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Current Issue: Volume 13, Issue 4, December 2022 

Original Article

Effect of Educational Guidelines on Newly Mother's Knowledge and Practices regarding Behavioral Problems of Children

Pages 1-12

Donia Elsaid Fathi Zaghamir; Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Fatma Mohamed El swerky; Ebtsam Salah shalaby salama; Silvia Farouk Shalaby; Sara Sayed Abdalla

Daily Dietary habits and Nutrition Attitude of Pregnant Women in Port-said city

Pages 13-25

Shymaa Abdel-rahman Osman; Nagat Salah Shalaby; Nor El-Hoda Mohamed El-Sayed El-Shabory; Azhar Abdel–Fatah Mohamed Shehata

Effect of Foot Massage on Physiological Indicators, Fatigue, and Pain among Children undergoing Chemotherapy

Pages 26-39

Amirat Ali Elsabely Mohammed; Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Azza El-Sayed Ali Hegazy; Hala Samir Ahmed El-husseiny; Fatma Mohamed Amin

Needs Assessment for Patients Undergoing Plasmapheresis: Suggested Guidelines

Pages 65-79

Hadeel Fayez Abbas Said Ahmed; Hanan Shehata Mohamed; Shimaa Nabil Abd-Elsalam; Amr Abdellatif Elsawy Abdellatif

Staff Nurses` Perception of Inter-Professional Collaboration versus Patient Safety Climate

Pages 80-94

Shaimaa Mohammed Shalaby; Mona Mostafa Shazly; Samah Mohammed EL- Sayed

Factors Affecting Nursing Performance Regarding Hygienic Care in Critically Ill Patients

Pages 95-107

Rehab Mohamed Ahmed; Amany Mohamed Safwat; Shimaa Nabil Abdel Salam

Health Awareness of Teenage School Students about Risk of Smoking on Health in Slums

Pages 108-121

Mohamed Elsayed Ahmed Anan; Magda Abd-Elsattar Ahmed; Shaimaa Fathy Miky

Educational Program for Multipara Women with Stress Urinary Incontinence

Pages 122-137

Maha Seif Mohammed Elattar; Sabah Metwaly Mohammed; Amira Morsy Yousif

Factors Affecting Arteriovenous Fistula Survival among Hemodialysis Patients

Pages 138-151

Marwa Hanafy Sayed Ahmed; Kamelia Fouad Abdalla; Jackleen Faheem Gendey; Arzak Mohamed Khalifa

Comorbidity Index in Predicting Toxicity and Mortality Risk among patient Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Pages 152-167

Sara Abdelkader Abdelfattah; Amany Mohamed Safwat; Gamal El-dein Mohamed; Dina Mohamed Maarouf

Fayoum University Students Perception Regarding Reproductive Health

Pages 168-176

Huda Hamdi Mabrouk; Om Elsaad Farouk; Amal Sarhan Eldesoky

Relationship between Professional Image and Autonomy among Staff Nurses

Pages 177-187

Dina Abd-El mordy bauomy; Rabab Mahmoud Hassan; Samah mohamed Elsayed

The relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Problem Solving Skills on Nursing Students

Pages 188-196

Sabah Mohamed Ragab; Mona Mostafa Shazly; Hemat Abdel-Azeem Mostafa

Developing Civility Behavior Guideline among Maternity Nursing Students at Class Room and Practical Engagement

Pages 197-213

Sabreen Abdel Aziz Abdel Naby; Shadia Hamido; Nadia Abdel Hameed; Heba Mahmoud

Leisure Time, Physical Activity, and Psychological Well-Being among Adolescents during COVID-19

Pages 214-224

Fatma Mohamed Amin; Josephin A. Lawend; Omayma Mustafa Abu Samra; Fawzia Nabeel Mohammad Abd-Elmageed

Factors Affecting Clinical Outcomes for Patient with Nasogastric Tube Feeding at Critical Care Unit

Pages 225-237

David Youssef Saleh GaddAllah; Sahar Yassien Mohammad; Dalia Ali Ameen

Effect of an Educational Program on Nurses Performance Regarding COVID-19 in the Obstetrics and Surgical units

Pages 251-269

Rasha Nabil Malk; Esraa Hamdy Hassan; Asmaa Daifallah Mehany Mohamed; Eman Fathy Amr; Hanan Elzeblawy Hassan

Assessment of Nurses Knowledge and Practice Regarding Postpartum Period at Abshaway central Hospital

Pages 270-280

huda abd elrhman ali; sabah metwally mohamed; nadia abd elhameed attia alla

Knowledge of Children and Adolescents with Beta Thalassemia Major about their Disease: An Assessment Study

Pages 313-322

Rahma Elsayed Abdel Aziz; Safy Salah Eldin AlRafay; Randa M. Matter; Salma El Sayed Hassan

