Families' Perception toward Application of Infection Control Precautions with Corona Virus at Home

Document Type : Original Article


1 B.Sc. in Nursing

2 Professor of Maternal and New-Born Health Nursing Faculty of Nursing, Beni-Suef University

3 Professor of Community Health Nursing Faculty of Nursing, Fayoum University

4 Assistant Professor of Community Health Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Beni-Suef University


Background: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) had been recognized as a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Global efforts have been exerted to prevent the spreading of the disease through political decisions together with personal behaviors, which depend on awareness of the public population. Aim of the study: to assess families' perception toward application of corona virus infection control precautions at home. Research Design: A descriptive research design was applied at this study. Sample: Convenience sample was used in this study; Total sample size was 170 family caregivers who attended to the outpatient clinics within 3 months 1 day/week. Setting: The outpatient clinics at the health insurance branch in Beni-Suef city. Tools: One tool used to achieve the aim of this study: Interviewing Questionnaire which consisted of four parts to assess a- caregivers’ personnel characteristics and home environment b- families caregiver knowledge questionnaire about Covid 19, home isolation measures and food c-families caregivers’ opinion checklist regarding the application of corona virus infection control precautions at home. d- Caregivers attitude regarding COVID 19. Results: The result clarified that less than three quarter of caregivers (70.6%) had unsatisfactory knowledge toward Covid 19, almost all of the caregivers (95.9%)  had satisfactory practices while more than two thirds of the caregivers (69.4%)  had positive attitude toward application of infection control precautions with corona virus at home Conclusion: Utilization of the effort that provided by the concerned parties to improve caregivers' knowledge through continuous educational program training and orientation program about corona virus should be provided continuously. Recommendations: Awareness for all the society members about COVID-19 in different places as (home, MCH, school, universities….etc) should be increased.