Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 4, December 2020 

Original Article

Prevalence of Dysmenorrea and its Effect on Student’s Quality of Life

Pages 1-14

Samar Shaban Abdelazim; Sabah Metwaly Mohamed; Eman Mostafa Sayed; Hanaa Kamal Helmy

Nurses' Performance toward Quality Documentation for Patients in ICU: Suggested Guidelines

Pages 15-31

Kamelia Fouad Abdallah; Mona Nadr Ebraheim; Mona Rabea Abdel Aziz Elbakry

Association between School Refusal Behaviors and Anxiety Level among School-Age Children

Pages 40-57

Amel abd Elaziem Mohamed; Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Sabra Mohamed Ahmed; Safaa Mustafa Mohamed; Thorea Mohamed Mahmoud

Nursing Staff Awareness about Evidence Based Practice: Facilitations, Barriers and Beliefs

Pages 96-120

Ebtisam Sabry Foaad Ramadan; Hanan El-said Elsabahy; Ahlam Mahmoud El-shaer

Effect of Educational Program on Nursing School Students' Communication Skills Used with Hospitalized Patients

Pages 173-189

Shereen Mohamed Abo- Elyzeed; Samar Mabrook Elnehrawy; Manal Abd Elraouf Hassan Mahmoud

Women's perception regarding Screening for early detection of Breast Cancer

Pages 242-259

Amira Fatouh; Shadia Hamido; Eman Moustafa; Amira Morsy Yousif

Effect of Implementing Murdoch Bowel Protocol on the occurrence of Constipation among Critically Ill Patients

Pages 279-299

Mohamed Ramadan Abd-Elfatah Abd-Elraheem; Zienab Hussein Ali; Nahla Shaaban Khalil; Doaa Hamed Mohamed

Effectiveness of Nurse-Led Lifestyle Intervention on Outcomes of Metabolic Syndrome Patients

Pages 322-340

Mona Mohamed Ibrahim; Shimaa Mohamed AbdouRizk; Fadia Ahmed Abd elkader Reshia

Asymptomatic Urinary Tract Infection among Female University Students

Pages 341-353

Suliman Ali Al Youssef; Asmaa Ghareeb Mohamed; Reham Ahmed Abdelrahman; Randa Mohamed Abo Baker; Nagwa Ibrahim Abass; Huda Khalafalla Ahmed Masaad

Effect of applying a vascular Nursing Staff Development Competency Program on Nurses Practices and Knowledge

Pages 354-365

Aziza El Said Abd El Aziz; Rasha Fathy Ahmed; Hanan Abo Bakr Mohamed; Rasha Hassan Abass Shady

Nurses' Perception of Elderly Patient Compassionate Care Delivery in Beni_Suef city

Pages 400-412

Eman M. Ibrahim Ghazy; Abeer Mohamed El Mahgawery Eldeeb; Aziza M Abozied

Elderly patients’ perception of compassionate care provided by nurses in Beni-Suef city

Pages 413-427

Aziza M Abozied; Eman M.Ibrahim Ghazy; Abeer Mohamed El Mahgawery Eldeeb

COVID-19 Related Behavioral Modification and Anxiety among Egyptian Adults: An Online Survey

Pages 525-549

Doaa Abd El Salam Amin Yacout; Reem Bassiouny Mahmoud El Lassy; Hanan Hosni El Sherbini

Effect of Muscle Stretching and Range of Motion Exercises on Sleep Quality and Anxiety among Hemodialysis Patients

Pages 582-601

Saada Elsayed Rady; Shimaa Gomah Yousef; Samah Ramadan Ibrahim Elrefaey; Monira Samir Abdelhady

Occupational Health Hazards among Pregnant Nurses in Damietta and Khartoum General Hospitals: An Overview

Pages 670-690

Maha Moussa Mohamed Mouss; Naglaa Ibrahim Mohamed Gida; Fatma Zaki Mohamed Farahat

A randomized Controlled Study on the Effects of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Compared to Breast Milk on Painful and Damaged Nipples During Lactation

Pages 702-714

Naglaa Abdelmawgoud Ahmed; Amina Ibrahim Badawy Othman; Amal Ahmed Kanona; Hemat Mostafa Amer; Nagat Salah Shalaby; Nadia Bassuoni Elsharkawy

