Emotional intelligence and its relation to critical thinking skills and self-esteem of Nurse Students

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant Lecturer of Nursing Administration – school of Nursing – Badr University in Cairo.

2 Professor of Nursing Administration - Faculty of Nursing - Ain Shams University


Introduction: Emotional intelligence is an important aspect at work and life that can leads people to effectively think and act toward any situations they face which affect their self - esteem. Aim: assess the relationship between emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills and self-esteem of nurse student. Design: A descriptive, correlational design was used. Setting: The study was conducted at Abbassia institute of nursing for girls. Subject: all third year nurse students. Their total number is sixty. Tools of data collection: emotional intelligence questionnaire, critical thinking questionnaire and self-esteem scale. Results: majority of nurse students had low level of emotional intelligence, more than one quarter (26.7%) of nurse students had moderate critical thinking skills, and majority of nurse students had low self-esteem level (95 %).Conclusion: there was highly statistically significant correlation between emotional intelligence of nurse students, critical thinking skills and self-esteem. Recommendations: Integrate emotional intelligence courses into the nursing curriculum to increase nurse students development, and enhance education by critical thinking approach.