Impact of Foot Reflexology on Physiological Indicators and Pain among Open-Heart Surgery Patients

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant Professor of Physiology Department Faculty of Medicine Zagazig University 2 Basic Medical Science Faculty of Applied Medical Science, AlBaha University, Al Baha, Saudi Arabi


Background: physiological instability and pain are among the most common problems of patients post-open heart surgery. Many studies reported that non-pharmacological and complementary interventions improve physiological instability and reduce post-operative pain; Therefore, introducing non-pharmacologic interventions such as reflexology became an issue of concern for critical care nurses. Hence the study aimed to determine the impact of Foot reflexology on physiological indicators and pain among open-heart surgery patients. Design: A Quasi-experimental research design was used to fulfill the aim of the present study. Setting: the study was carried out at Cardio-Thoracic intensive care unit (CTCU) at Sohag University Hospital. Subject: A convenience sampling technique was used, the study was performed on 100 patients, they were divided into two groups (foot reflexology and control group) who underwent open heart operation, the intervention group received (foot reflexology) and the control group received (routine care). Two tools were used: the patient's assessment sheet and the visual Analog Scale. Results: a statistically significant difference between the two groups was found regarding all physiological indicators (P=0.001) after applying foot reflexology and improvement was more significant in the reflexology group than control group. Also, a statistically significant difference between the groups was found regarding pain intensity between the two groups. Conclusion: Foot reflexology significantly improved the physiological indicators and pain of patients among open-heart surgery patients. Recommendation: Apply a training program for critical care nurses working at open heart surgery units about foot reflexology techniques to be able to use it as a part of routine nursing care for patients.