Mothers’ Preventive Measures of COVID-19 among Their Primary School Children

Document Type : Original Article


1 Specialist nurse at Tanta Fever Hospital

2 Professor of Geriatric Health Nursing

3 Assistant Professor of Community Health Nursing.


Background: In epidemics such as COVID-19, major changes need to be made to the population's behavior to prevent infection and stop disease transmission. Aim of the study: assess mothers’ preventive measures of COVID-19 among their primary school children. Research design: A descriptive analytical research design was used to conduct this study. Setting: The study was conducted at Al-Munira Comprehensive Clinic affiliated to General Authority for Health Insurance, Cairo Branch. Sample: A purposive sample comprised from 379 of primary school children and their mothers. Tools: Two tools were used for data collection, First tool: Structured interviewing questionnaire divided into five parts, Part I: Socio demographic characteristic of mothers, part II: Health history of primary school children, part III: Mothers’ knowledge about covid 19, part IV: Mothers’ attitude toward covid 19 and part V: Mothers’ reported practices of preventive measures toward covid 19. Second tool: Physical assessment sheet of the child. Results: 57.8% of mothers had satisfactory knowledge about COVID19, 79.4% of them had positive attitude toward covid 19 and 71.8% of them had good practice toward follow preventive measures. Conclusion: There was highly statistically significant correlation between total score of knowledge, practice and attitude regarding COVID-19, and there was statistically significant relation between mothers’ reported practice of preventive measures and children’s health condition. Recommendations: Development and implementation of Health education programs for mothers to improve their knowledge, promote positive attitude and better practices for prevention of covid 19 among their primary school children.