Illness Cognition and Family Adjustment among Parents of Children with Disabilities Attending Speech Clinics and Rehabilitation Centers

Pages 355-372

Fawzia Nabeel Mohammad; Nesreen Mosbah Elsayed Mohamed; Rasha Abdelateef Abdelaziz ramadan; Samah El Awady Bassam

Role Conflict and its effect on Burnout among Staff Nurses

Pages 373-388

Raghda Gamal Abd El-Hay; Rabab Mahmoud Hassan; Fawzia Mohamed Badran

Association between Iron Deficiency Anemia and Pregnancy Outcomes

Pages 1323-1332

Rania Mahmoud Abdel Ghani; Sahar Mansour Ibrahim; Reda M. Nabil Aboushady

Factors Affecting the Patients Safety with Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Intensive Care Unit

Pages 399-414

Rania Mohammed Korany; Kamelia Fouad Abdalla; Shimaa Nabil Abdelsalam; Manal Saad Shaker

Performance of Older Adult Regarding Their Health Maintenance Measures

Pages 415-424

Sabreen Omar Mohamed; Hanan Ibrahim Ahmed; Mona Abo Bakr Abd-El Latef

Lifestyle Changes among Patients with Myocardial Infraction

Pages 435-448

Aya Sobhy Fahmy Elkashef; Manal Hussein Nasr; Basma Mohamed Khalil

Women's Perception Regarding the Ministry of Health Initiatives Plan for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Pages 449-458

Eman Mahmoud Ali; Amira Mohammed Attya; Kamilia Ragab Abo Shabana; Elsaida Gouda Nasr

Nurses’ Performance Regarding Palliative Care among Patients with Cancer

Pages 482-498

Ghada Zoheir; Ola Abd El Aty; Yosreah Mohamed; Diaa Eldin Moussa

Factors Contributing to Post Suction Hypoxemia in Critical Ill Patients

Pages 499-509

Mahmmoud Abd Elfatah Mohammed Elessawy; Hanan Shehata Mohamed; Eman Abd El-Azim Mohamed

Quality of Life after Radical Cystectomy for Patients with Bladder Cancer

Pages 510-522

Mahmoud Reda Mahmoud; Soheir Tawfeek Ahmed; Jackleen Faheem Gendy; Ahmed Abdelbary Ali

Maternity Staff Nurses' Knowledge and Compliance for Protective Measures against Corona Virus

Pages 523-534

Neama Mahmoud Gouda; Randa Mohamed Ebraheim; Wafaa Gomaa Abd Allah; Ehsan Shabaan Morad

Mother's Care for Child with Typhoid Fever

Pages 545-555

Rabab Salah Hassan El Fekey; Nahla Ahmed Abd El Aziz; Asmaa Talaat Mohamed

Biopsychosocial Needs among Patients with Hemiplegia

Pages 556-571

Reda Tawfik Mohamed; Tahany Ahmed El-Senousy; Mona Nadr Ibrahim; Heba Abdel Azeem Mostafa

Assessing Health Beliefs, Knowledge and Practices of Adolescent Girls Regarding Osteoporosis

Pages 572-586

Magda Abd El Sattar Ahmed; Hemat Abd Elmoneem Elsayied; Noha Ahmed Mohamed; Tasneem Ragab Ahmed Salama

Developing Nurses’ Performance Guidelines for Patients with Rectal Cancer Undergoing Radiotherapy

Pages 587-599

Lamiaa Gamal Khudary; Dalia Abdallah Abdelatief; Mohamed Mostafa Whman; Zeinab Hussein Baker

Perceived Stress/Stressors among University Nursing Students

Pages 600-611

Gamal Ali Abdelhamid Eltrass; Omayma AbuBakr; Amal Elias Abdel-Aziz

Relationship between Knowledge of Patients with Thalassemia and their Quality of Life

Pages 612-625

Nora Ramadan Korany; Hanan Sayed Ali; Asmaa Abd ELRahman Abd ELRahman; Reham ELAshery Ashery

Effect of Warm Pads, Effleurage Massage or Trendelenburg Position in Reducing Shoulder Pain after Gynecological Laparoscopic Operations

Pages 626-640

Safaa Soliman Ahmed; Hanaa kamal Helmy; Hamada Ashry Abdel wahed; Howida Ragab Mohamed Ragab

Effect of COVID-19 Vaccine Instructional Guideline on Pregnant Women’s Knowledge and Intention

Pages 641-656

Amal Sarhan Eldesokey Genedy; Faten Said Abdelhady Garf; Samar Elrefaey Elrefaey Abaza; Rasha El -Sayed Ibrahim

Student Nurses Perception Regarding Preventive Measures for Coronavirus Infection

