Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Issue 1, March 2022 

Original Article

Perception, Satisfaction, and Obstacle of Online Learning Faced by Academic Nursing Students during COVID-19 Pandemic

Pages 1-14

Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Amel abd Elaziem Mohamed; Manal Abd Elsalam Amin; Esteer Ibrahim; Noha Mohamed Rashed; Sanaa Mostafa khalifa Ali; Fatma El Zahra Kamal

Mangers' Leadership Style and its Association to their Staff Nurses' Job Satisfaction

Pages 15-24

Elham Youssef Elhanafy; Asmaa Mohamed Ahmed Maiz; Noha Mohamed Rashed

Relation between Quality of Nursing Work Life and Nurses' commitment At Edfina Central Hospital

Pages 114-129

Heba Abd El Fatah Saad Agwa; Neamat Mohamed El-sayed; Wafaa Hassan Mostafa

Effect of Nursing Guideline about Genital Human Papilloma Virus Infection on perception of Female University Students

Pages 130-145

Naglaa Hassan Abuel-Zahab; Mona el-Sheikh; Hanan Abdel- Fattah; Nevin Samir Metwally

Effect of Video Assisted Teaching Program on Premenopausal Women Knowledge and Practice regarding Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises

Pages 146-160

Hanaa Kamal Helmy; Samar Ahmed Mahmoud; Hoda Esmat Mahmoud Khalil; Wael Alghamdi; Safaa Ibrahim Ahmed

Effect of Breastfeeding Training Using Educational Toolkit on Primary Health Care Nurses' Knowledge, Attitudes and Problem-Solving Skills

Pages 215-235

Eman Ahmed Rashad El-Sakka; Doaa Abd El Salam Amin Yacout; Amel Attia Abd Elghaffar Moustafa

Factors Affecting Adherence to Therapeutic Regimens among Patients with cardiac valve Replacement

Pages 236-246

Samar Mohamed Etiwa; Amany Mohamed Safwat; Asmaa Mohamed Khorais

Short Term Outcomes for Adolescents with Diabetes Mellitus during Fasting Ramadan

Pages 247-254

Nariman Farid; Safy Salah Eldin El-rafay; Hyam Refaat Tantawi

Nurses' Perception of Work Environment Factors and its relation with their Work Engagement

Pages 280-293

Aya M. Hegazy; Manal M. Ibrahim; Wafaa A. Shokry; Hayam A. El shrief

Evidence Based Exercise and Early Mobilization Effectiveness on Post Cardiac Surgeries Physiological and Psychological Outcomes

Pages 311-322

Hassnaa Eid Shaban Mosa; Masouda Hassan Atrous; Eman Elsayed Bauomey Mohamed; Abeer El- Said Hassan El-Sol

Effect of Video Assisted Teaching Program on Nurses' Performance regarding the Care of Patients with Spinal Cord Injury

Pages 335-348

Badria Mahrous Abdelhameed Mohammed; Hoda Ahmed Hussein Ahmed; Wafaa Mohamed Elsayed Ahmed; Amira Mohammed Ali Hassan

Health Hazards among Children Labor in Car Repair Workshops in Rural Community

Pages 383-396

Ahmed Shaban Ali Mahmoud; Hala Mohamed Mohamed; Shimaa Fathy Miky

Vision-Related Quality of Life in Patients with Keratoconus at Zagazig University Hospitals

Pages 397-408

Zeinab Mohamed Ahmed; Suzan Mohamed Elsayed; Amal Hemed Hamad

Mother's Coping among Primary School Child with Down Syndrome

Pages 409-422

Amany Samir Mahmoud; Nadia Hamed Farahat; Amal Ibrahim Fouad; Mona Abo Baker Abd ElLatif

Effect of Swallowing Exercises Program on Patients with Head and Neck Cancer

Pages 435-452

Asmaa Omar Abd Elsalam Mohammed; Amany Safwat; Sara Fathi Mahmoud; Hussein Mohammed Metwaly

Effect of Educational Intervention Program regarding Knowledge, Attitude, and Habits of Junk Food among Primary School Students

Pages 487-501

Sahar Elbastawey; Fatma El Emam Hafeze Elemam; Hoda Esmat Mahmoud Khalil; Naglaa kamel Abdallah Hussien

