Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Issue 3, September 2022 

Original Article

Factors Affecting Adherence of Medication for Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematous

Pages 1-17

Heba Mahmoud; Mervat Abdel Hamid Hawash; Mona Abd Elmaksoud

Impact of Animated Stories for Children undergoing Surgical Procedure on their Preoperative Anxiety and Postoperative Pain Level

Pages 18-28

Hanaa Mohamed Ibrahim Nassar; Hala Mousaad Nosier Abdelmasieh; Eman Abd-Elaziz Mohamed; Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Amira Adel Mohammed

Effect of Nutrition Education Intervention about Iodine Deficiency Disorders and Iodized Salt Intake on Mothers performance

Pages 60-75

Naglaa Ibrahim Mohamed Gida; Samia Farouk Mahmoud; Gamalat Mustafa Abd El-Ghany; Seham, I., Abd elrhman Alhanafy

Relationship between Psychosocial Care and ICU Trauma among Patients underwent Open-Heart Surgery

Pages 76-85

Azza Ibrahim Abdelraof; Amina Mohamed Abdelfatah Sliman; Adel Al- Wehedy Ibrahim; Rania Rabie El-Etreby

Effect of a Training Program about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Sleep Quality among the Older Person

Pages 86-101

Hanaa Moukhtar Ibrahim; Manal Abouelil; Soher Ahmed; Shimaa Abd-Elrahim Khalaf; Shimaa Elwardany Aly

Effectiveness of Peer Audio Player Educational guidelines on Menstrual Hygiene and Problems Management among Blind Adolescent Girl Students

Pages 121-137

Sahar Sedky Faheim; Safaa Soliman Ahmed; Amal Ahmed Abdelhafez; Naglaa Fathy Ahamed Mohamed; Sanaa Mahmoud Ahmed

Assessment of Nurses’ Performance Regarding Subglottic Suction

Pages 159-168

Walaa Nady Sayed; Hanan Said Ali; Asmaa Mohamed khorais; Susan Mohamed Dessowky Abd; Khalaf Ibrhium Eldehily

Risk Factors Associated with Overweight among Primary School Children

Pages 169-181

Hoda Azzam Mohamed Shahin; Hala Mohamed Mohamed Hussein; Shimaa Fathy Miky

Assess Nursing Performance during Implementation of Care Bundle for Critically Ill Patients

Pages 182-193

Eman Helwan Ismaiel; Eman Talat Mohammed; Dalia Ali Ameen; Dalia Abdallah abdelatef

Rural Teenage Pregnant Female Unmet Needs

Pages 203-216

Hassnaa Reda Mohamed Ismail; Kamilia Ragab; Randa Mohamed; Amal Fatthy

Effect of Parent-Adolescent Attachment on their Psychological Wellbeing

Pages 228-242

Nashwa Mosaad Zaki; Omayma Abu Bakr; Hoda Sayed Mohamed

Effect of Ice Compression on Hand and Sacrum Region in Parturient Women for Reducing Labor Pain

Pages 257-268

Fawkia Mohamed Abdelglil; Mona Ahmed El-Sheikh; Amira Morsy Yousif

Relation between Substance Use Craving and Self -Efficacy in Addict Patients

Pages 269-289

Abelmouttelb Abdelkawy Abdelmouttelb; Sahar Mahmoud Mohamed Elewa; Fatma Ata Abdelsalhen

Sleep Disorders among Children Suffering from Bronchial Asthma

Pages 324-335

Aya Ouda Abdelateif; Eman Amin Mohammed; Bothayna Nader Sadek

Quality of Life for Older Adults with Neuropathy

Pages 336-348

Doaa Abd El Hafez Mahmoud; Ferial Fouad Melika; Mervat Mohamed Hassan

Relationship between Nursing Work Environment Satisfaction, Use of Body Mechanics and Nurses Reported of Fatigue

Pages 365-376

Mona Abd El- Rahman; Elsaida Gamal Aly Baghdady; Noha Mohammed Ibrahim Ibrahim

Effect of Teaching Guideline on Women Knowledge and Practices regarding Leucorrhoea at Reproductive Age

Pages 377-392

Madiha Mohamed Tosson; Heba Ahmed Osman Mohamed; Marwa Yehia Moustafa Sweelam; Nahed Mousa Saber; Amel Ahmed Elsayed; ElSayeda Hamdy Nasr Abdelhalim

Mothers Health Awareness Toward Their Children Undergoing Congenital Heart Surgery

Pages 393-403

Rahma Mohamed Mohammed; Hanan Ibrahim Ahmed; Omaima Mohamed Esmat; Mona Abo Bakr Abd El Latef

Daily living Activities among Institutionalized Older Adults with Chronic Immobility

