Volume & Issue: Volume 14, Issue 4, December 2023 

Original Article

Effect of Educational Sessions on Marburg Viral Infection at Fever and Chest Outpatient Clinics in Mansoura Hospitals

Pages 1-15

Eman Hessien Yousef Heggy; Fatma Mohamed Elmansy; Safaa Tawfik Al Manzantia; Hanan Elsayed Awad Negm; Hoda Esmat Mahmoud Khalil

Impact of Instructional Guidelines on Knowledge and Practices of Mothers Having Children with Cochlear Implantation

Pages 104-117

Rasha Shawky Elashry; Amal S. Abu Almakarem; Hanan Kheir Abd Ellatif Elmowafi; Wafaa Hamed Kamal Elshafie; Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed

Effect of Coaching Program on Mothers' Knowledge Regarding Micronutrients and Their Children's Development Under Five Years

Pages 118-134

Amany Gomaa; Amal Yousef Abdelwahed; Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Rasha said Abdelsamea Attia; Eman Mohamed Al Sherbeny

Effect of Educational Supportive Program on Knowledge, Emotional Empathy, and Burden of Schizophrenic Patients' Caregivers

Pages 135-150

Shymaa Aly Hamed; Manal Ahmed Mohamed Ismail; Amel Abd Elaziem Mohamed; Entisar Mohammed Mahmoud Abu Salem

Effect of Expressed Emotion Instructional Guidelines on Family Caregiver's Burdens of Patients with Alzheimer

Pages 151-168

Entisar Mohammed Mahmoud Abu Salem; Manal Ahmed Mohamed Ismail; Amal Yousef Abdelwahed; Shymaa Aly Hamed

Effect of Jigsaw Learning Strategy on Nursing Students’ Understanding of Normal Labor Concept

Pages 196-210

Amera Bekhatroh Rashed; Amal S. Abu Almakarem; Eman Galal Mohamed Kahlil; Amany A. Ahmed

Impact of Multimedia Education on Women's knowledge and Practices regarding Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Pages 211-226

Amera Bekhatroh Rashed; Amal S. Abu Almakarem; Amany A. Ahmed; Eman Mohamed El- Sherbieny; Marwa Yehia Moustafa Sweelam

Effect of Educational Guideline on Self-Management and Clinical Outcomes for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Pages 250-271

Ahmed Mohamed Abozeid; Ola Abd Elaty Ahmed; Jackleen Faheem Gendy; Arzak Mohamed khalifa

Nurses' Role Regarding Application of Discharge Plan for Neonates from the Intensive Care Units

Pages 272-282

Amal Hamada Ahmed Abd El-Naby; Asmaa Nasr EL-din Mosbeh; Hoda Ragab Mohamed

Perceived Stressors and Coping Patterns among Nursing Students during Covid -19 Pandemic

Pages 283-295

Esraa Abdelbaky Ahmed; Ghada Mohamed Mourad; Hoda Sayed Mohamed; Shimaa Mohamed Hassan

Assessment of Nurse Interns' performance Related to Patient Safety

Pages 326-336

Amera Mostafa Abdalla; Samah Faisal Fakhry; Nema Fathy Saad

Factors Contribute to Non Applicability of the Developmental Supportive Care by Neonatal Nurses at Intensive Care Unit

Pages 337-346

Amany Ahmed Mohamed; Iman Ibrahim Abd Al-Moniem; Madiha Amin MorsyAbou Khalaa; Eman Abdel Fattah ALI

Patients' Knowledge and Practices toward Osteoarthritis Disease

Pages 347-360

Alaa Mohamed E.lsayed; Hanaa Abd elhakim Ahmed; Hala Mohamed Mohamed

Organizational Culture and its Influence on Staff Nurses Empowerment

Pages 375-385

Amal Rabea Mansour; Rabab Mahmoud Hassan; Fawzia mohamed Mohamed

Evaluation of Nurses Performance Regarding New Guidelines of Chest Drain

Pages 386-398

Aliaa Abd-Elghaffar Mahmoud; Salwa Samir Ahmed; Neamatallah Gomaa Ahmed; Shimaa Nabil Abd-Elsalam

