Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 4, December 2017 

Original Article

Behavioral Problems of the Preschool and School Age Children: A Comparative Study

Pages 1-13

Mariem Aziz Mena Gerges; Prof-Dr.Wafaa elsayedouda; Assist. Prof.Hyam RafaatTantawi

Self-Care Strategies for Patients with Chronic Heart Failure to Managing Their Problems

Pages 22-35

Samar Abdel-hy Abdel-Ghani Shetaia; kamelia Fouad Abd-Allah; Samah El-Sayed Ghonaem

Organizational Climate versus Nurses Empowerment among Nurses

Pages 36-49

Samah Abdallah Abed El-Moez Radwan; Samia Mohamed Adam; Heba Ali Hassan

Effect of Domestic Violence on Women’s Health in Sohage City

Pages 59-75

Hemat Abd El-Moneem El-Sayied; Thorea Mohamed Mahmoud; Asmaa Mohamed Madkour

Knowledge and Attitudes of Nurses toward Concept of Milieu Therapy

Pages 89-99

Halla Ali. Abd El-hie; Ghada Mohamed Mourad; Saida El Sayed HassenIbrahim El-Azzab

Relationship between Motivation and Job Involvement among Staff Nurses

Pages 100-112

Yomna El Metwali Bader Ibrahem; Rabab Mahmoud Hassan; Dr. Galila Mohamed Abdel Ghaffar

Maternal Awareness Regarding Care of Their Children with Typhoid Fever

Pages 180-189

Basma Rabie Abdel-Sadik; Samah Mostafa Khalaf; Wesam zakaria Farid

Nurses' Perception toward Palliative Care for Cancer Patients

Pages 190-206

Sorayia Ramadan; Nevein El-Ashry; Samah Abd Elwahed; Rabab Mahmoud Moner

Quality Of Life Post Traffic Accidents Among Youth

Pages 207-231

Mariam Mourad Ramzy; Faten Khayrat ElGendy; Ferial Fouad Melika

The effect of Emotional Intelligence level on Quality of work life among Nursing Teachers

Pages 258-268

Fatma A. Eiz - Elregal; Sabah Abduo Abd El haleem; Enaam Abd- Ellatif; Zeinab Hassan Hassan Osman

Quality of Life of Obese School-Age Children and their Mothers' Perspectives in Cairo, Egypt

Pages 269-285

Mona Abo Baker Abd Ellatef; Ebtesam A. Elsayed; Khalil Abd Elmaksoud Abd Elhamed; Mohammed Almohaithef

Quality Of life Among Patients with Burns

Pages 305-322

Wael Gamal A.Rhman; Manal Salah Hassan; Yosreah Mohamed Mohamed; Zeinab Hussein Bakr

Nurses’ Performance regarding Basic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Pages 323-333

Nesreen Farouk Abd El Moaty; Magda Abd El Aziz; Neamat Allah Gomaa Ahmed

Designing Standards for Safe Teaching Environment at Health Technical Institute

Pages 348-357

Sabah Abd-Elaziz Mohamed; Samia Mohamed Adam; Hanaa Mohamed Abdrabou

Infection Control Guidelines: Its Impact on the infection Rate at Hemodialysis Unit

Pages 358-378

Bedour Adel Mohamed Ibrahim; Tahany Ahmed El-Senousy; Naglaa El-Sayed Mahdey; Abd El-Fatah Mohamed Hussain