Assessment of Interpersonal Difficulties among Patients with Schizophrenia

Document Type : Original Article


1 Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Faculty of Nursing -Fayoum University

2 Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Faculty of Nursing –Ain Shams University


Background: Interpersonal difficulties are characteristic of those diagnosed with schizophrenia at all stages of the illness. Interpersonal difficulties involve difficulties related to controlling and manipulating others, difficulties that are related to suspicion and distrust of others, and an inability to experience empathy for the needs of others, difficulties expressing affection and love toward others, difficulties maintaining long-term relationships, and trouble forgiving others, difficulties initiating social interactions, feeling anxious interacting with others, and having problems expressing emotions with others, difficulties being assertive with others and difficulties taking on roles of authority .Aim of the study: to assess the interpersonal difficulties among patients with schizophrenia. Setting:  The study was carried out at EL-Abbasyia Hospital of Mental Health in the middle area of Cairo Governorate (Egypt).Subject: A convenient sample of 34 hospitalized patients with schizophrenia. Data collection tools: 1) Socio-demographic Data Questionnaire. 2) The Inventory of Interpersonal Problems-Circumplex (IIP-C; Alden, et al., 1990) adopted and translated into Arabic by the researcher. .Results: The overall IIP-C revealed high interpersonal difficulties. among patients with schizophrenia. Recommendations: On the light of the findings of the study, it is recommended: to conduct a health education program to reduce interpersonal difficulties level among patients with schizophrenia