Biopsychosocial Needs of Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

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1 B.SC. Nursing

2 Professor of medical Surgical Nursing- Faculty of Nursing – Ain Shams University

3 Assistant Professor of Medial Surgical Nursing-Faculty of Nursing – Ain Shams University

4 Assistant Professor of Critical care Nursing– Ain Shams University


Background: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a disease defined as an airway
passage obstruction that is not fully reversible. Bronchial obstruction is progressive and is
associated with the abnormal inflammatory response of lungs to noxious particles or gases. Aim of
the study: to assess biopsychosocial needs of patients with COPD. Through: assessing
demographic data, medical data, and knowledge regarding COPD of patients with COPD, also,
assess physical, social and psychological needs of them. Study Design: A descriptive-
exploratory research design were be utilized. Setting: The study was conducted in intermediate
pulmonary intensive care unit at Ain Shams University Hospital. Subjects: Purposive samples of
50 adult patients with COPD were being included in the study. Data Collection Tools: Patients'
structured interview questionnaire & Biopsychosocial needs assessment tool for patients with
COPD Results: This study revealed that 70% of studied patients had unsatisfactory level of total
knowledge regarding COPD, regarding physical needs, 48% of studied patients partially dependent.
Also, 32% of them completely dependent in daily living activity, regarding psychological needs,
40% of studied patients had moderate anxiety level. 46% of studied patients had moderate
depression level Regarding social needs, 40% of studied patients had moderate social dysfunction
and 38% of them had severe social dysfunction. Conclusion: About half of them had partially
independent level of ADL regarding total physical needs. Also, half of them had moderate
depression level related to total psychological needs. In addition to more than one third of them
had severed social dysfunction. Recommendations include rehabilitation program must held for
patients with COPD to meet biopsychosocial needs and designing illustrated guidelines regarding
home care management for patients with COPD