Organizational Cynicism as a Mediator of the Relationship between Workplace Incivility and Organizational Silence among Nurses: A Cross-Sectional Analysis

Document Type : Original Article


1 Lecturer of nursing administration, Faculty of Nursing, Fayoum University, Egypt

2 Assistant Professor of nursing administration, Faculty of Nursing, Damanhour University, Egypt


Introduction: In the complex and demanding landscape of healthcare, the interpersonal dynamics within nursing environments play a pivotal role in shaping organizational outcomes. This study delves into the intricate interplay among workplace incivility, organizational cynicism, and organizational silence among nurses. Aim: The study aimed to assess the role of organizational cynicism as a mediator between the workplace incivility and organizational silence. Methods: A cross-sectional study adhering to the STROBE guideline utilized an online structured questionnaire for data collection. The research was carried out among 453 nurses within governmental hospitals in Beheira Governorate over a two-month period. The researchers gathered information using tools such as Characteristics of Nurses, Organizational Cynicism Scale, Nursing Incivility Scale, and Organizational Silence Scale. To examine the mediating role, structural equation modeling with AMOS was employed. Results: The examination unveiled a notably robust model, evident in an F-test value of 16.229 with a p. of .000. This model effectively elucidated 50.6% of the variability in organizational silence, as reflected in an R2 value of 0.506. Additionally, it was observed that increasing age and experience exerted a significant negative influence on organizational silence. Moreover, being female, organizational cynicism, and nursing incivility demonstrated a significant negative impact on organizational silence, with a p-value below 0.01. Conclusion: organizational cynicism plays an intermediary role between the workplace incivility and organizational silence. Also, revealed that organizational cynicism, nursing incivility, and female had significant positive effect on organizational silence. While, increasing age and nursing experience had negative effect on organizational silence. Recommendations: Implement organizational interventions aimed at reducing organizational cynicism, such as fostering transparent communication, providing opportunities for employee input, and addressing concerns raised by nurses. Building trust and promoting a positive organizational culture can help mitigate the negative impact of cynicism on organizational silence.