Pages 404-419

Ehab Adel Shaban Ali; Hala Mohamed Mohamed; Mona Abo Bakr Abd Ellatif

Nurses’ performance regarding Infection Control Precautions in Primary Health Care Centers

Pages 420-431

Eman Ibrahim Abdeen Mhana; Nahla Ahmed Abd El-Aziz; Mervat Mohamed Hassan

Assessment of Nurses’ Compliance during Caring of Neonates with Convulsions

Pages 446-459

Hend Hussein Abdelhammed; Sabah Saad Al Sharkawwi; Bothyna Nader

Time Wasters Facing Head Nurses at Ain Shams University Hospitals

Pages 477-486

Marwa Abd El-Rahman Gaber; Fatma Hamdy Hassan; Rabab Mahmoud Hassan

Performance of Nurses Caring for Neonates with Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension

Pages 487-497

Aisha Ali Ahmed Ali; Safy Salah Eldin Al-Rafay; Fatma Mohamed Mohamed; Fathia El-Sayed El-Gadban

Stress and Coping Styles among Parents of Children undergoing Heart Surgery

Pages 498-514

Hossam Mohamed Abdallah; Ghada Mohamed Mourad; Fatma Ata

Effect of Educational Intervention on Psychological Well-being and Coping of Mothers Having Children with Down Syndrome

Pages 515-528

Hanan Elsayed Awad Negm; Eman Samy Bauomy; Zamzam Ahmed Ahmed; Amal AbdElaal; Amel Ahmed Elsayed; Nagwa Nabeh Taref

Organizational Agility: The Pathway to Job Enrichment among Nurses

Pages 529-540

Noha Hussein Yassein Hussein; Mahdia Morsy El-Shahate; Nora Ahmed Abd Allah Mohamed

The Relationship between Workforce Agility and Staff Nurses' Innovative Work Behavior at Critical Care Units

Pages 560-573

Naglaa Mohamed El-Sayed; Aida Mahmoud Abdel-Azeem; Asmaa Khaled Abd El-Aziz zaki

Effect of Foot Massage on Pain and Anxiety Levels among Patients underwent Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Pages 605-614

Azza Anwar Aly; Hala Mohamed Abdelhamed; Sheren Elsayed Shrief; Safaa Tawfik Elmanzalawy; Sheren Ebrahim El. Tahry

Biosychosocial and Educational Needs of Patients with Burn Injuries

Pages 641-652

Hanaa Seliman Zakeria; Kamelia Fouad Abdalla; Dina Mohamed Maarouf

Nurses ' Performance Regarding the Patients ' Safety Measures in Operating Theater

Pages 653-665

Eman Ahmed Fathy; Kamelia Fouad Abdalla; Dalia Abdallah Abdelatief; Susan Mohammed Dessowky

The Effect of Nursing Performance on Quality of Care for Infant / Children Vaccination

Pages 666-677

Khadiga Belal Ibrahim; Faten Khayrat EL-Guindi; Shimaa Fathy Miky

Health Risks Related to Climate Changes among Older Adults

Pages 678-690

Khadiga Mohammed Abdullah; Omaima Mohammad Esmat; Sharbat Thabet Hasaneen; Wafaa Khalil Ibrahim

Nurses' Performance Regarding Isolation Precaution Measures Application in Emergency Department

Pages 705-717

Gala l Mohamed Zain-El-Aabedin; Tahany Al-Sonosy; Samar Faltas

Community Perception of Corona Virus (COVID-19) in Sharkia Governorate, Egypt

Pages 724-734

Etab Hussein Mohamed Elsayed; Fatma Mohammed Ahmed

Quality of Life among Patients with Hemodialysis

Pages 735-748

Aya Yehia Mohammed Elsodany; Zeinab loutfi Abdelhamed; Shimaa Saied Adam

Mothers' Awareness regarding Iron Deficiency Anemia among School Age Children: An Assessment study

Pages 749-759

Shimaa Rashdan Ibrahim; Iman Ibrahim Abd El-Moniem; Zeinab Fathy El-Sayed

Health Needs and Problems of Bedridden Older Adults in Geriatric Homes

Pages 760-774

Hanan Khalil Elsayed Abd Elaal; Nahla Ahmed Abd Elaziz; Shaimaa Fathy Miky

Counseling Concerning Lifestyle Modification among Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Women

Pages 775-787

Ola S. Hussein; Hanan Abd Elfattah; Eman M. Ahmed; Mohammad A. Nasr Aldeen

Weaning Process in Breastfed Infants Compared with Artificially Fed: An Assessment Study

Pages 788-794

Wafaa El-Sayed Ouda; Zeinab Fathy El-Sayed; Eman Shabaan Mohamed Elhaag

Defibrillation Training Program and Its effects on Acquisition of Nurses Knowledge and Practice

