Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 4, December 2021 

Original Article

Nurses- Led Interventions: Effect of Alkaline-Based Diet on Blood Pressure, Lipid Profile and Weight among Patients with Hypertension

Pages 1-14

Amina I. Badawy; Mai Abd-Alkhalik Gharib; Hytham R. Badr; Abeer El Said Hassan El Sol

Effect of Parent Training regarding Coping Strategies on Reducing Stress among Parent of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Pages 47-60

Nagwa Ramadan Esmail Magor; Fathia El-Sayed El-Ghadban; Sharbat Thabet Hassanine Atea; Hala Hassan Saied Khalil; Mona Gamal Abd Elnaser Ahmed; Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed

Preparedness of isolation hospitals to Covid-19 risk management and its impact on nurses' work engagement during the outbreak

Pages 61-74

Khadra Mohammed Atiea Mohammed; Awatef Abdel Hamid Mohamed; Hanan El said El sabahy; Manal Saleh Moustafa Saleh

Effect of Mobile-Based Nursing Intervention on Preventive Measures of COVID –19 among Children Suffering from Chronic Kidney Diseases

Pages 75-90

Hanaa Mohamed Ibrahim Nassar; Fathia El-Sayed El-Ghadban; Thorea Mohamed Mahmoud; Omima Mostafa Abd Elzaher Mohamed; Manal mohamed ahmed ayed

Effect of Video-Assisted Teaching on Mothers' Knowledge and Practices Regarding Preserved Food and Their Children Health

Pages 150-162

Fatma El Zahra Kamal; Amany Ibrahim Abdalla Ibrahim; Manal Abd Elsalam Amin; Shereen Said Gouda Ahmed

Psychosocial Barriers Facing Nursing Students in their Academic Career

Pages 163-175

Salma Abd el Nasser Berry; Ghada Mohamed Mourad; Fatma Ata abdelsalheen

Effect of First Aids Program on Workers′ Knowledge and Practices in Kom Hamada Spinning and Weaving Factory

Pages 201-215

Naglaa Kamel AbdAllah Hussien; Amira Abdelraheem Mohamed Ali; Shaimaa Mohamed Amin

Factors Affecting Self-Management of Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Pages 264-274

Samar Samy Mohamed; Ola Abdel Aty Ahmed; Naglaa El Sayed Mahdy; Samar Faltas Marzouk

Original Article

Relation between Nurses' Caring Behaviors and Satisfaction of patients with COVID-19

Pages 373-380

Mona Hassan Ibrahim; Mohamed Elsayed Ahmed Allawy

Effect of Storytelling Versus Cartoon on Pain and Fear Relief among Children Undergoing Venipuncture

Pages 399-408

Shadia Abd Elmoniem Syan; Jennifer Galeon Ocampo; Rowena Aquino Abundo; Shereen Said Gouda Ahmed; Asmaa Saber Ghaly

Effect of Video Assisted Teaching Guidelines on Knowledge and Anxiety Level among Primigravida Mothers undergoing Caesarian Section

Pages 409-421

Nawal Kamal Abd Elkhalek; Marwa A. Shahin; Hussein Mohamed Magdi Fakhr Eldin Mohamed; Joanne C. Jaramillo; Noha Hassan AbdElfattah Mohamed

Mothers' Fear and Anxiety during COVID-19 Pandemic regarding their Children Health

Pages 468-478

Eman Elsayed Bauomey Mohamed; Nabila Hassan Aly Abdella; Joanne C. Jaramillo; Omaima Ezzat Mahmoud

The Relationship between Workplace Bullying and Nurses' Perception of Organizational Justice

Pages 479-495

Amira Ramadan Mohamed Abo Elmakarem; Reem Mabrouk Abd El Rahman; Heba Mohamed Alanwar Ashour

Effect of Tele-nursing on Burden and Coping Strategies among Family Caregivers of Confirmed COVID- 19 Patients

Pages 511-529

Asmaa Elsayed Farid Amr; Reda Taha Ahmed AbouElazab; Sabah Ramadan Hussein; Nagwa Ibrahim Doma; Ebtsam Salah Shalaby Salama

Post Trauma Stress Disorder, Pain and Coping Strategies among Burn Patients

Pages 539-553

Safia Ragab El Sebaie; Naglaa Abd Elkareem Moghazy; Azza Elsayed Abdelfatah

Effect of Foot Massage on Incisional Pain and Sleep Pattern among Post Abdominal Surgery Patients

Pages 570-584

Aziza Youniss Ahmed El-ghiety; Manal Saad shaker Soliman; Amira Mohammed Ali Hassan

Facilitators and Barriers Influencing Patient Safety as Perceived by Nurse Interns