Pages 657-667

Alaa Mohamed; Kamelia Ragab; Walaa Fathy; Nabaweya Saleh

Effect of Covid19 Pandemic on Pregnant Women Utilization of Antenatal Care Services

Pages 668-681

Amany Hussein Sayed Abdel Gaowad; Shadia Hamdio; Amal Fathi Nabaweya Saleh

Effect of Tele-nursing Instructions on Adherence to Therapeutic Regimen and Improving Symptoms for Patients with Peptic Ulcer

Pages 682-696

Asmaa Sayed Abd-Almageed; Manal Sayed Atya; Mohamed Omar Abd el-malek; Saieda Abdelhamed Abdelaziz; Hanan Abdallah Abozeid

Coping Strategies with Menopausal Symptom among Palestinian Women

Pages 697-710

Eman Awad Ibrahim Tayyem; Aziza Tosson Labib; Randa Mohammed Ebrahim; Amira Morsy yousif

Mothers’ Awareness about Poisoning Prevention among their Children under Five Years Old

Pages 725-743

Esraa Aatef Dawood Romeeh; Magda Abd El Sattar Ahmed; Wafaa Khalil Ibrahim

Stressors and Coping Strategies among Parents with Premature Infant

Pages 744-756

Gomaa Abd Elrahman Mahmoud; Ghada Mohamed Mourad; Galila El-Ganzoury

Nurses` Performance Regarding Care of Patients Undergoing Electroconvulsive Therapy

Pages 757-768

Mahmoud Taha Abd El-Raof; Zeinab Abd El hameed Loutfi; Amal Elias Abdel-Aziz

Assessment of Self Care among Patients with Ureteric Double-J Stent: Suggested Guideline

Pages 769-785

Manar Mahmoud Mostafa; Ola Abd-Elaty Ahmed; Monira Samir Abdelhady; Arzak Mohmed Khalifa

Factors Affecting Accidental Extubation of Endotracheal Tube in Critical Care Units: Suggested Nursing Care Protocol

Pages 799-814

Shaimaa Mohamed Mohamed Abdallah; Amany Mohammed Safwat; Dalia Ali Ameen Ibrahim

Effect of the Nursing Protocol of Care on Health-Related Outcomes for Patients Undergoing Permanent Pacemaker Implant

Pages 815-833

Wafaa Hassan Ali Awad; Walaa El shahat Ahmed El gammal; Azza Anwar Aly; Safaa Hussein Mohamed Abd Elrhman

Women’s Compliance with Post- Partum Glucose Screening

Pages 834-842

Eltoukhy , E; Abu-shabana K.; Mohamed R,; Mahmoud H

Satisfaction of Patients with Cancer at Day Care Units

Pages 843-855

Heba Khairy; Hemat Abd El-Moneem; Asmaa Talaat

Knowledge and Adherence to Oral Anticoagulant Therapy in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation

Pages 873-887

Nahla Mohammed Hashem Elkerdawy; Neamatallah Gomaa Ahmed; Asmaa Mohamed Khorais

Assessment of Bio-Psychosocial and Educational Needs for Critically Ill Patients

Pages 905-922

Rehab Galal Shawan Awad; Kamelia Fouad Abdallah; Asmaa Mohamed Khorais

Effect of Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercise on the First Trimester Nausea among Primigravida Women

Pages 938-950

Shaimaa Fouad Mohammed; Fatma Zaki aMohammed Farahat; Nadia Youssef Abd-Ella

Knowledge and Practices of Breastfeeding Mothers regarding Protective Measures for their Neonates against COVID-19

Pages 964-981

Sara Talaat Amer; Safy Salah Eldin Al-Rafay; Bothayna Nader Sadek; Hoda Ragab Mohamed

Life Style of Female Students Nurses with Iron Deficiency Anemia

Pages 982-996

Reda Mohamed Abdallh Ali; Nahla Ahmed AbdEl-Aziz; Safinaz Mohamed Sayed

Evaluate Knowledge & Practice of Nurses Regarding Care of Women with Cesarean Section

Pages 997-1009

Fatma Sayed Mosaad; Kamilia Ragb Abo Shabana; Sabah Metwaly Mohamad

Physical and Psychological Effects of Cannabinoids and Synthetic Cannabinoids among Substance Abusers

Pages 1010-1020

Fatma Maraie AbdElzaher Ahmed; Fatma Ata Abd El-Salihen; Hoda Sayed Mohamed AbdElnaby.

