Nursing Students' Attitude toward NursingProfession and its Relationship with their Achievement Motivation

Document Type : Original Article


1 B.Sc nursing,

2 Assistant Professor of Nursing Administration Faculty of Nursing - Ain shams University - Cairo-Egypt.


Background: Nursing students are key assets of nursing profession and their attitude has a
great influence on their achievement motivation and the future quality of nursing. Aim of the study:
was conducted to investigate nursing students' attitude toward nursing profession and its relationship
with their achievement motivation. Research design: a descriptive design was utilized to convey the
present study. Setting: The study was conducted at Beni-Seuif technical health institute. Subjects:
all available 300 nursing students were participated from academic years (2019-2020). Tools of
data collection: Two tools were used for data collection. Tool (I): The attitude toward nursing
profession scale. Tool (II): The achievement Motivation scale. Results: more than half (58%) of
nursing students had perceived their attitude toward their profession. Also, more than half (63%) of
nursing students at first year had Achievement motivation. There were positive statistically
significant correlations among all dimensions of attitude toward nursing profession of studied
nursing students, and among all dimensions of achievement motivation of studied nursing students.
Conclusion: The nursing students’ attitude toward nursing profession was positively significantly
correlated to their achievement motivation. Recommendations: conducting conferences f or newly
admitted students by nursing educator to guide them on the nursing profession, nursing history,
nursing education programs