Knowledge, and Practice of Nurses regarding informed consent at Friendship Hospital in Sudan

Document Type : Original Article


Assistant Professor Medical-Surgical Nursing, Nursing Department, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Al-Baha University, Saudi Arabia


Aim: To assess the knowledge and practice of nurses about informed consent at Friendship Hospital in Sudan. Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional hospital-based methodology was used. A hundred nurses enrolled in a study as total coverage, and data were gathered using an interview questionnaire. SPSS version 22 was used to analyze the data. Results: The study had A hundred participants, 69% Female making up most of the sample. The majority of participants age range between 35-39 years. A large number of participants had 7-10 years of experience. Regarding the informed consent process, half of the participants (50%) reported that they had enough information about the informed consent process. Also, forty percent of participants informed the patients about the risks and complications of their planned treatment. Conclusion: In conclusion, the study found that half of the participants knew the process of consent. Majority of participants were aware that mental status was an important indicator of the ability to consent.  Recommendations: The findings manifest the need for an efficient education program that concentrates on learning nurses about consent.