Health Awareness of Teenage School Students about Risk of Smoking on Health in Slums

Document Type : Original Article


1 Master student at faculty of nursing, Ain Shams University-Cairo-Egypt.

2 Professor of Community health Nursing faculty of nursing, Ain Shams University

3 Assist. Professor of Community health Nursing faculty of nursing, Ain Shams University


Background: Health awareness about tobacco use could become one of the most effective
strategies available to reduce tobacco use. Aim of study: the study aimed to assess health awareness
of teenage school students about risk of smoking on health in slums. Design: A descriptive research
design was used to achieve the aim of the current study. Setting: The study was conducted at the
preparatory (namely: Nahdet Masr which serve 952 students) and the secondary (namely: El-Zaher
which serve 468 students) schools for male at Sharabya districts affiliated to North Cairo
governorate. Subjects: Convenient sample (315 students) was used for this study; include multi
stage random sample technique was used. Tools of data collection: A self- administered
questionnaire format that includes five parts:- Part (1): Socio demographic characteristics of
teenage students, Part (2): History of smoking among teenage students, Part (3): Awareness of
teenage students about smoking, Part (4): assessment of teenage reported practices, and Part (5):
The Four Dimensions of Smoking Attitudes Scale. Results: There was a highly statistically
significant relation between students’ awareness level and their parents demographic characteristics
and Less than two thirds of the studied sample had negative attitude toward smoking cessation
compared to more than one third had a positive attitude. Conclusion and recommendations: More
than half of the studied students had poor awareness regarding smoking, more than two thirds had
incompetent level regarding smoking cessation. Enhance behaviors and information of teenage
school students about risk of smoking, Promote teachers with suitable training about how deal ideal
with teenage school students that risk of smoking, develop and enforce a school policy on tobacco