Effect of Post-Operative Nursing Instruction on Patient Outcomes undergoing Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Document Type : Original Article


Medical Surgical Nursing, Faculty of nursing/Cairo University-Egypt


Background: Endoscopic sinus surgery is one of the commonest procedures performed by
a rhinologist, there is no standardized approach to postoperative endoscopic sinuses surgery care.
Also, there are numerous reported strategies and debate regarding the optimal postoperative care
protocol. The Aim was to investigate the effect of postoperative nursing instructions on selected
outcomes among patients undergoing endoscopic sinus surgery. Subjects and Methods: Design:
A Quazi-Experimental posttest time series control group design. Sample: purposive sample of 60
adult patient's post endoscopic sinus surgery were recruited. Setting: The study was conducted at
ENT departments at El Kaser El Aini hospital in Cairo. Data was collected through: Socio-
demographic & medical data form, Knowledge assessment form, selected postoperative outcomes
assessment form, and the numeric pain intensity scale. Results: the study result show an
improvement in the knowledge score of the study group in the opposite for the control group
between pre and post-intervention, in addition to the rate of postoperative outcomes after the first
& second week. There was a statistically significant difference in pain mean score between before
and after intervention among both groups. Conclusion: The implementation of post-operative
nursing instruction was more effective in improving the total patient knowledge scores, decreasing
the pain intensity, and the outcomes of the study group than the scores of the control group who
received routine hospital care. Recommendations provide a postoperative nursing guideline for
the patient undergoing endoscopic sinus surgery to improve the patient outcome.