Patterns of Dietary Intake and Levels of Physical Activities of Female Patients with Osteoporosis: A Retrospective study

Pages 546-561

Habibu Ramadhan Mberwa; Soheir Mohamed Weheida; Samia Mohamed Hafez; Mohamed Hassan Imam

Gerontological Nurses’ Feeling of Personal Achievement at Work and Their Emotional Intelligence

Pages 562-571

Aziza M. Abozied; Hanan Elsayed Awad Negm; Nagia I. Hassan; Shahira Mohamed Metwaly

Feeding Patterns Among Stunted Children Under-Five Years in Dodoma City in Tanzania

Pages 572-594

Mahamudu Rashidi Hussein; Azza Mostafa Darwish; Rasha Abd El Hakim Abdou

Migraine Knowledge, Lifestyle Habits, and Disability Level among Medical and Non-Medical Students

Pages 612-631

Samia Farouk Mahmoud; Seham I.,Abdelrhman Alhanafy; Zeinab Mohamed Ahmed

Role concepts, Relationships and Conflict Resolution Styles Regarding Marriage among Nursing Students

Pages 649-662

Maha Arafat Mahmoud; Galila Shawky El-Ganzory; Wafaa Osman Abd El Fattah

The Efficacy of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy versus Conventional Dressing on Diabetic Foot Wound Healing.

Pages 678-690

Soheir Mohammed Weheida; Rahaf Akel Rajjoub; Aziza Elsaid Abdelaziz; Thoraya Mohamed Abdelaziz

Effect of Skin to Skin Contact on Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes

Pages 691-701

Safaa Soliman Ahmed Mohamed; Ahmed A.Taha; Nadia Hussien Ahmed

Nursing Care Guideline for the Breast Disorders among Post Cesarean Section Women

Pages 722-738

Eman R. Ahmed; Shadia Hamido; Nevin S.metwaly; Amal F.Mohamed

Staff Nurses' Performance Regarding Shift Report

Pages 751-760

Azza Galal Ahmed; Mona Mostafa Shazly; Rabab Mahmoud Hassan

The Relationship between Locus of Control and Psychological Well-Being among Hemodialysis Patients

Pages 761-775

Basmah Abdel-Nasser Helali; Hoda Sayed Mohamad; Sahar Mahmoud Eliwa

Emotional Problems among Substance Dependent Patients Undergoing Detoxification

Pages 805-825

Fatma Saber Hassan Ibrahim; Sahar Mahmoud Mohamed; Afaf Mohamed Fahmy

Factors Affecting Aggressive Behavior among Patients with Schizophrenia

Pages 849-863

Islam Ragab Taha; Rania Abdel Hamid Zaki; Enaam Abdel lattif; Hoda Sayed Mohamed

The Relation between Subjective well - being, Resilience, and Hope among Psychiatric Patients

Pages 894-913

Ebtsam Hanafy Saber; Sabah Saleh Hassan; Amany Anter Mohamed

Relationship between Organizational Justice and Work Engagement among Staff Nurses

Pages 914-926

Mervat Amin Ali Badawy; Mona Mostafa Shazly; Samah Mohammed Elsayed

Nurses Performance Regarding Caring for Patients with Seizure

Pages 927-939

Mohamed Gamil Abd-Elmageed; Prof. Dr.Ola Abdel Aty Ahmed; Dr. Samar Faltas Marzouk

Effect of Mind Map Using on Improving Nurses' Performance Regarding Infection Control at Surgical Departments

Pages 958-976

Badria Mahrous Abdelhameed Mohammed; Eman hessin Yousef Heggy; Hanaa Farahat Ibrahim Ahmed; Nagla Hamdi Kamal Khalil; Fatma Mohamed Elesawy

COVID-19 Pandemic: The Positives and Negatives from Older Adults' Perspective

Pages 977-995

Samia El Husseini Abd El Mageed El Kholy; Reham Magdy Mohammed Abd Elsalam; Sahar Mohammed Abd El-Hamid El-Sakkar

Perspective of Teamwork Effectiveness and Its Relation with Job Attraction and Organizational Commitment among Staff Nurses

