Perceived Stress/Stressors among University Nursing Students

Document Type : Original Article


1 Demonstrator of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Department, Faculty of Nursing, October 6 University

2 Professor of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing

3 Assistant Professor of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing , Faculty of Nursing, Ain shams University


Background: Adolescents studying nursing sciences are considered a demanding phenomenon.
As students start to master independency, they are also struggle participating to save other lives, which
can lead to feeling of stress. Aim: Was to assess the perceived stress/stressors among university nursing
students. Design: A descriptive exploratory design was utilized. Subjects and Setting: A convenient
sample consisted of 219 of nursing students enrolled in the Faculty of Nursing of October 6
University at Giza governorate during the academic year 2020-2021. Tools: Three tools were used in
this study; Socio-demographic questionnaire to assess socio-demographic characteristics of the nursing
students, Socio-demographic characteristics of students' parents, Perceived Stress Scale to assess the
stress levels among the students, and Perceived Stress Scale to assess the stressors experienced by the
students. Results: Revealed that most of the studied students had moderate and high levels of stress and
there was a statistically insignificant relationship between Perceived Stress levels and the students’
socio-demographic characteristics. Conclusion: Nursing students had moderate to high levels of stress,
and the major stressors experienced by the students were related to academic factors followed by the
clinical factors. Recommendations: Mental health counseling unit is vitally needed to be established
and to be available for students at the Nursing Faculty.