Computer Vision Syndrome as Perceived by Undergraduate Nursing Students Versus Clinical Nursing Teachers

Pages 399-418

Fatma A. Salem; Soheir M. Weheida; Kawther Abdel Ghafar Ali; Shahira Mohamed Metwely; Alaa Alkordy; Sharif Y. El Emam; Rowaida Niazy; Shimaa Magdi Farghaly

Effect of Psychological Savoring Intervention on Resilience, Gratitude and Psychological Well-Being among Elderly

Pages 450-461

Hayam Shaban Elsayed Shehata; Reda Abdelrahman Ahmed Mahdy; Mohamed Metwally Samy Metwally; Alyaa Abdallah Mahmoud El-Ezazy

Effect of Pressure Ulcer Prevention Program on Nurses' Performance and Orthopedic Patients' Outcomes

Pages 511-527

Fatma Mohamed Elesawy; Wafaa Mohamed Amer Mahmoud; Sabah Nazeh Mohamed Elderiny

Impact of Aromatherapy Massage on Postoperative Emotional Status and Sleep Pattern among Women Undergoing Cervical Cancer

Pages 540-553

Zainab Abd El-Rahim Ali; Safa Mohamed Amin Mohamed; Omaima Ezzat Mahmoud; Zeinab Ali Baraia

Effect of Cooling Cap on Controlling Alopecia for Women Undergoing Chemotherapy

Pages 578-593

Naglaa Mohammed Amein Ghanem; Fatma Mostafa Mahrous; Jackleen Fheem Gendy; Heba Abdel-Azem Mostafa

Effect of Utilizing Care Bundle on Prevention of Puerperal Sepsis among Post-Natal Women

Pages 594-610

Somaya Ouda Abd Elmoniem; Rehab Soliman Abd-ElAliem; Samah Said Sabry; Amina Abdelrazek Mahmoud

Relationship between Interprofessional Communication and Health Care Team Collaboration

Pages 632-646

Asmaa Saad Abd Elmonem Elsharkawy; Reem Mabouk Abd El-Rahman; Mervat Abd Elmonem Aref; Mayada Hassan Saad Elzohairy

Effect of Whats App's Education regarding Wound Massage on Post-Thyroidectomy Patients Wound Adhesion and Voice Changes

Pages 659-674

Badria Mahrous Abdelhameed Mohammed; Amany Gamal El Gharieb Mohammed El-berdan; Hanan Kheir Abd Ellatif Elmowafi; Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Amira Tag Mohamed Mohamed

Effect of Vasectomy Counselling Program on Women's Knowledge, Attitude and Acceptance.

Pages 688-698

Heba Ahmed Galal Atia; Fatma Ahmed Mohammed Sabry; Heba Atef Osman; Lamiaa Saad Abdallah; Zainab Abd El-Rahim Ali Mohamed

Burden on Caregivers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in El-Beheira Governorate

Pages 724-740

Nadia Ramadan Ragab Ahmed; Mariam Haggag soleiman; Lucy Ahmed AbuElEla; Hend Abo Elsoud Ahmed

The Relationship between Ambidextrous Leadership Behavior and Career Competencies among Nurses

Pages 741-751

Rasha Mohamed Nagieb Ali; Faten Ali Ahmed; Ebtsam Ahmed Mohamed Bashandy

Effect of Virtual Reality Intervention on Labor Pain and Maternal Childbirth Satisfaction

Pages 914-930

Safaa Ibrahim Ahmed; Shaimaa Hashem Elsalous; Amal S. Abu Almakarem; Manar Fathy Heiba Eid; Hala Ahmed Thabet

Evaluating the Effect of a Neuro-protective Care Bundle for Neonatal Nurses on Rate of Seriousness of Intraventricular Hemorrhage among Preterm Infants

