Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 4, December 2019 

Original Article

Nursing Core Competencies of Staff Nurses Providing Care for Burned Patients

Pages 1-16

Amal El-Gharib El-Sayed; Faten Khayrat EL-Guindi; Heba Ali Omar

Study Effect of Apply Concept Map on Students’ Perception to Antenatal Unit

Pages 17-30

Amira Mohammed Attia; Safaa Abd-El Raouf Hashim; Sahar Mossa Soliman

Nurses’ Knowledge and Practices regarding to Fever Management of Neonates

Pages 31-40

Shereen S. Gouda; Wafaa, E. Ouda; Randa, M. Adly; Hayam, R. Tantawy

Faculty Staff versus Nurse Students' Perceptions Regarding Uncivil Behavior in the Classroom

Pages 55-65

Eman Hassan Ali; Samia Mohamed Adam; Rabab Mahmoud Hassan; Fawzia Mohamed Mohamed

Assessment of Quality of Life among Pregnant Women with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Pages 82-95

Saadia Abd El-Salam Mohamed; Nadia Mohamed Fahmy; Sabah Metwaly Mohamed; Nashwa Aly Morshedy.

Effect of Counseling on Liver Transplantation Recipients Compliance with Therapeutic Regimen

Pages 107-125

Enass Ibrahim Al-Saaid; Mona Nadr Ebrahim; Tahany El Senousy; Hanan Shehata

Psychosocial Problems Associated with Vitiligo

Pages 126-135

Hend Saber Abd El-Nady; Ghada Mohammed Morad; Galila Shawky El Ganzory

Quality of Life for Children Suffering from Chronic Renal Problems An Assessment Study

Pages 126-146

Noha Abd El-Hamid Hassan; Wafaa El-Sayed Ouda; Zeinab Fathy EL-Sayed

The Effect of Emotional Intelligence Training Program on Stress among Nurse Students

Pages 147-161

Fadia Moussa Abd El-Mageed; Samia Adam; Rabab Mahmoud Hassan; Galila Abd Elghafar

Patients/Nurses Participation in Medication Safety: Barriers and Enhancers

Pages 176-191

Nermeen Nageh Youssef; Magda Abd Al Aziz Mohamed; Asmaa Abd Elrahman Abd Elrahman

The Effect of Intervention Program for the Elderly with Malnutrition

Pages 192-204

Sabah Abd –El-Mobdy Radwan; Omaima Mohamed Easmet; Eman Hafez Ahmed

Effect of Postoperative Immobility on Children with Musculoskeletal Injuries

Pages 205-218

Naglaa Ahmed Abd El-Ghani; Safy Salah Eldin. El-Rafay; Asmaa Naser El-Din Mosbeh

Obstacles Facing Male Nursing Students at Maternity Clinical Learning Settings

Pages 233-244

Fayza Ahmed Ali Abdel-Baky; Entesar Fatouh Abdel moniem; Fatma Abo El khair Farag

Perfectionism, Self-Compassion and Depressive Symptoms among Nursing Students

Pages 245-260

Hanaa Hamdy Ali El Zeny; Nelly Rafat Abdel-Fattah; Safia Ragab El Sebaie; Faten Farid Ali Mohamed

Effect of Staff Development Program on Nurses' Performance Regarding Quality Standards of Neonatal Care

Pages 261-284

Nagwa Ibrahim Abd El- Galil; Randa Mohamed Adly; Hesham Elsayed AbdelHady; Magda Ahmed Abd El Aziz

Effect of Mobile Application Assisted Nursing Intervention on Pregnant Women Regarding Iron Deficiency Anemia

Pages 318-332

Mona Abd Elhaleem Ebraheem Elagamy; Sahar Abdelrady Elkheshen; Mona Emad Eldien Hussien Sabbour; Marwa A. Shahin

Effect of Teaching Intervention on Mothers' Awareness about Preventive Precautions of Burn among Children at Home

Pages 333-345

Rasha Shawky Elashry; Mona Emad Eldien Hussien Sabbour; Ragaa Abdallah Ahmed Hassan; Sabra Mohamed Ahmed

Simulation Education: Its Effect on Nursing Student's Knowledge, Performance, and Satisfaction

Pages 346-354

Nagla Hamdi Kamal Khalil El-Meanawi; Hanan Ali Almanzalawi; Hayam Fathey Ahmed Eittah

