Perception of Students to Nursing Courses and It's Relation to Their Academic Engagement

Document Type : Original Article


Nursing Administration Department, Faculty of Nursing, Ain Shams University


 Background:  The effectiveness of nursing courses is one of the main items that can help in the educational nursing courses development and improvement to achieve academic engagement and the desired learning outcomes. Aim: This study aimed to assess nursing students’ perception regarding the nursing courses and its relation to their academic engagement. Research Design: A descriptive correlational research design was utilized to conduct this study. Setting: The study was conducted at the technical nursing institute Al-Azhar specialized hospital, Al-Azhar university, Egypt. Subject:  Convenient sample of 167 nursing students presented at academic year (2022-2023). Tools: Two questionnaires used; effectiveness of nursing courses questionnaire, and national survey of students’ academic engagement. Results: of the study revealed that almost two thirds of studied students had low total perception regarding the effectiveness of all nursing courses and less than one third of them had high total perception. Also, slightly more than half of studied students had moderate level of academic engagement. Meanwhile, less than half of them had a high level of academic engagement. Conclusion: There was a positive, significant correlation between the perception of nursing students regarding effectiveness of nursing courses and the academic engagement. Recommendations: Conduct an orientation program in the first semester to explain the objectives of the nursing courses, making nursing students capable of achieving the outcomes of the nursing courses.