Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 4, December 2016 

Original Article

Assessment of Quality of Life for Women Undergoing in Vitro

Pages 1-14

Amany Fikry Ali; Nadia Mohammed Fahmy; Amel Ahmed Hassan; Eman Mohammed Abd-Elhakam

Effect of pregnancy lifestyle on maternal body mass index

Pages 15-24

Eman Mostafa Sayed Ahmed; Aziza Ahmed Attia; Azza Abd Elhameed Mohamed

Nutrition Role in The Management of Psychiatric Disorders

Pages 40-59

Abeer Mohammed; Nevein Mustafa Elashery; Mona Hassan Abdel Aal; Ereny Wilson Nagib

Effect of Educational Program on Nurses' Performance Caring for Patients with Cerebrovascular Stroke

Pages 60-80

Kamelia Fouad Abd-Alla; Soheir Tawfeek; Mamdoh Mahmoud Mahdy; Mona Nadr Ebraheim; Enas Ibrahim Elsayed

An Intervention Program for Improving Sleep Quality among Patients with Schizophrenia

Pages 80-98

Shimaa Saied Adam; Galila Shawky El-Ganzoury; Amal Elias Abdel-Aziz.; Tarek Asaad Abdo Ahmed

Mothers' Care for their Infants with Congenital Heart Anomalies

Pages 131-144

Hend Abd Elrazik Mohamed Emam; Ebtisam Mohamed Abd Elaal; Dr. Samah Said Sabry

Association between Psychosocial Factors and Memory Problems among Elderly

Pages 198-207

Elshimaa Atta Hassa; Nevein Mostafa; Mona Hassan; Omima Ezzat

High Risk Obese Pregnancy: Nutritional Program on Maternal Health for Controlling Obesity

Pages 208-234

Nadia Hamed Farahat; Nawal Mahmoud Soliman; Howayda Farouk Zidan; Eman Mostafa Abbas

Domestic Violence Endured by Pregnant Women and Their Effect on Maternal and Neonatal Outcome.

Pages 235-249

Inaam Hassan abd El-Ati; Nahed abd elazeem; Maha Mahmoud saadoon; Seham Shehata Ibrahim

Neoadjuvent Radiotherapy: Health Education and Quality of Life for Patients with Rectal Cancer

Pages 303-319

Dalia A. Abdelatief; Basma M. Khalil; Wafaa Kh. Ibrahem; Hatem M. Abdalla

Social Functioning Problems As Perceived By Institutionalized Elderly

Pages 320-328

Zeinab, AOsman; Sayeda A Abd El-Latif; Naglaa M., Gaber; Walaa, H. Ragab

Effect of Nursing Intervention on Stressors and Coping Patterns of Children Suffering from Cancer and their Mothers

Pages 329-345

Nour El Huda Hobashy; Wafaa El -Sayed Ouda; Safy Salah El-Din El-Rafey; Asmaa Nasr El- Din Mosbeh

Factors Affecting Nurses' Performance In Emergency Unit

Pages 392-405

Wessam Abdel-Moniem Mohammad; Manal Housien; Asmaa Said Ali

Effect of Teaching Guidelines on Patient Knowledge Post Liver Transplantation after Hospital Discharge

Pages 432-440

Reham El Ashery Ashery Asker; Hanan Ali Ibrahim Almanzlawi; Hoda Attia Abdel Naby Raslan

Factors Affecting Quality of Life for Patients with Lung Cancer

Pages 441-458

Ola Ahmed Abd –Elatay; Naglaa El Said Mahdi; Asmaa Mohamed Elsayed

Original Article

Factors Affecting Quality of Life for Patients with Cerebrovascular Stroke

Pages 459-473

Mabrouka Ahmed Abd- Ella; Magda Abd-El Aziz Mohammed; Hanan Sobeih Sobeih; Howayda Ahmed Mohammed