Effect of Head Nurses Emotional Intelligence Educational Program on Nurses Motivation and Organizational Support

Pages 355-386

Asmaa Farghaly Ali Mohamed; Alzahraa Abd El Aziz Omar Abdel Rahman; Amira Mostafa Fahmy Isamil

Quality of Life among Adolescents with Addiction: An Assessment Study

Pages 435-444

Safy S. AlRafa; Hyam R. Tantawi; Mahmoud H. Morsy; Alshaimaa G. Dokok

Developing and validating a strategic plan for total quality management in nursing

Pages 459-470

Manal Saleh Moustafa Saleh; Hanan Elsaid Elsabahy; Sahar Abdel - Latif Abdel- Sattar; Khadra Mohammed Atiea Mohammed

Assessment of School Students' Awareness Towards Viral Hepatitis in Sohag Governorate

Pages 492-500

Manal Fahmy Hussein; Randa Mohamed Adly; Hyam Refaat Tantawi; Amina Mohamed Thabet

Factors Affecting Central Venous Catheter’s Dwell Time in Critically Ill Patients: Suggested Guideline

Pages 501-516

Angham Galal Soliman Abdelkader; Arzak Mohamed Khalifa; Asmaa Hamdi Mohamed; Tahany Ahmed Elsenousy

Factors Affecting Patient's Compliance toward Therapeutic Regimen Post Kidney Transplantation

Pages 527-539

Ali Abo Seliman Abdel-Aziz; Manal Salah Hassan; Asmaa Mohamed Khorais; Ahmed Ibrahim Kamal

Clinical Training Health Education Barriers with Elderly: Nursing Students, Perspective

Pages 540-556

Ola Ezzat Eltohamy Mohamed; Ola Gouda Mohamed Elshiekh; Nermeen Mahmoud Abd Elaziz

Effect of Tissue Paper versus Air Dryer for Drying Hands on Skin Inhabited Bacteria in Obstetrical Wards

Pages 576-585

Sahar Abdelrady Elkheshen; Rania El-Kurdy; Somaia A. Negm; Marwa Ibrahim Hamdy Aboraiah

Effect of Social-platform Psychoeducational Instructions regarding Delirium on Nurses’ Care for Intensive Care Unit Patients

Pages 586-601

Hala Mousaad Nosier Abdelmasieh; Safaa Mustafa Mohamed; Zamzam Ahmed Ahmed; Ebtsam Salah shalaby Salama

The Self- Efficacy of Patients with Cerebrovascular Stroke During Recovery Period

Pages 602-613

Soheir Mohammed Weheida; Abeer Arafa Gomaa; Heba Mohamed Mohamed; Samah Ramadan Shaheen

Factors Affecting the Outcomes of Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease at Intensive Care Units

Pages 614-635

Mubarak Abadi Abd AllahAhmed; Kamelia Fouad Abdallah; Dalia Abdallah Abdelatief

Effect of Maternal Attachment on Infancy Pain Reduction during Invasive Procedures

Pages 647-656

Marwa Salah Sayed; Iman Ibrahem Abd El-Moniem; Salma El-Sayed Hassan

Assessment of Maternity Staff Nurses Knowledge Regarding Antiphospholipid syndrome

Pages 684-692

Omyma Ragab Mohammed; Randa Mohammed Ibrahim; Amira Morsy Yousef

Effect of paced breathing technique on hot flashes and quality of daily life activities among surgically menopaused women

Pages 693-706

Naglaa Fathy Fathalla Zaied; Abeer Hassan Shamekh Taman; Tahany Hassan Mohamed Alam; Naglaa Zaki Hassan Roma

Performance of Nurses Regarding High Alert Medications in Critical Care Units

Pages 748-764

Asmaa Ibrahim Mohammed Shittaya; Safy Salah Eldin AL-Rafay; Hyam Refaat Tantawi; Eman Abd El-Fatah Ali

Quality of Life for Clients with Radical Mastectomy

Pages 765-776

Yasmin Hemdan; Magda Abd-Elsattar Ahmed; Mervat Mohamed Hassan

Health Problems of Mother Deprivated Toddlers

Pages 777-788

Abd-Elmoaty, H.M.; Khayrat, F.E.; Mohamed, S.S.

Barriers for Continuation of Breast Feeding among Primipara Mothers

Pages 789-802

Hoda Mohammed Ahmed; Omaima Mohamed Esmat; Mervat Mohamed Hassan