Mother’s Awareness Regarding avoiding Parasitic Infection among their children under five years old

Document Type : Original Article


1 B.Sc.

2 Professor of Community Health Nursing, Faculty of nursing- Ain Shams University.

3 Lecturer of Community Health Nursing, Faculty of nursing- Ain Shams University.


Background: Parasitic worms are organisms that invade other organisms or hosts to survive. Worm infestation remains one of the main problems for children. Mothers play a vital role in developing healthy life style among children. Aim: this study aimed to assess the mother’s awareness regarding prevention of parasitic infection among their children under five years. Research design: A descriptive analytical design was used in this study. Sample:A convenience sample of 200 studied mothers were participated. Setting: The sample was collected from MCH in East Shubra Al-Khaimah in Bahtim area. Tools: Two tools were used in this study: I: Structured interviewing questionnaire sheet. II: Mother reported practices regarding avoiding parasitic infection questionnaire. Results: More than two-thirds (61.0%) of the studied mothers had unsatisfactory knowledge level, while more than one third 39.0% of them had satisfactory knowledge level regarding parasitic infection. Conclusion: there was a highly statistically significant difference between demographic characteristics of mothers and total level of knowledge and practice of avoiding parasitic infection. Recommendation: Conducting health education programs in the different community health care settings for the public, especially the mothers are highly recommended about the mode of intestinal parasite transmission and prevention.