Psychological Stress and Coping Pattern among Patients with Vitiligo

Document Type : Original Article


1 B.Sc. Nursing, Ain Shams University.

2 Professor of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, Ain Shams University.

3 Assistant Professor of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, Ain Shams University.


Background: Vitiligo is an autoimmune chronic skin disease characterized by a progressive loss in skin pigmentation due to the loss of melanocytes. Psychological stressors play a critical role in vitiligo. The aim of this study: was to assess psychological stress and coping pattern among patients with vitiligo. Design: A descriptive design was utilized for conduction of this study. Setting: The study was conducted at outpatient clinics in Benha Dermatology Hospital which affiliated to Ministry of Health. Study subjects: A purposive sample of 100 patients in the previous mentioned setting. Data collection tools: I- Socio-demographic of patient sheet, II- Vitiligo Psychological Stress Questionnaire, III- Vitiligo Coping Pattern Questionnaire. Results: The study showed that, the mean age of the studied patients was 34.69±5.87 and 76.0% of them were males. 81.0% of them were married and 69.0% of them were from rural residence. 76.0% of them were occupied and 67.0% of them reported not enough income. Regarding level of psychological stress, 40.0% of the studied patients had high level of stress and 33.0% of them had low level of stress. While, 27.0% of them had moderate level of stress. Regarding levels of coping, 65.0% of the studied patients had effective coping level and 35.0% of them had ineffective coping level. Conclusion:. the studied vitiligo patients as more than two thirds of them had severe level of stress while more than half of them had low level of coping pattern. Furthermore, there was a significant statically negative correlation between total level of psychological stress and total level of coping among the studied patient with vitiligo. Recommendation: Designing and implementing psycho-educational programs for vitiligo patients to improve their coping strategies and reduce disease related stress.