Effectiveness of Nursing Intervention Program on Body Image, Marital Satisfaction and Quality of Life Among Women Post Bariatric Surgery.

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant professor of Psychiatric &Mental Health Nursing, Faculty of Nursing/ Benha University

2 Assistant professor of Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing, Faculty of Nursing/Ain Shams University.

3 Associate Professor of Psychiatric &Mental Health Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Jerash University


Background: Bariatric surgery has emerged as the most successful and long-lasting
treatment for morbid obesity. Many women who have undergone bariatric surgery experience a
distorted perception of their bodies, which can lead to severe psychological disturbances following
the procedure which in turn influence negatively on marital relation and their quality of life. Aim of
the study: this study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of nursing intervention program on body
image, marital satisfaction and quality of life among women post bariatric surgery. Research
design: A quasi-experimental design was conducted. Setting: This study was conducted at
outpatient clinic& general surgery department at University Hospital in Benha. Subject: A
purposive sample of available 50 women who underwent bariatric surgery& met the determined
inclusive criteria. Tools: Tool I demographic& clinical data structured interview questionnaire.
Tool II: Multidimensional body self-relations questionnaire appearance scale (MBSRQ-AS). Tool
III: Enrich Marital Satisfaction scale. Tool IV: Moorehead-Ardelt Quality of Life Questionnaire
Results: At pre and post program implementation, there was a highly statistically significant
difference in the total mean score of different domains of body image satisfaction, marital
satisfaction, and quality of life among the studied women, and a highly statistically significant
positive correlation between the different domains (P < 0.001). Conclusion: intervention nursing
program sessions had highly statistically significant positive effect on improving body image
satisfaction, marital satisfaction and quality of life among the studied obese women underwent
bariatric surgery. Recommendation: Further researches should be conducted to investigate
expectations from bariatric surgery& to evaluate psychological health status pre- and post-surgery
to gain the potential benefits regarding body image satisfaction, marital satisfaction &quality of life
and overall success.