Pages 710-722

Sara Sayed Abd El-Wahab Aly; Harisa Mohamed EL-Shimy; Samah Mohamed EL-Sayed

Challenges Facing Staff Nurses to Maintain Patient Safety

Pages 762-772

Fatma sayed desouky desouky; Hemat Abd Elazem Mostafa; Heba Ali Hassan

Nursing Students' Attitude toward Nursing Profession: Its Relation to Their Self Esteem

Pages 773-790

Rehab Abo-Alazm Abd-Elgaleil; Mona Mostafa Shazly; Samah Mohammed Elsayed

The Efficacy of Health Education Program on Quality of Life among Menopausal Women

Pages 791-804

Naglaa Ahmed Elsayed Elkordy; Magda Abd Elsattar Ahmed; Nadia Hamed Farahat

Adolescent's Perception Regarding Osteoporosis Risk Factors

Pages 805-820

Malaka Abdel Fattah Mabrok; Nevin Samir Metwally; Amal Fatthy Mohammed

Needs of Patients with Leukemia Post Stem Cell Transplantation

Pages 821-839

Hoda Rafik Fathallah; Tahany El-senousy; Raffat Mohamed Abdelfattah; Zeinab Hussein Bakr

Psychosocial Stressors among Epileptic Children

Pages 983-996

Manar Gamal Mohamed El Maghraby; Ghada Mohamed Mourad; Rania Abdel-Hamid Zaki

Physical Activities and its Effect on memory of The Elderly

Pages 997-1009

Marwa Naeem Elhanfy; Hanaa AbdElhakem Ahmed; Nadia Hamed Farahat

Effect of Nursing Intervention for Hearing Impairment Adolescent Students Regarding Bullying

Pages 1871-1896

Samah Said Sabry; Shimaa Gamal Eldein Ibraheim; Huda Abdallah Moursi Afify

Effect of Whats-App Reminder Messages on Pregnant Women′ Knowledge and Behavior regarding Antenatal Health

Pages 1030-1043

Nour El Hoda Moustafa Mohammed; Mona R. Ahmed; Eman Ezz Elregal Ibrahim Eisa; Fatma Ahmed Mohammed Sabry

Assertiveness among Nurses in El Fayoum University Hospitals

Pages 1044-1056

Ola Eid Ahmed; Mona Mostafa Shazly; Hanaa Mohammed Abdrabou

Assessment of Lifestyle for Children with Phenylketonuria

Pages 1057-1071

Sohair Roby Abd Alghafar; Iman Ibrahim Abd Al-Moniem; Safaa Fouad Draz

Effect of Nursing Rehabilitative Program Interventions on Health Outcomes of Post COVID-19 Patients

Pages 1085-1102

Thoraya Mohamed Abdelaziz; Aliae AR Mohamed Hussein; Islam G Sayed; Karema Mohamed Sobhy; Ebtisam S A Hassanin; Howaida K Abd- Elaal

Effect of Counseling Regarding COVID-19 Vaccine on Pregnant Women's Acceptance to Take the Vaccine

Pages 1146-1158

Nour El Hoda Moustafa Mohammed; Fatma Ahmed Mohammed Sabry; Eman Ezz Elregal Ibrahim Eisa; Mona R. Ahmed

Effect of Instructional Guidelines regarding COVID -19 on Nurses' Knowledge and Practices in Surgical unit

Pages 1199-1217

Aziza Youniss Ahmed El-ghiety; Hoda Ahmed Hussein Ahmed; Eman hessin Yousef heggy; Badria Mahrous Abdelhameed Mohammed

Effect of Instructional Guidelines on Antenatal Mothers' Knowledge regarding Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Banking

Pages 1351-1367

Fatma EL emam Hafeze Elemam; Amel AbdElaziem Mohamed; Noha Hassan AbdElfattah mohamed; Safaa Ibrahim Ahmed; Heba Ali Hamed Mohamed

Knowledge Management as a predictor of Organizational Resilience and Agility

Pages 1397-1412

Zineb Ibrahim Ismael; Soha Mamdouh El-kholy; Ebtesam Saeed Ahmed Abd-Elrhaman

Effect of Discharge Training Program on Patient Outcomes Following Oncology Surgery

Pages 1413-1421

Gehan Abd Elfattah atia Elasrag; Samah E. Masry; Samira E. Aboalizm

Experience of women who gave birth during the Second Wave of COVID-19 Pandemic in Mansoura city

Pages 1435-1452

Marwa Ibrahim Hamdy Aboraiah; Hanan El-Sayed Mohamed El-Sayed; Nagwa Ibrahim El-Feshawy

Effect of Applying Health Belief Model on Type 2 Diabetic Patients’ Knowledge, Self-Care Practices and Health Beliefs

Pages 1453-1473

Rasha A. Mohamed; Soad Mohammed Abd -Elghany; Safaa Hussein Mohammad abd elrhman; Nagwa Nabeh Taref

