Perception of Adults toward Covid-19 Vaccination

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1 Nurse Specialist Member of Infection Control Team. Desouq Public Hospital.

2 Assistant professor of Community Health nurse. Faculty of Nursing. Ain Shams University.

3 Assistant Professor of Community Health nurse. Faculty of Nursing. Ain Shams University.


Background: Perception toward covid-19 vaccine among the adults appears to have a decisive role in the successful control of the pandemic. Aim of the study: Assess the perception of adults toward covid-19 vaccination. Design: A descriptive design was used to conduct this study. Setting: The study was conducted in outpatient clinics at Desouk public hospital in Kafr El Sheikh governorate. Total outpatient clinic in this hospital are 16 clinic included in the study except the pediatric clinic. Sample: A purposive sample composed of 425 adults, were selected according to age from 18-65 years, both gender, and with or without chronic or autoimmune disease. Tools of data collection: four tools were used to collect the data, 1st tool: Structured Interviewing Questionnaire as Socio demographic characteristics of the adults,  The knowledge of adults toward covid-19 disease and vaccination, and The Reported practices of the adult toward covid-19 vaccination. 2nd  tool: Observational Chick List of Adult toward Preventive measures of Covid-19 Disease. 3rd  tool: Attitude of adults toward covid-19 vaccination. 4th  tool: physical examination assessment sheet. Results: more than three quarters had unsatisfactory knowledge, almost three quarters incorrect done reported practice, more than three quarters incorrect done observational check list, and more than half quarters had negative attitude toward covid-19 vaccination. Conclusion: There is highly statistically significant relation between the following knowledge and reported practice, observational check list, and attitude of the studied sample, reported practice and attitude, and observational check list and attitude of the studied sample. Recommendations: implement health education programs  to increase adult awareness toward covid-19 vaccinations and preventive measures of  covid-19 disease.