoud

Impact of Simulation-Guided by Training Lines on Nurses' Performance Caring for Children with Cochlear Implantation

Pages 379-395

Shereen Ahmed Elwasefy; Sabra Mohamed Ahmed; Neama Salah Abd Elaziz Soliman Elgendy; Hanaa Ibrahim El Sayed

Household Health Behaviors and Maternal Stress During Covid-19 Outbreak

Pages 396-409

Asmaa Taha AbdElwahab AbdElslam; Aziza Mahmoud Abo-zaid; Asmaa Salah Eldin Mohamed

Effect of Educational Guidelines about Coping Strategies on Anxiety and Depression among Women Post-Hysterectomy

Pages 418-433

Eman Galal Mohamed Kahlil; Nawal Kamal Abd Elkhalek; Evon Saber Shokre Hanna; Samah Mohamed EL sayed sayed Ahmed,; Yousif A.

Effect of Implementing a Designed Rehabilitation Nursing Intervention for Brain Surgery's Patients on their Physical and Psychological Status

Pages 434-449

Reham El Ashery Ashery Asker; Reda Dardier Hussein Awad; Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Mona Gamal Abd Elnaser Ahmed Elnabawey; Amal Yousef Abdelwahed; Hanan Elsayed Awad Negm; Amira Tag Mohamed Mohamed

The Relationship among Emotional Intelligence, Optimistic Personality, and Intern Students’ Academic Achievement

Pages 476-484

Lamiaa Abd El Hakeem Ali Ahmed; Soheir Mohammed Ahmed Ali; Manal El-Sayed Abdelkareem Ali(

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Consumption Habits of Junk Food among School Students

Pages 485-498

Asmaa Gomaa Mohammed; Amel Abd-Elazim Mohamed; Mervat Abd Elkader Ahmed

Families' Perception toward Application of Infection Control Precautions with Corona Virus at Home

Pages 511-533

Hanan Salah-Eldeen Mostafa; Hanan Elzeblawy Hassan; Sharbat Thabet Hassanine Atea; Mervat Abdel Kader Ahmed

Effectiveness of Jigsaw Teaching Technique on Surgical Nursing Students' Satisfaction and their Academic Achievements

Pages 574-588

Eman Fathy Amr; Amira tag Mohamed Mohamed; Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Amany Gamal El Gharieb Mohammed El-Berdan

Effectiveness of Simulation-Guided by Intervention on Nurses' Performance Regarding Basic Life Support

Pages 589-605

Marwa Fathallah Mostafa; Nayera Tantaewy; Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Marwa Mehrez Mahmoud Ali; Masouda Hassan Atrous

Relation between Delirium Symptoms and Patients’ Outcomes during the Postoperative Period in Intensive Care Units

Pages 635-649

Amany ElshrabasyAbd- Elghaffar; Tahany Ahmed El-Senousy; Asmaa Abd El rahman Abd El Rahman; Amira Hedaya Mourad

Activities of Daily Living and It’s Effect on Quality of Life among Older Adults

Pages 650-659

Amira Mohammed Ragab Eid; Hanan Ibrahim Ahmed; Mervat Mohamed Hassan

Parents' Awareness Regarding Newborn Screening in Bahariya Oasis City

Pages 673-688

Eman Badawe Ahmed; Hemat Abd El moneem Elsayied; Asmaa Talaat Mohamed

Mothers’ Preventive Measures of COVID-19 among Their Primary School Children

Pages 689-701

Eman Ibrahim Mohamed Eltantawy; Magda Abd El Sattar Ahmed; Shaimaa Fathy Miky

Effect of Emotion regulation Nursing Intervention on Emotional Regulation Difficulties and Peace of Mind among older adults

Pages 753-769

Samia El Husseini Abd-ElMageed ElKholy; Shaimaa Samir Dawood; Reham Magdy Mohammed AbdElsalam

Staff Nurses' Resilience: Its Relation to Moral Intelligence and Professional Compatibility

Pages 770-782

Faten Fathy Abo Baraka; Hind Ismail Ali; Shaimaa Mohamed Araby Ebraheem

Awareness of Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus toward Prevention of COVID-19

Pages 845-857

Moshira Helmy Kamal; Ferial Fouad Melika; Walaa Abdel Kader Mohamed

Psychiatric Disturbances among Patients after Heart Surgery

Pages 858-869

Mostafa Saeed Abd-el Monem; Omayma Abu Baker; Hoda Sayed Mohamed

Psychological Stress and Coping Pattern among Patients with Vitiligo

Pages 870-880

Mustafa Abdul-Aziz Hassan; Omayma Abu Bakr; Hanaa Ezz Eldin Prince

Occupational Health Hazards among Workers in Chemical Factories

Pages 881-891

Nadia Bandery Elsayed; Hala Mohamed Mohamed; Safinaz Mohamed Sayed

Perceived Nursing Supervisor Support and Its Influence on Job Embeddedness among Staff Nurses