Pages 976-991

Eman Abd Elsamea Elguoshy Hassanen; Rabab EL-Sayed Hassan; Omayma Mustafa Abu Samra; Eman R. El-Refaay; Ghada Gamal Badawy

Assessment of Clinical Setting Related Stressors Perceived by Nursing Students in Najran University –Saudi Arabia

Pages 992-1000

Amna Mohammed Idris; Nahid Khalil Elfaki; Abdalla Mohamed Ahmed Osman; Daif Allah D. Althubaity; Elwaleed Idris Sagiron; Yahya Hussein Ahmed; Zeinab Taha Omer; Wargaa Hashim Hussein Taha; Leila Abdallah Elawad; Aida Ahmed Fadlala; Mujahed Ali Alkhadher; Nahla Elradhi Abdlrahman; Neimat Mahmoud Abd-Alrhman; Samah Ramadan Elrefaey

Effect of Intra-Hospital Safe Transportation Guidelines for Critically Ill Patients on Nurses' Performance and Patients' Clinical Outcomes

Pages 1031-1049

Naglaa Mohammed Amein Ghanem; Kamelia Fouad Abdallah; Fatma Mostafa Mahrous; Jackleen Fheem Gendy; Heba Abdel-Azem Mostafa

The Impact of Loneliness and Resilience on Quality of Life among Elderly Living in Geriatric Homes

Pages 1072-1084

Wafaa Ahmed Abu hashem Mohammed; Walaa Kamel Tawfeek Farghaly; Manal El-Sayed Abdelkareem Ali

Intramedullary Nailing of Femoral Shaft Fractures Patients: Impact of Nursing Rehabilitation Protocol on Complications and Lower Extremity Function

Pages 1110-1123

Ghada Hassan Ahmed; Mervat Abd El-Fatah Ismael; Samia Youssef Sayed; Hanan Abd Allah Abozeid; Martha Melek Labieb

Nurses' Performance Appraisal System and Its Association to Their Empowerment and Job Satisfaction

Pages 1124-1135

Samah Mohamed Abdelrahim; Gehan Awad Shetaway; Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Samah Aboelenein Abdallah; Noha Mohamed Rashed

Effect of Instructional Guidelines on Sleep Quality and Functional Status in Elderly People with Chronic Kidney Disease

Pages 1136-1148

Wafaa Hamed Kamal Elshafie,; Mohammed Saad Abo Elsoud; Samah Aboelenein Abdallah; Safaa Sayed Mustafa Ibrahim

Relationship Between Fairness of Performance Appraisal and Nurses' Work Motivation

Pages 1149-1160

Wafaa Ebrahim Ali Sarhan; Reem Mabouk Abd El-Rahman; Mayada Hassan Saad Elzohairy

Effect of Nursing Intervention Guidelines on Symptom Burden among Patients with Angina

Pages 1200-1213

Mona Hassan Ibrahim; Hanaa Elsayed Amin; Mohamed Elsayed Ahmed Allawy

Artificial Intelligence as the Driver for Organizational Excellence and Ambidexterity among Nurses

Pages 1282-1298

Waffaa El Sayed Hassan Helal; Samia Gamal Mohmed Elsagheir; Sanaa Mohammed Soliman

Effect of Thermotherapy on Clinical Outcomes among Patients with Osteoarthritis

Pages 1299-1304

Manal E. Fareed; Fayza K.Khalil; Eman A. Shokr; Wafaa Mustafa. El Kotb

Assess Knowledge, Practice, and Stress levels among Care Givers of children with autism at Beni-Suef City

Pages 1343-1369

Safaa Kamal Abd Elhamed; Marwa S. Ismeal; Amel Abd Elaziemmo Hamed; Mervat Abdel Kader Ahmed

Efficacy of a Therapeutic Exercise Program on Patients' Pain and Shoulder Mobility Following Proximal Humeral Fracture Surgery

Pages 1383-1399

Badria Mahrous Abdelhameed Mohammed; AmiraTag Mohamed Mohamed; Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Samia Eaid Elgazzar