Volume & Issue: Volume 15, Issue 1, March 2024 

Original Article

Effectiveness of Educational Intervention Program about Cervical Cancer on Working Women's Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice at Beni-Suef University

Pages 1-16

Doaa Shehta Said Farag; Samar Shaban Abdelazim Mohamed2; Rasha Nabil Malk; Hanan Elzeblawy Hassan

Instructional Guidelines on Selected Health Outcomes among Elderly with Knee Osteoarthritis

Pages 60-81

Fatma Khalil Abd Elhameed Osman; Zeinab Gamal Mohamed Ellatif; Wafaa Khalil Ibrahim Mohammed

Assessment of Anxiety and Stress Levels in Children Undergoing Hemodialysis

Pages 82-102

Fatma Kamal Eldin Ali; Fatma Sayed Abdelaziz; Seham Mohammed Elmawafie

Effect of Awareness Program regarding Motherhood Preparation on First-Time Mothers' Knowledge, Practices, and Emotional Status

Pages 103-122

Hala Ahmed Thabet; Manar Fathy Heiba Eid; Salwa El Saied Mahmoud Dawoud; Amal S. Abu Almakarem; Rasha Kamal Mohamed Sweelam,; Safaa Ibrahim Ahmed

Perception and Strategies to Overcome Challenges among Male undergraduate Nursing Students during their Maternity Clinical Practice

Pages 123-140

Hala Ahmed Thabet; Manar Fathy Heiba Eid; Eman Galal Mohamed Kahlil; Amal S. Abu Almakarem; Safaa Ibrahim Ahmed

Women's Awareness about Post Covid-19 Syndrome

Pages 191-200

Asmaa Abdel Halim Mosaad; Hanan Ibrahim Ahmed; Walaa Abdel Kader Mohamed

Original Article

Nurses' Performance about Isolation Precautions regarding Covid-19 patients in Intensive Care Units

Pages 226-236

Dalia Farouk Mahmoud; Howayda Ahmed Mohamed; Iman Abdallah Mohammed Abdulmutalib

Quality of Life for Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Pages 250-262

Asmaa Sadawy Salim; Naglaa Elsayed Mahdy; Asmaa Mohamed Khorais; Monira Samir Abdelhady

Compliance toward treatment among Adults with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Pages 305-318

Mohamed Ibrahim Touni; Seham Guirguis Ragheb; Hala Mohammed Mohammed; Wafaa Khalil Ibrahim

Outcomes of Labour based on Cardiotocography Categories: Donabedian Model Approach

Pages 399-409

Nahid Khalil Elfaki; Hassan Yahya Guzailan; Amna Mohammed Idris; Sawsan Ahmed Osman; Nahla Elradhi Abdulrahman; Wargaa Hashim Taha; Yahya Hussein Abdalla; Abdalla Mohammed Osman; Mohammed Ateeg Ahmed; Elwaleed Idris Sagrion; Abdelelah Ahmed Hamed; Hanan Saad Alwadei; Reem Ali Assiry; Elsadig Eltaher Abdulrahman; Sharafeldin Mohammed Shuib; Samah Ramadan Elrefaey

Assessing the Effectiveness of Distraction Techniques on Alleviating Pain and Anxiety in Women Undergoing Screening Mammography

Pages 410-427

Sanaa Ghareeb Ahmed Ebrahim; Esraa Mostafa Abd El-Aty Ibrahim; Azhar Abdel–Fatah Mohamed Shehata; Nor El-Hoda Mohamed El-Sayed El-Shabory

Effect of Birth Preparation Coaching Sessions on Women's Self Efficacy for Coping with Labor Pains and Outcomes

Pages 471-486

Esraa Mostafa Abd El-Aty Ibrahim; Nor El-Hoda Mohamed El-Sayed El-Shabory; Asmaa Mohammad Ahmad Mohammad

Assessment of Interpersonal Difficulties among Patients with Schizophrenia

Pages 502-510

Fatma -Alzahraa Abdel-Rafea Ibrahim; Zeinab Abdel Hamid Loutfi; Galila shawky El-Ganzory

Nurses' Performance Regarding Patients Undergoing Therapeutic Plasma Exchange

Pages 525-537

Hala Adel Awaad Elsayed; Hanan Shehata Mohamed; Shimaa Nabil Abd Elsalam Ahmed; Iman Abdallah Mohammed Abdulmutalib

Perception of Adults toward Covid-19 Vaccination

Pages 538-553

Hala Mostafa Mohamed Emara; Rasmia Abd El-satar Ali Mohamed; Shaimaa Fathy Miky

Nurses' Performance Regarding Intravenous Access For Neonates in Intensive Care Unit: An Assessment Study

Pages 565-575

Hanan Abdel samed Ismaiel Abdel samed; Iman IbrahimAbd Al-Moniem; Nehal Abdullatif Allam; Eman AbdElfatah Ali

Nurses’ Performance for Patients with Implantable Cardiac Devices

Pages 625-637

Kamal Mahrous Ali Ismaeil; Manal Hussein Nasr; Fatma Mostafa Mahrous; Samar Faltas Marzouk

Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on Psychological Wellbeing among Faculty of Nursing Students

Pages 977-990

Gehad Mohammed Abdel Razik; Asmaa Hafez Afefe Barakat; Fatma Mohammed Ibrahim Morsy; Omnya Sobhy Mohamad EL-ayari

Mothers' awareness of The Misuse of Smartphone by Their Children under Five Years

Pages 991-1008

Laila Abdallah Mostafa; Hanan Ibrahim Ahmed; Asmaa Talat Mohamed

The Effect of Multimorbidity on Quality of Life among Older Adults

Pages 1009-1021

Lamiaa A. Mohamed; Magda A. Ahmed; Ferial F. Melika; Nesma G. Ahmed

Biopsychosocial Needs for Patients with Non Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury

Pages 1022-1033

Mai Ahmed Mubarak Gaafar; Hanan Shehata Mohamed; Amira Hedaya

The Effect of Educational Guidelines on Early Detection of Chronic Kidney Failure among Diabetic Patients

Pages 1100-1114

Nevin Adel Amer Ismael; Heba Gomaa Eldawoody Ali; Sally Mohammed Elsayed Ibrahim; Eman Hamdy Mohammed Saied; Samia Ali Ali Elsaadany

Educational Guidelines on Stress and Coping Strategies among Mothers Having Children with Colostomy

Pages 1136-1152

Boshra Attia Mohammed; Marwa Abd Elkreem; Gamal Mona Abd Elnaser Ahmed Elnabawey; Sabra Mohammed Ahmed; Azza Ismail Ismail Elsayed

Effect of Educational Guideline on Nurses’ Performance Regarding Assisted Reproductive Technology

Pages 1209-1221

Marwa Magdy Abd- Ellatif; Hanan Abd-Elfattah Mohamed; Amal Talaat Elsharkawy; Heba Mahmoud Mohamed

Patients' Knowledge& Practice Regarding Bronchial Asthma Self -Care Management

Pages 1232-1247

Mayada Omar Elsadee; Eman Talaat Elshamaa; Fatma Mostafa Mahrous; Shimaa Nabil Abdelsalam

Effect of Fibromyalgia on Patient’s Quality of Life and Disability

Pages 1273-1288

Zeinab Mohamed Ahmed; Mona Mohammed Abo El-ella Mohammed

Assessment of Quality of Life for Multiple Sclerosis among Adolescents

Pages 1331-1340

Mona Ibrahim Mohamed; Nahed S. El-Naggar; Mohamed M. Fouad

Effectiveness of a Family Planning Education Program on Contraceptive Utilization among Women in Sudan- a Quasi Experimental Study

Pages 1341-1350

Elwaleed Idris Sagiron; Yahya Hussein Ahmed; Abdalla Mohamed Ahmed Osman; Nahid Khalil Elfaki; Nahla Elradhi Abdulrahman; Mohammed Ateeg Abdelrahman; Ahmed Abdalla Jarelnape; Hamza Hussain Ahmed Balol; Abdalrahman Mustafa Taha Mohamed; Wargaa Hashim Hussein Taha; Mugahed Ali Alkhadher; Amna Mohammed Idris; Abdelelah Abdelgadir Hamed; Sadeq Abdo Alwesabi; Elsadig Eltaher Hamed Abdulrahman; Samah Ramadan Elrefaey

Psoriasis Severity and Functional Disabilities among Patients with Psoriasis

Pages 1358-1370

Aziza Ibrahim Abd El Kader; Fayza Ahmed Ibrahim; Rasha Awad Abd El Magied Salime

Effect of pre Rehabilitation Program on Cognitive and Motor Functions for Patients Post Craniotomy

Pages 1403-1418

Nermen Abdelftah Mohamed; Manal Saad Shaker Soliman; Amora Omar Ibrahim Elmowafy

Effectiveness of Nursing Counseling Guided by BASNEF Model on Stress, Anxiety, Marital and Sexual Satisfaction among Infertile Women

Pages 1419-1433

Zamzam Ahmed Ahmed; Mirfat Mohamed Labib Elkashif; Hanan Kheir Abd Ellatif Elmowafi; Manal Ahmed Mohamed Ismail; Sahar Abd El Mohsen Mosa

Impact of Educational Guidelines on Premenopausal Women’s Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices regarding Vitamin D Deficiency

Pages 1481-1495

Zeinab Ali Baraia; Azza Mohamed El-Sayed Atwa; Mona Mohamed Gomaa; Hanan Kheir Abd Ellatif Elmowafi; Ekbal Ebrahim Abdelmenem

Relationship between Servant Leadership and Head Nurses integrity

Pages 1496-1508

Eman Ebrahim Abd Elwanes Emara; Reem Mabrouk Abd Elrahman; Mayada Hasan Saad Elzohairy

Efficacy of Implementing Educational Program on Pregnant Women’s Knowledge and Practices Regarding Preventive Measures of Dengue Fever

Pages 1509-1527

Yousif A.; Nagla Hamdi Kamal Khalil; Hayam Fathey Ahmed Eittah; Sahar Elbastawesy; Safaa H Mohamed; Mirfat Mohamed Labib Elkashif