Pages 892-904

Naglaa Fathy Nomany Mohammed; Rabab Mahmoud Hassan; Samah Mohammed Elsayed

Assessment of Nurses’ Performance for Patient with Spinal Cord Injury

Pages 905-913

Nahla Mohamed Afify; Tahany El sensousy; Mona Nader Ibraheem; Susan Mohamed Dessowky Abd Elghany; Ahmed Mohamed Kamal

Emotional intelligence and its relation to critical thinking skills and self-esteem of Nurse Students

Pages 914-922

Neama Elnouby Ali Ahmed; Samia Mohamed Abdallah Adam; Rabab Mahmud Hassan Mohamed

Relation between Patients’ Compliance and Their Outcomes Post Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Pages 923-938

Noha Ashraf Ahmed; Sohair Tawfeek Ahmed; Dalia Abdallah Abdelatief; Reham Adel Ebada

Training Program for Girls with Hearing Disability about Breast Self- Examination in Assiut City

Pages 939-952

Shaimaa M. Goda; Shimaa Elwardany Aly; Aya M. Abd El Hafez; Shaimaa A. Khalaf

Awareness of Health Care Providers Toward COVID 19 Vaccine at Suez Canal University Hospitals

Pages 953-964

Noha Mohamed Mohamed Helmy; Hanaa Abd Elhakim Ahmed; Asmaa Talaat Mohamed

The Relationship between Perceived Parenting Behaviors, Adult Attachment Styles, Fear of Self, and Severity of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Pages 965-977

Alshymaa Mohamed Abdel Tawab; Shymaa Mahmoud Zedan Abdelhai; Aya Mohamed Hussein Abdallah; Basma Elsayed Mohamed Othman

Effect of Facial Exercises on Functional Ability for Patients with Bell's Palsy

Pages 978-992

Arzak Mohamed Khalifa; Fatma Goma Mohamed; Shimaa Nabil Abd Elsalam; Lamis Ahmed Osama

Practice of Nurses Caring for Patients with Acute Poisoning in Emergency Unit: Effect of Educational Guidelines

Pages 993-1002

Ramez Fathy Khatab; Ola Abd Elaty Ahmed; Naglaa Elsayed Mahdy; Samar Faltas Marzouk Faltas

Towards Good Health and Well-Being; Antibiotic Misuse in the General Population

Pages 1088-1100

Mazin Abdulateef Alzubaidi; Adil Ibrahim Alnajjar; Abdullah Kadhim Mahmood; Ali Sabah Khairy; Heba G. Abdelzaher

Problems, Needs, and Complications Encountered by Patients with Eye Floater

Pages 1131-1145

Zeinab Mohamed Ahmed; Taghreed Talaat Mohamed; Eman Hessien Yousef Heggy; Gehan Elsayed Hafez

Effectiveness of Eye Movement Exercise Application on Pain and Stress among Patients undergoing Hemodialysis

Pages 1146-1154

Heba Gomaa Eldawoody Ali; Fatma A. Salem; Heba Kedees Marzouk; Kamal Mohamed Okasha; Badr Ibrahim Ahmed Abdou Abd El Rahman

Effect of Head Lift Exercise on Knowledge, Practice, and Swallowing Function among Patients with Dysphagia

Pages 1155-1171

Nevin Adel Amer Ismael; Mona Mohamed Ibrahim Abdelal; Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Gehan Elmadbouh

Educational Program about Vocal Hygiene Awareness among Primary School Teachers in Minia

Pages 1185-1200

Zeinab Mohammed Hassan; Chrestina Monir Fekry Hanna; Manar D. Mohammed; Adel Ali Abdelwahab

Factors Affecting Professional Identity among Nurse Interns'

Pages 1231-1239

Laila Ahmed Abd Elhamed; Asmaa Saber Ahmed Elborai

Career Maturity and its Effect on Psychological Resilience among Head Nurses

Pages 1240-1250

Laila Ahmed Abd El-Hamid; Samah Faisal Fakhry; Asmaa Saber Elborai

Effect of Benson Relaxation Technique versus Foot Massage on Postpartum Blues among Postnatal Mothers

Pages 1273-1284

Wafaa Mostafa Ahmed Gamel; Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Zainab Abd El-Rahim Ali; Ghalia Elmoghazy Elkasaby; Amal Roshdi Ahmed

Exposure to Workplace Harassment and its Impact on Mental Health and Work Commitment Among Staff Nnrses

Pages 1297-1311

Ahmed Abd Alrahman Hassan; Samah Osman Ali; Faten Salama Abdelaziz Ahmed; Mohga Fathy Hamza; Shymaa Aly Hamed

Effect of Awareness Program on Newly Mothers' Knowledge and Practices Regarding Neonatal Jaundice

Pages 1312-1325

Magda Ahmed Abd El Aziz; Baraka Fam Mary; Hanan Kheir Abd Ellatif Elmowafi; Hoda Wahid Amer

Effect of the Standard Breast Crawl Technique on Initiation of Breastfeeding and Maternal Outcomes

Pages 1326-1339

Nehal Shalaby Awad Mahmoud; Samar Elrefaey Elrefaey Abaza; Asmaa Anwar Abd elglil