Pages 996-1008

Sanaa Hassan Mohamed; Nora Ahmed Abd Allah Mohamed; Noha Hussein Yassein Hussein

Effect of a Training Program on Intern Nursing Students’ Professionalism

Pages 1025-1035

Nashwa Mahmoud Eldeep; Zohor Zhakaria Elsaeed; Sanaa Mohammed Soliman

Impact of Brain Gym Training on Cognitive Performance of Undergraduate Nursing Students

Pages 1036-1051

Rasha Fathy Ahmed Dawood; Hamida Ahmed Mostafa Darweesh; Hamda Ahmed ELdesoky

Nurses’ Compliance with Universal Precautions for Infection Control in Health Care Centers in Shoubra El Kheimah

Pages 1072-1079

Mervat Samir A. El Samia; Hanaa A. El Hakim Ahmad; Hala Mohamed Mohamed; Maha Mohamed El Gaafary

Relation between Organizational Culture and Job Satisfaction among Staff Nurses

Pages 1080-1090

Mahmoud Z. Mohamed; Samia M. Adam; Hanaa M. Abd-Rabou; Nadia M. Ali

Effect of self-prepared birth plan on obstetrical outcome of primiparous women

Pages 1091-1105

Hala Abd Elfattah Ali; Sabah Ramadan Hussein Ahmed; Nadia Hussien Ahmed

Effect of Matter of Balance program on improving balance and reducing fear of falls among community-dwelling older adults

Pages 1106-1116

Nadia Mohamed Hassan Saleh; Abdel-Hady El-Gilany; Heba Noshy Abd El-Aziz Mohamed; Nancy Mahmoud Elsakhy

Physical, Social and Psychological Challenges Facing Children Having Blindness

Pages 1142-1155

Fatma Elzahraa Elsayed Elsayed Ibrahim; Eman Amin Mohamed; Safaa Fouad Draz

Effectiveness of Placental Stage of Labor Care Protocol on Performance of Maternity Nurses

Pages 1191-1201

Fatma Zaki Farahat; Maha Ramadan Ali; Esraa Mostafa Abd El-Aty

Correlation between Dissociative Symptoms and Psychological Stress among Adolescents

Pages 1202-1217

Doha Abdelbaseer Mahmoud; Mawaheb Mahmoud Zaki; Hend Ahmed Mostafa

Oncology Nurses' Knowledge and Practices regarding Safe Administration of Intravenous Chemotherapy

Pages 1218-1231

Mona Mamdouh Zakaria; Sanaa Mohamed Alaa; Gehan Mohamed Desoky

Effect of Open Glottis versus closed Glottis (Valsalva) in Second Stage of Labor on Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes

Pages 1252-1266

Safaa Soliman Ahmed Mohamed; Abeer Nasr Eldeen Elsadek; Eman M Khalil; Hanaa kamal Helmy

Efficacy of Virtual Reality Application as a Distraction for Primiparity Women at 1st stage of Labor on Pain and Anxiety Control

Pages 1267-1284

Amal Talaat Abd El-Wahed El Sharkawy; Rehab Mohamed Abd-El Hady; Samah Abdelhaliem Said; Ola Abdel-Wahab Afifi Araby; Reda Taha Ahmed Abou-Elazab

Risk Factors for Deep Venous Thrombosis among Patients Admitted to Vascular Unit.

Pages 1285-1300

Basem R. Mousa; Nglaa E. Mahdy; Sara F. Mahmoud; Mona G. Mohamed

Prognostic Factors Affecting Neurological Outcomes for Patients with Closed Traumatic Brain Injury

Pages 1345-1356

Dina Mohamed Maarouf; Dalia Ali Ameen; Arzak Mohamed Khalifa

Effect of WhatsApp Reminder Messages on knowledge and Practices Regarding Breast Self-Examination among Adolescent Female Students

Pages 1357-1375

Heba Ahmed Osman Mohamed; Fatma Mohamed El swerky; Hoda Esmat Mahmoud Khalil; Marwa Yehia Moustafa Sweelam; Nahed Mousa Saber

Prevalence, Determinants and Adverse Events of Cosmetics use among University Female Students: A study in Egypt