Women Awareness Regarding Prevention of Mucormycosis among Their families

Pages 1528-1537

Eman Elmetwaly Ahmed Elmetwaly; Omaima Mohamed Esmat; Ghada Sobhy Hassan

Effect of Self-acupressure on Sanyinjiao acupoint(SP6) on dysmenorrhea among Faculty of Nursing Students

Pages 1538-1548

Heba Atef Osman; Mona R Ahmed; Fatma Ahmed Mohammed Sabry; Randa Hamdi Abdelfattah; Heba Ahmed Galal Atia

Effect of Instructional Guidelines on Mothers' Knowledge and Practice regarding Conjunctivitis among Children in Ophthalmology Outpatient Clinic

Pages 1570-1585

Nuha Mohamed Fathelrahaman Mahjoub; Bahiga Abdalla Elawad Abdalla; Rahma Mohamed Mohamed Abd El rahman; Marwa Abd Elkreem; Sabra Mohamed Ahmed

Effect of Instructional Guidelines on Patients' Knowledge, Activities of Daily Living Practices, and Pain Intensity Following Spinal Cord Injury

Pages 1586-1602

Gehan Elmadbouh; Mona Mohamed Elsayed; Nayera Tantaewy; Elsayed Mahmoud Sabek; Amany Hussein Abdelsattar; Heba Gomaa Eldawoody Ali

Nursing Guidelines on Safety Measures Awareness among Patients with Thyroid Disorders undergoing Radioactive Iodine Therapy

Pages 1619-1633

Rasha Mohamed Elmetwaly; Asmaa Said Ali; Shimaa Nabil Abd Elsalam; Diaa Eldin Moussa Sherif; Somia Metwaly Elsayed

The Impact of (Domestic) Falling on General Health Status of elderly in Beni Suef Governorate

Pages 1646-1668

Aya Ahmed Gaber; Saher Sayed Abd –Ghafar Mohamed; Laila Awadeen; Mervat Abd Elkader Ahmed

Effect of Eye Movement Exercise on Pain and Sleep Quality among Patients with Burn

Pages 1669-1680

Aziza Ibrahim Abd El Kader; Mishmisha El Sayed Ibrahim; Amal Hashem. Mohamed; Hend Elham Mohammed

Effect of Alternate Nostril Breathing Exercise on Reducing Anxiety and Blood Pressure among Pre-eclamptic Women

Pages 1698-1711

Ahlam Mohammed Ibrahim Gouda; Om Hashim Mahmoud Mahmoud Saadoon; Mohamed Mustafa Abd Algany; Hanan Awad Moawad Elmashad

Relation between Exploitative Leadership and Nurses’ Work Alienation: The Mediating Role of Moral Disengagement

Pages 1767-1779

Heba Sobhy Mohamed; Aisha Elsayed-ElAraby Abdelwahid; Sahar Abdel-Latif Abdel-Sattar

Effect of Mindfulness Based Intervention on Alopecia Distress, Body Image Changes and Health Related Quality of Life among Women with Breast Cancer

Pages 1780-1797

Amal A. El-Abbassy; Elham S. Elzyen; Kariema I. EL Berry; Rania Sobhy El gendy; Rehab Omar Taman; Hemat Mostafa Amer

The Effect of Music Therapy on Psychological Status and Sleep Quality Among Pregnant Women: A randomized Control Trail.

Pages 1873-1883

Hanan Ibrahim Ibrahim; Nadia Waheed Elzohairy; Heba Mohamed Sami Mostafa; Violet Nicola Ghattas

Self-care Training Program for Patients Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis

Pages 1898-1911

Ghada Sobhy Hassan; Fathia Hamdy Ahmed; Walaa Abd ElKader Mohamed; Ahmed Hassan Elsheshiny

Effect of Problem-Based Learning Training on Newly Graduated Nurses’ Communication Skills, Self-Efficacy, and Clinical Competence

Pages 1912-1927

Nisreen Abdel Moneem Mohammad Shabana; Eman Shokry Abd Allah; Eman Ebrahim Abdel Fadil Mohamed; Fatma Abdelalim Ibrahim

Effectiveness of Polarity Training Program on Nurse Managers' Performance

Pages 1928-1940

Asmaa Mohamed Ahmed Maiz; Eman Ismail Ibrahim Elksas; Hend Abo Elsoud Ahmed; Sahar Mohammed Mohammed Aly

The Impact of Domestic Violence on Primary School Children in Beni Suef City

Pages 1972-1987

Hadeer Gaber Mohamed; Laila Awadeen Ali; Eman Mohamed Al Sherbeny

Bridging the Gap: Exploring Nursing Supervisor Support Influence on Nurses' Work Alienation and Deviant Behaviors

Pages 2001-2013

Azza Abdeldayem Ata; Manal Saleh Moustafa Saleh; Nesma Ahmed Kamel; Hanan Elsaid Elsabahy

Perception of University Nursing Students and Their Basic Psychological Needs in Blended Learning

Pages 2014-2027

Nora Nasser Ibrahim; Ghada Mohamed Mourad; Fatma Ata Abdel-Salihen; Fatma Mohammed Ibrahim