Effect of Booklet-Based Education versus Mobile-Based Education on Women’s Knowledge and Practices Related Lymphedema regarding Post Mastectomy Exercise

Pages 1474-1496

Badria Mahrous Abdelhameed Mohammed; Wedad Saber Shafek Abdelkhalek; Sharbat Thabet Hassanine; Amal Ibrahim Fouad Amen; Wael Alghamdi; Aml Ahmed Mohammed Elmetwaly

Educational Guidelines on Surgical Nurses' Knowledge and Practice regarding Phenolisation Dressing Technique for Patients with Sacrococcygeal Pilonidal Sinus Disease

Pages 1825-1836

Fatma Abdel Halim Mostafa Ahmed; Nagla Hamdi Kamal Elmanawi; Wafaa Mohamed Elsayed Ahmed; Manal Ibrahem Abd El Fatah Yassen; Shymaa Helmy Ahmed

Effect of Antenatal Educational Sessions on Primigravida Women’s Breastfeeding Knowledge, Attitude, and Self-efficacy

Pages 1521-1534

Marwa Ibrahim Hamdy Aboraiah; Eman A. Fadel; Mona Emad Eldien Hussien; Nehmedo Ezzat Osman

Health Hazards among Children Labor in Car Repair Workshops in Rural Community

Pages 1567-1579

Ahmed Shaban Ali Mahmoud; Hala Mohamed Mohamed; Shimaa Fathy Miky

Effect of Instructional Guidelines on Knowledge, Practices, and Self-esteem regarding External Breast Prosthesis among Post Mastectomy Women

Pages 1580-1593

Eman hessin Yousef Heggy; Amira Mohammed Ali Hassan; Omaima Mahmoud; Shymaa Helmy Ahmed; Manal Saad shaker Soliman

Awareness of Parents Having School Age Children with Enuresis

Pages 1631-1645

Nora Mohamed Abd-Elrazik Khalil; Omayma Abu Bakr; Hanaa EzzEldin Prince

Effect of Program Based on Health Belief Model on Women's Knowledge and Beliefs regarding Cervical Cancer Prevention

Pages 1700-1712

Rania El-Kurdy; Hanan Hamed Mohammed; Adel AL wehedy Ibrahim Ali; Eman A. Fadel; Heba Ahmed Osman Mohamed

The Efficacy of an Educational Intervention Regarding COVID-19 Vaccination on Nurses' Knowledge, Attitude, and Acceptance

Pages 1754-1771

Wessam Fathy Mohamed Gabr; Heba Ali Hamed Mohamed; Rania Mohamed Gad El-Bastwese; Fatma Abdel Halim Mostafa

Effect of Video Assisted Teaching Program on Mothers' First Aid Management of Convulsions for their Children

Pages 1781-1794

Wafaa Hamed Kamal Elshafie; Fatma El Emam Hafeze Elemam; Hoda Esmat Mahmoud Khalil; Mohammed Saad Abo Elsoud; Silvia Farouk Shalaby; Hoda Sayed Mohamed Sayed

Challenges Facing Pediatric Nurses Throughout the Provision of Nursing Care for Children with COVID-19

Pages 1795-1805

Maha Hosny Elshater; Nora Abd -Elhamed Zaki; Amany G Abd-Elhamed; Nahed Khamies Mohamed

Electronic Hospital Information System (e-HIS) Challenges at Al-Rajhy Liver Hospital

Pages 1891-1901

Samia Khalaf Mohamed; Hala Ramzy Youssef; Soad Ahmed Ghallab; Karima Hosny Abdelhafez

Association Between Constipation and Sleep quality among Hospitalized Chronic Kidney Disease patients

Pages 1914-1929

Eman AbdelRazik AbdelHakim; Asma Ali Ahmed Mohamed; Ebtsam A. Mohamed; Tahany Shaaban Mohammed; Aml S. Abdelbaky

Effect of Educational Package for Mothers regarding Stunting among Children under Five Years

Pages 1975-1991

Basma Mohamed Abdelrahman; Hedya Fathy Mohey El-Deen; Rasha Rady El Said

Contributing Factors Affecting Nurses' Practice of Safe Blood Transfusion in Surgical and Critical Care Units

Pages 2006-2016

Nagah Abd El-Fattah Mohamed Aly; Safaa M. El-Shanawany; Maysa Abdalla ELbiaa; Hanaa Abbass Ahmed Mohamed; Shimmaa Mohamed Elsayed; Wael M. Lotfy

Effect of Training Program About COVID-19 on Staff Nurses' Resilience

Pages 2032-2046

Salwa Ibrahim Mahmoud; Fawzia M.M. Badran; Heba Ali Hassan