Pages 1376-1386

Fatma El emam Hafez El emam; Eman Samy Bauomy; Abdel- Hady El-Gilany; Nagwa Nabeh Taref

Effect of Massage by Using Lavender and Chamomile Oils of Intact Skin on Outcomes of Moderately Burned Patients

Pages 1387-1405

Shaimaa M Gallo; Om Ibrahim A Elmelegy; Wael H Mahmoud; Zeinab F Bahgat

Incivility and Ostracism in the Workplace among staff nurses and its relation to the quality of care

Pages 1406-1420

Hoda A. El-Guindy; Noha Mohamed Rashed; Faten Ahmed Mohammed Abd El Salam; Asmaa Mohamed Ahmed Maiz

Effect of Gradual Sitting Position on Recovery and Satisfaction of Patients Post Trans-Femoral Cardiac Catheterization

Pages 1421-1438

Fatma Mohmmed Abouelala; Nagla Hamdi Kamal Khalil; Alla Eldin Bahy; Azza Ibrahim Abdelkader Habiba

Effects of Positioning Changes on Oxygenation Parameters among Mechanically Ventilated Patients

Pages 1444-1456

Heba Abd Elazeem Mostafa; Nayera Mohamed Tantaewy; Shimaa Nabil Abd-Elsalam

Effect of Mothers' Heartbeats Combined with Swaddling Technique on Orogastric Tube Insertion Pain among Preterm Neonates

Pages 1457-1474

Rehab Ibrahim Mostafa Radwan; Abeer Abd El-Razik Ahmed Mohammed; Amina Mohamed Thabet; Noha Mohamed Arafa

Effect of Developmentally Supportive Post Feeding Positions on Gastrointestinal Feeding Tolerance Among Preterm Neonates

Pages 1475-1486

Noha Mohamed Arafa; Omayma Reda El-Sheshtawy; Amina Mohamed Thabet; Gehan Maher Khamis

Effect of Acupressure versus Pursed Lip Breathing Intervention on Dyspnea and Pulmonary Function among Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients

Pages 1506-1515

Nagla Hamdi Kamal Khalil; Fatma Abdel Halim Mostafa Ahmed; Wafaa Mohamed Elsayed Ahmed; Manal Ibrahem Abd El Fatah Yassen; Hoda Ahmed Hussein Ahmed

Neurobehavioral Responses for Neonates under Conventional Phototherapy Modality

Pages 1516-1525

Rehab Hanie EL kazaz; Nabila Hassan Abed.Ella(; Hanaa Ibrahim El Sayed

Effect of Instructional Supportive Guidelines on Quality of Life among Women with Endometriosis

Pages 1547-1565

A. M. F. Alasser; D. KH. Eshra; S.A.A. Saleh; E. S. S. Ashour

Effect of Health Belief Model on Lifestyle among Overweight Secondary School Female Students

Pages 1566-1579

Shimaa F. Miky; Rasmia A. Ali; Nadia A. Al; Fatma G. Mohammed

Sustainability Awareness and Preparedness of COVID-19 Pandemic among University Students

Pages 1593-1608

Rasha Aly Yakout; Asmaa Mohammed Saad Khaled; Eshrak Salama Hashem

Non-pharmacological Strategies to Mitigate Pain and Anxiety among Children on Dialysis

Pages 1609-1625

Jihan Mahmoud Farrag; Sabra Mohamed Ahmed; Hanan Abdallah Mohammed; Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed

Web-Based Intervention Improves Surgical Units Nurses' Performance about Infection Control Precautions during Coronavirus Outbreaks

Pages 1626-1637

Amira Mohammed Ali Hassan; Fatma Abdel Halim Mostafa Ahmed; Laila A. Hamed; Mona Mohammed Abo El-elle Mohammed

Comorbidity Index in Predicting Toxicity and Mortality Risk among patient Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Pages 1638-1650

Sara Abdelkader Abdelfattah; Amany Mohamed Safwat; Gamal El-dein Mohamed; Dina Mohamed Maarouf

Effect of a portable computer-based educational intervention video on the outcomes of patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention

Pages 1651-1660

Asmaa Aly Mahgoub; Naglaa Gamal Eldien Abdelhafez; Safaa Mohamed Adam; Mona abdElaziem Ahmed