Pages 795-808

Rasha Nabil Malk; Sheren Elsayed Shrief; Asmaa Abouda Abdelhamed Soultan

Work Place Incivility and its Effect on Quality of Work Life among Staff Nurses

Pages 809-821

Shimaa Abbas Gawad; Neam Fathy Saad; Heba Ali Hassan

Educational Program about Professional Development for Nursing Teachers and its Effect on their Students' Satisfaction

Pages 822-836

Sharihan Hassan Abdel Samea; Ehsan Saad Soliman; Nermin Mohamed Eid; Abdel Rahim Saad Shoulah

Effect of Educational Toolkit on Pediatric Nurses' Knowledge, and Practices toward Noroviruses among Children

Pages 859-867

Fawzia Nabeel Mohammad Abd-Elmageed; Reham El – Saeed Hashad; Rehab Abd El Aziz El Sayed Abd El Aziz

Effect of Implementing Fluid and Electrolyte Resuscitation Educational Package on Nurses’ Performance and Outcomes of Patients with Burn

Pages 868-886

Rasha Hafez Ramadan El-Shaboury; Eman Hessin Yousef Heggy; Aida Faried Abdelwanees Ali; Amina Mohamed Abdelfatah Sliman

Lateral Versus Supine Position on Breathing Patterns Among Premature Neonates: A comparative Study

Pages 902-911

Doaa Mahdey Mohamed; Safy Salah Eldin Ibrahim; Haym Rafaat Tantawi; Fatam Mohamed

Factors Influencing Staff Nurses Participation in Continuing Professional Development Programs

Pages 912-922

Doaa Mohammed Shehata; Samah Faisal Fakhry; Galila Abdelghaafar

Effect of the Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Curriculum on Students' Attitude Towards Mental Illness

Pages 923-939

Mervat, Rohaim Hamzawy; Zeinab, Abdel-Hamid Loutfi; Amal Elias Abdel-Aziz

Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Intervention on Depressive Symptoms and Sleep Quality among Postnatal Women

Pages 940-956

Hemat Mostafa Amer; Hanady Sh. Shehata; Faten Hasan Alam; Rasha Kamal Mohamed Sweelam; Mervat Mostafa Arrab

Assessment of Awareness and Satisfaction for Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Balloon Mitral Valvuloplasty: Suggested Self-Care Guide

Pages 967-981

Sherehan Shaaban Naiem; Naglaa El-Sayed Mahdy; Basma Mohamed Khalil; Mohammed El-Sayed Zahran

Impact of implementing a nurse caring behavior protocol on postoperative cardiac patient satisfaction

Pages 982-995

Suad Elsayed Abdelmotalb Elsaman; Nadia Taha Ahmed; Mohamed Adel Ghoneam

Effect of Benson Relaxation Technique on Pain Intensity, Anxiety Level and Sleep Quality among Post Caesarean Women

Pages 1002-1013

Mervat Gaber Zaghloul; Sara Saied Hassan; Ola Ali Abed El-fatah Ali Saraya; Hala Mousaad Nosier Abd elmasieh; Hanan Fawzy El Sayed Ali

Effect of Nursing Guidelines about Pruritus on Patients with Skin Diseases

Pages 1014-1032

Reda Dardier Hussein Awad; Hanem Awad Mekhamier; Hayah Abou Elazayiem Bayumi; Gehan Abd Elfattah Atia; Wafaa Atta Mohammed Ahmed

Critical Care Nurses Perception of COVID-19 Vaccines and its Side Effects at Upper Egypt

Pages 1045-1059

Naglaa Ahmed Ahmed; Naglaa Gamal Eldien Abdelhafez Hrariedy; Marwa M. Abdelbaky; Warda Ramadan Abouzied

Effectiveness of Lifestyle Modification on Endometriosis Symptoms among Reproductive Age Women

Pages 1060-1074

Manar Fathy Heiba Eid Bakr; Amal K. Khalil; Samah Mohamed Elhomosy; Ashour E.S.,

Effect of Hand Expression and Lactation Support on Self-Efficacy of Primiparous Mothers and Quality of Breast-feeding

Pages 1070-1085

Seham shehata Ibrahim; Nor El-Hoda Mohamed El-Sayed El-Shabory; Azhar Abdel– Fatah Mohamed Shehata; Shimmaa Mansour Moustafa Mohamed; Shymaa Abdel- rahman Osman

Quality Of Life among Breast Cancer Patients During Adjuvant Chemotherapy

Pages 1123-1135

Mennat-Allah Hassan Sallam; Zeinab Abdelhamed Loutfi; Shimaa Saied Adam

Nurses' Knowledge and Practice Regarding Skin Care in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit an Assessment Study

