Evaluate Knowledge & Practice of Nurses Regarding Care of Women with Cesarean Section

Document Type : Original Article


1 M.Sc in Obstetrics and Gynecology- Ain Shams University

2 Professor of Maternity Neonatal Health Nursing Faculty of Nursing- Ain Shams University


Background: Nurses had play a multidisplinary role as a direct care provider who must
provide competent nursing care based upon evidence base research finding for women undergoing
cesarean section. Aim: evaluate knowledge & practice of nurses regarding care of women with
cesarean section Study Design: descriptive design. Setting: the study was conducted at 6 inpatient
units’ at maternity hospital Ain shams University. Sampling: purposive sample included 38 nurses.
Tools of data collection: were structured interviewing questionnaire sheet & observational
checklist. Results: the study finding revealed that 68.4% had poor knowledge and 57.9% had poor
practice regarding care of cesarean section. Conclusion: there were more than two third of study
sample had incorrect knowledge related to cesarean section and slightly more than half of them had
incorrect practice. Recommendations provide periodic in service – training program regarding
cesarean section care.