Factors affecting Adherence to Adjuvant Hormonal Therapy among Women with Breast Cancer

Pages 1033-1049

Amany Refaat Elmaadawy; Manal Salah Hassan; Yosreah Mohamed Mohamed; Diaa Eldin Moussa Sherif

Relationship between Workplace Empowerment and Innovative Work Behavior among Staff Nurses

Pages 1060-1070

Amena Abdelrazek Abdelhalem Abdelatti; Samia Mohamed Adam; Hanaa Mohamed Abdrabou

Effect of Educational Intervention Based on Health Belief Model among High-Risk undergraduate nursing students for Obesity

Pages 1071-1086

Hanan Elsayed Awad Negm; Fatma Gomaa Mohamed Amer; Amel Ahmed Elsayed; Amel abd Elaziem Mohamed

Biopsychosocial Needs of Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Pages 1100-1113

Ebtsam Naim Gad; Manal Houssien Nasr; Yosreah Mohamed Mohamed; Sara Fathi Mahmoud

Nurses' Performance Regarding Isolation Precaution Measures Application in Emergency Department

Pages 1126-1138

Galal Mohamed Zain-El-Aabedin; Tahany Al-Sonosy; Samar Faltas

Maternal Traditional practice toward their Children Suffering from Diarrheal Disease

Pages 1139-1147

Iman IbrahimAbd Al-Moniem; Eman AbdElfatah Ali; Salma Mohamed Mohamed

Relation Between Discharge Instructions Compliance and Quality of Life among the Patients Post Hip Arthroplasty Surgery

Pages 1185-1195

Afnan Mohamed Abdel Razeq; Kamelia Fouad Abdalla; Shaimaa Nabil Abd El Salam

Pregnant Women’s Knowledge Regarding Telemedicine as Antenatal Care Strategy during Corona Pandemic

Pages 1196-1205

Doaa Abdelhady Hamed; Sahar Mousa Soliman; Walaa Fathy Mohamed; Amira Mohammed Attya

Critical Care Nurses Perception of COVID-19 Vaccines and its Side Effects at Upper Egypt

Pages 1263-1276

Asmaa Morgan Farahat Khatap; Safaa Gomaa Ahmed Abu El Soud; Nagat Salah Shalaby; Naglaa Ahmed Ahmed; Naglaa Gamal Eldien Abdelhafez Hrariedy; Warda Ramadan Abouzied; Marwa M. Abdelbaky

Effect of Health Belief Model based Educational Package on Lifestyle among Gestational Diabetic Women

Pages 1277-1292

Mervat Mostafa Abdelmonem Desoky; Hanan Morsy Salim Metwally; Amany Abdo Hussien

Influence of Antineoplastic Safe Handling Guidelines on Enhancing Nurses’ Performance

Pages 1293-1307

Nafisa Moustafa Elpasiony; Faten Said Abdelhady Garf; Ahmed Ali Hafez; Shimaa Ramadan Ahmed

Effects of Head Nurses’ Leadership Behaviors and Social Intelligence on Staff Nurses’ Job Involvement

Pages 1308-1322

Sahar Hassan Helaly; Atallah Alenezi; Hanan Elsaid Elsabahy; Manal Saleh Moustafa Saleh

Effect of Skincare Bundle Protocol on Nursing Performance Regarding Prevention of Skin Breakdown

Pages 1323-1333

Eman Fathy Amr; Nayera Mohamed Tantaewy; Rasha Mohamed Abo Hadida; Hayah Abou Elazayim Bayumi; Yasmin Fathy Mohammed Abed Elazeem; Sheren Elsayed Shrief

Effect of Applying an Educational Program on Knowledge and Self-Care Activities of Patients Undergoing Lumbar Discectomy

Pages 1334-1350

Soheir Mohamed Weheida; Heba Elsayed Khatab; Heba Abdel Mowla Ahmed Abdel Mowla; Heba Mohamed Mohamed

Effect of Social-Platform Educational Program on Primigravida Women's Knowledge regarding Vitamin D Deficiency during Pregnancy

Pages 1363-1374

Howaida Amin Hassan Fahmy Elsaba; Rania Mohamed Gad El-Bastwese; Mona Mohamed Abd ElHamid Younes; Tereza Khalifa Garas Girgis; Hala Ahmed Thabet

Effect of Using Mind Mapping Learning Technique among Undergraduate Nursing Students

Pages 1375-1384

Amel Ahmed Elsayed; Noura Elgharib Mohamed Mostafa Eldiasty; Faten Ahmed MohammedAbd El Salam; Safaa H Mohamed; Mona Mohamed Abd ElHamid Younes

Prognostic Scoring Systems as a Tool to Predict the Clinical Outcomes for Patient with Critical Condition

Pages 1385-1402

Noura Mohamed Elmahdy; Tahany Elsenousy; Dalia Abdallah Abdelatief; Dina Mohamed Maarouf

Effectiveness of Home-based Educational Intervention on Community Perception of Indoor Air Pollution

Pages 1403-1416

Eman Samy Bauomy; Rania Mohamed Gad El-Bastwese; Heba Ali Hamed Mohamed; Abdel- Hady El-Gilany; Nagwa Nabeh Taref