Effect of Lifestyle Modification Strategy based on 5A’s Model on Body Image and Quality of Life among Women with Polycystic Ovary

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant professor of Obstetrics and gynecological Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Benha University, Benha, Egypt.

2 Lecturer in maternity and newborn health nursing department, faculty of nursing Helwan University


Background: Polycystic Ovarian syndrome is associated with hormonal disturbance and adverse psychological consequences, resulting in reduced self-efficacy and quality of life. Aim: This research aimed to evaluate effect of lifestyle modification strategy based on 5As model on body image and quality of life among women with polycystic ovary Design: A quasi-experimental research design (one group, ″pre –posttest″). Setting: The present research conducted at obstetrics and gynecological outpatient clinic at Benha University hospitals in Qaliobya governorate, Egypt. Sample: A purposive sample of 64 infertile women medically diagnosed with PCOS. Tools: Five tools (A structured self-administered questionnaire, Body Image Scale, Women's lifestyle questionnaire, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Health-Related Quality of Life Questionnaire and Satisfaction with Life Scale). Results: There was a high statistically significant difference among mean scores regarding the body-image, women’s PCOS health-related quality of life domains and all items of women’s satisfaction with life at pre-implementation, 4 weeks and 3 months post-implementation phases with (p- value<0.001) in the favor of 4 weeks post-implementation phase. Conclusion: The implementation of 5As model was effective in reducing body image dissatisfaction, improving lifestyle and health-related quality of life and raising satisfaction with life among woman with PCOS. Recommendation: All medically diagnosed women with PCOS should receive printed booklets and brochures containing   lifestyle guidelines based on 5As model. These booklets should be kept available in all obstetrics and gynecological outpatient clinics.