Pages 1136-1145

Asmaa Nasr ELdin Mosbeh; Eman Abd Elfattah; Mona Arafat Mahrous Seif Elnasr

Effect of Resilience on Work Engagement under Authentic Leadership

Pages 1158-1168

Seham Mohamed Abd Elhamed; Reda Hassan Hessuin

Correlation between Intensive Care Unit Acquired Weakness and Hyperglycemia in Critically Ill Geriatric Patients

Pages 1169-1177

Suad Elsayed Abdelmotalb Elsaman; Abeer Abd El-Rahman Mohamed; Azza Abd Elrazek Baraka

Nurses’ Knowledge and Practice toward Children with Accidental Poisoning in Zagazig Poison Control Centers

Pages 1178-1189

Samah El Awady Bassam; Khaled Fahad Al Hosis; Nesreen Mosbah Elsayed Mohamed; Rasha Abdelateef Abdelaziz ramadan; Fawzia Nabeel Mohammad Abd-Elmegeed

Outcome of Implementing Enhanced Recovery Protocol after Laparotomy Surgery

Pages 1222-1235

Laila A. Hamed; Suzan M. Elsayed; Fathia A.M. Attia

Effect of Online Education on Nurses' Performance Caring for Patients with Kidney Stones

Pages 1308-1321

Samah Zidan; Hayah Abou Elazayiem Bayumi; Ebtesam Aly Abd el Fatah Aly; Salwa Elwasif; Hoda Ahmed Hussein Ahmed

Effect of Sensory Motor Stimulation on Enhancing Oral Feeding Readiness of Preterm Neonates

Pages 1322-1334

Amna Nagaty Aboelmagd; Shaima Shaban Mohamed; Asmaa Hamed Tawfik

Pregnant Women's Knowledge regarding Kangaroo Care.

Pages 1361-1369

Fatma Ead Amar; Sahar Mossa; Nadia Abd El Hamid; Heba Mahmoud

Effect of Tele-nursing about life Style Modification on Health Outcomes of Rheumatic Heart Disease Patients during COVID-19 Pandemic

Pages 1370-1387

Soheir. M.weheida; Hanaa Elsayed Amin; Amal hemed hamad; Rowaida . A. niazy; Mona Gamal Mohamed

Online Education: Learning Process, Assessment, and Satisfaction among Nursing Students

Pages 1388-1398

Manal Mohamed Bakr; Mervat Abd Elmonem Aref; Fawzia Farouk Kamel

Effect of Prone Positioning on Hemodynamic Parameters among Pregnant Women with COVID-19-related Hypoxemia

Pages 1412-1424

Suzan El-Said Mansour; Adel Al-Wehedy Ibrahim; Mostafa Mohamed Zanaty; Ahlam Mohammed Ibrahim Gouda

Effect of Tele-nursing about lifestyle Modification on Health Outcomes of Patients with Rheumatic Heart Disease during COVID-19 Pandemic

Pages 1425-1441

Soheir. M.weheida; Hanaa Elsayed Amin; Amal Hemed Hamad; Rowaida. A. niazy; Mona Gamal Mohamed

Perception and Practices of the Students and Employees of Nursing College at Misr University for Science and Technology regarding COVID-19

Pages 1453-1465

Nevin Samir Metwally; Youssreya Ibrahim; Sahar Abdel Radi; Fatma Abdelalim Ibrahim; Kawther Abdel Ghafar Ali; Hoda Wahid Amer; Hoda Esmat Mahmoud; Nema Ragab Elsayed

Effect of Developing Nursing Practice Guidelines on Comfort Behavior in Intubated pediatric patients

Pages 1482-1497

Faten M. Nouh; Maha I. Khalifa; Omayma M. Okby; Amal A. Fathalla

Determining The Best Predictive Anthropometric Assessment Tool for Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus: A case-control Study in Egyptian Adults

Pages 1498-1510

Sherif Nesnawy; Lobna M. Gamal; Eman Fadl Abd-Elkhalik; Mohamed Y. Elbanna; Sahar H. Taha

Effect of Heat Application, Physical Exercise, and Combined Intervention on Pain, Morning Stiffness, and Activity Level among Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis

Pages 1511-1524

Shereen Abd El-Moneam Ahmed; Wafaa Ismail Shereif; Zeinab Gamal Mohamed Ellatif Abouelezz; Eman Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed

Effect of Educational Sessions on COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy among Pregnant Women

Pages 1525-1536

Samah Nasser Abd Elaziz Elshora; Fatma Zaki Mohamed Farahat; Eman A. Fadel

Validity and Reliability of COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Management Scale Adapted for Nurses

Pages 1537-1550

Manal Saleh Mustafa Saleh; Mohammad Awad Alrwaili; Fatma Gouda Metwally

Counseling program Based on Pender's Health Promotion Model for Patients with Myocardial Infarction

Pages 1580-1594

Amany Mohamed Saad; Rania Mohamed Gad El-Bastwese; Doaa Mohamed Sobhy Elsayed