Biopsychosocial Needs for Patients with Chronic Renal Failure

Pages 743-758

Aya Rabea Abd-Elgany Hakel; Manal Hussein Nassr; Arzak Mohamed Khalifa

Effect of Nursing Care Protocol daily Interruption of Sedation on Mechanical Ventilated Patients 'Outcome

Pages 759-774

Mervat Anwar Abdel ElAziz; Mona Aly Mohammed; Khalid Mohamed Morsy; Mona AbdElaziem

Effectiveness of Progressive Muscle Relaxation on Minimizing Stress among Women with Infertility

Pages 806-815

Rasha El -Sayed Ibrahim; Eman hafez Ahmed Hagrasy; Shimaa Mohammed Hassan Ali; Mona Abd Elhaleem Ebraheem Elagamy

Job satisfaction, non-nursing tasks and nursing tasks left undone among nurses at Zagazig University Hospitals in Egypt

Pages 859-869

Zaineb Naiem Abd-Elhamid Ahmed; Sahar Abdel-Latif Abdel-Sattar; Manal Saleh Moustafa Saleh

Effectiveness of Talent Management Training Program on Nurse's Empowerment

Pages 979-993

Khadra Mohammed Atiea Mohammed; Wafaa Mostafa Mohamed Sliman; Azza El Azab Mohamed

Burden and Coping Patterns among Family Caregivers of Patients with Bipolar Disorder

Pages 994-1008

Menna Allah Mohsen Zaki; Rania Abdel-Hamid Zaki; Fatma Mohammed Ibrahim Morsi

Expressed Emotions and Parent’s Attitudes Toward their Children with Autism

Pages 1019-1032

Hend Karem Mahmoud; Rania Abdel-Hamid Zaki,; Hoda Sayed Mohammed

E-Learning; Barriers and Opportunities; Nursing Students Perspectives

Pages 1077-1093

Doaa Mohamed Mahmoud; Nayera Mohamed Tantaewy; Hend Mohamed Allam

Effect of Guidelines About Covid-19 Precautions on Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes in Ismailia City, Egypt

Pages 1163-1176

Asmaa Morgan Farahat Khatap; Safaa Gomaa Ahmed Abu El Soud; Nagat Salah Shalaby

Lifestyle of Patients infected with Hepatitis C Virus

Pages 1200-1211

Heba H. Abd Elatif; Omayma A. Osman; Ghada M. Mourad; Amira A. Morsi

Nurses Performance for Patient with Acute Organophosphate Poisoning

Pages 1212-1227

Samar Hussein Ahmed Mohamed; Magda Abd Elaziz Mohamed; Jackleen Faheem Gendy; Shimaa Nabil Abd Elsalam

Effect of Mobile Based Health- Education on Quality of Life among Children with Chronic Kidney Diseases during COVID-19 Pandemic

Pages 1228-1245

Amirat Ali Elsabely Mohammed; Nabila Abdelkader Abdeldaiem; Hoda Ahmed Mahmoud; Amel Ahmed Elsayed; Mohammed Saad Abo Elsoud; Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed

Needs Assessment of Children with Cerebral Palsy Undergoing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Pages 1294-1305

Alyaa Ezat Mohamed; Safy Salah Eldin Ibrahim Al-Rafay; Hyam Refaat Tantawi,

Nurses’ Performance Regarding Care of Patients with Tracheostomy

Pages 1318-1329

Isaac Sabry Naeem Beshay; Magda Abdelaziz Mohamed; Howyda Ahmed Mohamed; Sara Fathy Mahmoud

Quality of life for patients with breast cancer: An assessment study

Pages 1330-1340

Aya Ahmed Al Baz; Dina Mohamed Marouf; Neamatallah Goma Ahmed

Effect of Educational Program on Social Media Cyberbullying among Nursing College Students at Benha University

Pages 1354-1367

Naglaa Fathi Mohamed Elattar; Soha Kamel Mosbah Mahmoud; Asmaa Mohamed Ali Hassan AlAbd

Staff Nurses' Performance Regarding Safety Measures of High Alert Medications

Pages 1368-1381

Mostafa Gomaa Ahmed; Hemat Abdel-Azeem Mostafa; Dalia Atef khalaf

Chemotherapy Induced Oral Mucositis Based on Patients` Needs Assessment

Pages 1382-1391

Yasmin Mohamed Ali; Mohamed Sabry El–Kady; Hanan Said Ali; Dalia Abd-Allah Abdelatief; Shimaa Nabil Abdelslam