Effect of Educational Program about Head Nurses' Agile Leadership on Staff Nurses' Workplace Spirituality and Job Reputation

Pages 1661-1680

Salwa Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim; Shaimaa Mohammed Araby Ebraheem; Howida Hassan EL-Sayed Mahfouz

Nurses' Perception Regarding Medication Administration Errors

Pages 1681-1694

Ayman Muhammad Kamel Senosy; Zeinab Adham Ahmed

Undergraduate Nursing Students' Knowledge, Attitude, and Willingness regarding Covid-19 Vaccination

Pages 1695-1706

Nahla Ali Maher Nashaat; Hala Hassan Saied Khalil; Hoda Sayed Mohamed Sayed; Mona Adel Soliman Attia; Wafaa Hamed Kamal Elshafie

Effect of Autogenic Drainage &Acupressure on the Respiratory Outcomes of Non-Invasive ventilated Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients

Pages 1707-1719

Naglaa Gamal Eldien Abdelhafez; Seham Hassan Mohamed; Safaa Mohamed Adam; Manal Mohammed Abd Elnaeem

Effect of Intervention PRECEDE Model on Knowledge and Practice of Preventive Behaviors among High-Risk Pregnant Women regarding Gestational Diabetes

Pages 1720-1734

Heba Ahmed Osman Mohamed; Marwa Yehia Moustafa Sweelam; Hanaa Kamal Helmy; Amany Arafat Goda; Noha Hassan AbdElfattah Mohamed

Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation Guideline on Nurses’ Care and Associated Outcomes for Preterm Neonates with Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Pages 1751-1767

Amira Adel Mohammed; Yasmen Adel Mohammed; Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Fathia El-Sayed El-Ghadban; Fatma Mohamed Amin

Family-Centered Empowerment Model Effect on Stroke Patients and their Caregivers

Pages 1768-1782

Amal I. Fouad; Mervat Amin Sayed; Hala Mohamed Sanad; Vivian Magdi Samuel

Effect of Health Promotion Nursing Interventions on Functional Status among Elderly with Cardiovascular Diseases

Pages 1795-1809

Esteer Ibrahim Ghayth Basali; Neama Mohamed El-Maghraby; Soheer Ahmel Awd Abdel Aziz; Ghada Mohamed Abd-Elsalam Elhgry; Hanaa Moukhtar Ibrahim

Effect of Social-Platform Educational Instructions on Self-Efficacy and SelfEsteem of Patients with Coronary Artery Diseases

Pages 1888-1906

Sheren Ebrahim El. Tahry; Azza Anwar Aly; Heba Abd El Reheem Abd El Reheem Abd El Reheem; Shaymaa Elsayed Mosaad Mohammed,; Noha Mohammed Ibrahim Ibrahim

Effect of Foot Splint and Exercises Session on Foot Drop and Muscles Strengthening among Patients with Stroke

Pages 1907-1919

Heba Abd El Reheem Abd El Reheem Abd El Reheem,; Wafaa Mohamed Elsayed Ahmed,; Nermen Abdelftah Mohamed; Shaymaa Elsayed Mosaad Mohammed,; Mona Mohammed Abo El-elle Mohammed

Effect of Non-invasive Respiratory Support Care Bundle on Preterm Infants' Nasal Injury and Pain Response

Pages 1954-1970

Rehab Abd El Aziz El Sayed Abd El Aziz; Magda M. Mohsen; Azza Mohamed Fathy Attia

Effectiveness of Mind Mapping Strategy on Nurses' Knowledge and Practice regarding Infection Control Measures in Operating Room

Pages 1981-1994

Hayah Abou Elazayiem Bayumi; Ebtesam Aly Abd el Fatah Aly; Tahani Ali Salem Maharem; Eman Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed

Effect of Nursing Activities on the Quality of Work-life Balance, Absenteeism, and Job Satisfaction among Nurses at Intensive Care Units

Pages 2011-2029

Sahar Hassan Helaly; Hind Ismail Ali; Kawther Abdel Ghafar Ali; Zeinab Mohammed Aysha; Noura Elgharib Mohamed Mostafa Eldiasty